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In the Expo.

Following up on a post from last week, here’s another quick look at some of the companies that will be in the Expo for the upcoming Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit.

Dynamic Water Technologies offers chemical-free water treatment systems that can remove scale and bio-contamination, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient system.  This translates into money saved from water, power, and chemicals. In addition, maintenance is significantly reduced and equipment useful life is extended.

Primus Power is a California-headquartered provider of low-cost, long-life and long-duration energy storage systems.  The Company’s flow batteries are shipping to U.S. and international commercial/industrial, data center, microgrid, utility, and military customers.  With technical innovations protected by 34 patents in 9 countries/regions, the Company’s EnergyPod systems offer exceptional reliability, modularity, and energy density at an industry-leading total cost of ownership.

Partition Specialties, Inc. (PSI) offers tailored architectural wall products, flooring, door systems and more. PSI’s team of sales professionals, experienced project managers, and skilled union installers work with clients to ensure that projects completed on time and on budget.

The Expo continues to evolve weekly as the Summit approaches. You can keep up to date with the newest exhibitors by checking in regularly at the Summit website.