A military perspective on climate change could bridge the gap between believers and doubters

Military leaders believe climate change seriously threatens U.S. national security. They contend it is stirring up chaos and conflict abroad, endangering coastal bases and stressing soldiers and equipment, which undermines military readiness. But rather than debating the causes of climate change or assigning blame, they focus on how warming undermines security, and on practical steps to slow its advance and minimize damage.

Air pollution kills thousands of Americans every year – here’s a low-cost strategy to reduce the toll

The U.S. has made tremendous progress in reducing air pollution since 1990, and this has produced significant public health improvements. But air pollution still imposes a serious health burden on the U.S. population, and there are signs that past progress in improving air quality may now be leveling off. New ways of analyzing actions to control air pollution and its health impacts can help.

The first step in managing plastic waste is measuring it – here’s how we did it for one Caribbean country

Clyde Eiríkur Hull, Rochester Institute of Technology and Eric Williams, Rochester Institute of Technology Countries around the world throw away millions of tons of plastic trash every year. Finding ways to manage plastic waste is daunting even for wealthy nations, but for smaller and less-developed countries it can be overwhelming. We recently carried out a Read more about The first step in managing plastic waste is measuring it – here’s how we did it for one Caribbean country[…]

How to boost recycling: Reward consumers with discounts, deals and social connections

Research shows that more often than not, Americans give up trying to sort their recyclables. Or they engage in wishful recycling, tossing nonrecyclables into the bin. Even so, most waste never gets that far. People feel intimidated by the task. A UCLA researcher has uncovered promising solutions to the recycling crisis driven by personal benefits and social connections.