January 13, 2020

EV School Fleets – An exciting virtual event

Fleet luncheon at the 2019 Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit


Join us for special online event focused on the challenges and opportunities surrounding school fleet electrification. Presentations will include:

  • An overview of the state’s goals
  • Presentations from state agencies and utilities with funding and incentive programs
  • Case histories
  • Examples of current, and emerging, vehicle and charging options

Local governments and schools share the state-level goal of reducing vehicle emissions, and representatives from these sectors will also be invited to participate. The resources available for these efforts are considerable, and constantly evolving. Viable options for replacing medium and heavy-duty vehicles have only recently become available. Charging equipment, software to manage charging operations and vehicle-to-grid solutions are all being explored. Funding to support vehicle purchases and charging infrastructure is available from state and utility programs.