January 5, 2018

Green California Summit Leadership Award Nomination Form

Deadline for Nomination Submittal:
February 16, 2018

In cooperation with the Advisory Board for the Green California Summit, the Green California Leadership Awards have been established as a forum to recognize outstanding environmental achievements by California government. This is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate successful public sector projects implemented in California during 2016.

All nominated projects must be publicly financed and executed, or created in a public-private partnership, and must have provided a measurable benefit to the natural or human environment.

Nominations are being accepted in the following categories:

Water Management
For projects that demonstrate significant savings in water conservation and efficiency, including any combination of landscaping, buildings, business or school and college campuses. Also considered will be local, municipal or statewide water conservation programs.

Waste Management
Recognizing innovative uses of recycling, re-use and waste reduction programs to lower the amount of waste released into waterways, landfills and the environment. Included for consideration will be projects that bio-remediate toxic waste.

Resource Conservation
For projects that have accomplished preservation of a natural resource – e.g., wetlands, forest, species conservation.

Green Building
Included in this category are buildings designed and built to maximize energy and water efficiency and that promote a green culture among those who live or work in those buildings. Preference will be given to building projects that can quantify these savings and those which have achieved “net zero” status.

Energy Efficiency
This award recognizes an extremely high level of energy efficiency achieved through retrofits of existing buildings and/or implementation of various types of management systems and technologies that maximize energy usage.

Green School
Recognizing a school or college district that has achieved an outstanding level of leadership in environmental stewardship and innovative sustainability programs. Special focus will be given to districts or campuses that are creating an overall culture of environmental awareness through its programs, projects and policies.

Renewable Energy
For renewable energy projects that employ technologies which are most appropriate for an existing site and which provide outstanding savings in energy and dollars. Preference will be given to the use of new technologies, or to unique uses of existing renewable energy technologies.

Awarded for green fleets, innovations in alternative vehicle fueling/charging infrastructure, local, municipal, county and statewide programs supporting all kinds of alternative transportation programs and combinations of the above. Preference will be given to the most comprehensive programs.

Sustainable Community
This award will be presented to a city or community that has implemented community-wide sustainability projects and programs. Special attention will be given to communities whose programs are creating environmental awareness and action throughout the population, including business, government and private citizens.