Smaller LEAs Can Claim Two Years of Prop 39 Funding for First EE Projects: Aug 1 Deadline

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has announced that Local Education Agencies (LEAs) with average daily attendance of 1,000 or less can submit an application for two years of funding for their first Prop 39-supported efficiency projects. The deadline for the application is August 1.

The intention is to make it possible for smaller LEAs to have more funds available for their initial investments in energy efficiency. The application does not involve describing how the funds will be used, but is simply a request to receive two years of funding in the first year.

The exact allocations for LEAs will be calculated by the Department of Education (CDE). According to the CEC, these numbers will be made public “once the CDE determines how many LEAs with ADA of 1,000 or less opt to receive current-year and next-year funding as allowed by law.” Guidelines regarding these allocations can be found in SB 73.

The application, and other details are available at the CDE website. Click here.

LEAs will not receive Prop 39 funds from the DOE until their efficiency project proposals are approved by the CEC. Guidelines for these proposals are currently being developed by the CEC and other stakeholders.

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