Green California Summit is Coming Soon!

Greening the Golden State,  v 2.0 | April 26-27 | Green Solutions Expo, April 26.
Sacramento Convention Center, Sacramento. CA

California, home to the world’s fifth largest economy, is recognized nationally and internationally as an environmental leader.

The editor in chief emeritus of Bloomberg News recently wrote, “…there is a consensus about the challenges facing the world: globalization, urbanization, climate change. California is addressing them better than any country, while simultaneously setting an example as the world’s most diverse and dynamic economy.”

The Green California Summit was created to support attainment of the sustainability goals that the Golden State has set and to showcase strategies, best practices and products that can contribute to the attainment of these goals.

Government Operations Secretary Marybel Batjer, Advisory Board Co-Chair, opens the 2016 keynote session

The Summit provides a forum where innovations in policy, technology and practice can be showcased and shared. For those who are responsible for creating and managing programs for state and local government and educational insitutions, it provides an annual opportunity to find out what’s new and what’s working. For companies, it offers a chance to build relationships with decision makers from the nation’s largest marketplace for green products and services.

Education sessions are led by expert practitioners who share their knowledge and successful actions. The Expo offers attendees another kind of educational experience: a chance for hands-on exposure to technologies and services that can play a critical role in the planning, design and execution of green projects.

Adrienne Alvord, Western States Director for the Union of Concerned Scientists, briefs keynote attendees on the California drought .

Explore these pages for more information – and check back for ongoing updates between now and April.


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