June 26, 2019

Connect with the Public Sector Building Community

An Online Event Focused on a Historic Building Boom

California state government has undertaken what the Sacramento Bee has described as “a historic building boom” in Sacramento. Over the next 5 years, construction and renovation projects totaling more than $4 billion are planned.

The Department of General Services official who is overseeing most of this work told the Bee, “Something like this — this amount of square footage, this amount of resources, this amount of comprehensive refresh — I think is unprecedented.”

In a recent Executive Order, California Governor Gavin Newsom reaffirmed the state’s ambitious climate goals and required every aspect to “redouble its efforts” to reduce emissions and ordering the Department of General Services to reduce emissions from state buildings and fleets.

The path toward these goals in the sustainability roadmaps developed by each department of state government, roadmaps that set out goals and plans in key areas:

– Energy
– Green Operations
– Zero Emission Vehicles
– Climate Adaptation
– Water Efficiency and Conservation

Why do you need to be part of this event?

As the home to the world’s fifth-largest economy, California has an exceptionally powerful ability to influence practices around the country and even around the world.

If your company has a product or service that can help advance its sustainability goals in the building sector, the Sustainable Facilities Forum offers a unique opportunity to connect with the leaders who create, manage and execute building programs.

Participants will also be present from the schools sector, where building and EV projects are being energized by billions of dollars in bonds and incentives.

What does the event include?

The program for the Forum includes keynote sessions and education sessions, product and service descriptions from companies and organizations with sustainable facility solutions and important product webinars.

CalEPA Secretary Jared Blumenfeld speaks in the opening session of the 2019 Forum.

Who will participate?

This will be a focused event, designed for professionals directly involved in designing and executing facility programs. Participants will include decision makers from:

– State Government
– Local Government
– Schools
– Colleges

Concurrent session on DGS Net Zero goals and projects at the 2019 Forum.

How Can Your Company Participate?

Become a Forum Advocate Sponsor. Benefits include:

Webinar Participation:

  • 3 to 5 minute webinar that provides your message for all registrants to see and hear. We facilitate and prerecord your content to include it in the educational program for the Sustainable Facilities Forum

Digital Forum Program Guide:

  • Logo and company profile in sponsor section of Forum Program Guide

Forum Web Site:

  • Logo and company profile on Sponsors web page
  • Link to your company website on our sponsor web page

Pre- and Post-Event:

  • Post-event attendee registration list including emails where available. In addition,

quarterly reports that include new registrants that might view the content during the year.

Match Making:

  • We will match you with specific product and service category requests.

Other Benefits:

  • 2 Full Forum Registration Passes
  • Logo listed on the editorial calendar with description for the full year and can be shared with others (paywall is removed)

Price: $2,500.00 for a Forum Advocate Sponsorship

Click here for an application.

CEC Commissioner Andrew McAllister outlined the next stage of California’s building efficiency efforts in the closing keynote.

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