Retired Admirals and Generals:Climate Change Will Catalyze Instability and Conflict

A new report from a group of 16 retired Generals and Admirals from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps reflects concerns about the accelerating impacts of climate change on national security.

“The potential security ramifications of global climate change should be serving as catalysts for cooperation and change,” the authors say. “Instead, climate change impacts are already accelerating instability in vulnerable areas of the world and are serving as catalysts for conflict.”

Noting that the military is the nation’s single largest consumer of oil, the authors support continued investment in developing alternative and renewable fuel sources.

“Climate mitigation and adaptation efforts are emerging in various places around the world, but the extent of these efforts to mitigate and adapt to the projections are insufficient to avoid significant potential water, food, and energy insecurity; political instability; extreme weather events; and other manifestations of climate change,” they note. “Coordinated, wide-scale, and well-executed actions to limit heat-trapping gases and increase resilience to help prevent and protect against the worst projected climate change impacts are required—now.”

The report can be viewed here.