November 15, 2019

Foundation for success of ZNE buildings rests with what resides “behind closed doors”

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One hour webinar

On the horizon of School Construction/Renovations/Performance Contracts (PC) is ZNE. The first step to achieve ZNE was taken in 2007 in California with the development of the “Grid Neutral document” for K-12 Schools and CC. The electrical system foundation is the Low Voltage Dry Transformers (LVDT) and impacts the success of achievement of ZNE economically. Note: ZNE building plug load consumption will be up to 50% of total energy. This presentation will provide background on ZNE definitions, legislation, its future and then review how the U.S. DOE over the past 20 years, took actions to improve the efficiency and reduce of energy waste of LVDT’s; and how 2016 DOE LVDT’s can reduce energy consumption in achieving and maintaining ZNE in new construction, success of PC with shorter paybacks, all leading to ZNE buildings now and maintaining ZNE well into the 21st Century. Remember, “Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later.”

This training offers one Build It Green CEU.

About the presenter:

Lorenz Schoff

  • Past 52 years involved with Facility Operations and Maintenance — 32 years with educational facilities – since 1970 involved with energy efficiency and conservation
    • Currently working as an energy efficiency consultant for educational and medical facilities
    • Instrumental in writing the LEED documents, ASHRAE Advanced Energy Design Guide and California Grid Neutral document – Educational Facilities
    • Member – Rebuild America/EnergySmart Schools program of the U.S. Department of Energy involved improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings and new facilities
    • Energy Audits and evaluations of over 1500 ED facilities both US and Europe
    • U.S. Representative on International Energy Agency’s Annex 36 Working Group –Developing an online tool to improve energy efficiency of existing ED facilities
    • Director of Facilities and Transportation for a 9000 pupil school district in SW Virginia
    • 20 year Civil Engineer Officer in the U.S. Air Force with extensive efforts in energy conservation (1970-80’s)
    • MS and BS in Engineering and a Professional Engineer