Who Else is in the Expo?

(Photo by David McNew)

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing look at companies, products and services you’ll find in the Expo for the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit.

Since 1983 American Modular Systems (AMS), has partnered with schools all over California to deliver innovative solutions that meet the needs of early education, public and private K-12, charter schools and higher education. AMS, Premier Sponsor of the Summit, created the Gen7 line of classrooms with a mission to build state-of-the-art green schools and classrooms that empower communities to create healthy, sustainable learning environments that will benefit students and educators for generations to come. “Children are our future, and all of us at AMS make it our mission to make that future as bright as possible,” the company says.

Shaw Sports Turf
Geofill is a natural alternative infill in the synthetic turf market. It is made from completely natural materials that are environmentally friendly. Geofill is composed primarily of coconut husks and fibers.* Coconut fibers are 100% organic and are a rapidly-renewable resource.

Currently, there are over 500 successful Geofill installations around the world, ranging from recreation fields to professional level soccer pitches.

Regreen offers turnkey renewable energy solutions designed to generate positive cash flow, create tax benefits, and maximize energy offset. Specializing in Solar PV and Solar Thermal, ReGreen makes the sun work for you to reduce your reliance on the electrical grid. It also provides efficient lighting solutions designed to meet and exceed energy goals, improve visual environment and increase overall profitability.