2013 Green California Leadership Awards
In cooperation with the Advisory Board for the Green California Summit, the Green California Leadership Awards have been established as a forum to recognize outstanding environmental achievements in government. This is an opportunity to highlight and celebrate successful state and local government projects implemented in California during 2012. All nominated projects must be publicly financed and executed, and must have provided a measurable benefit to the natural or human environment.

Project Awards will be given in each of the following categories:

• Renewable Energy (RE)
• Waste Management (WST)
• Energy Efficiency (EE)
• Transportation (TR)
• Green Building (GB)
• Water Management (WM)
• Pioneer (P)
• Green Economic Development (GE)

*Note: each category is given a code (in parenthesis above) for submission purposes.

Entry instructions:
Submission deadline is March 8, 2013.
1) Nominations MUST be made by public sector/government officials.
2) Entries must have responses for ALL questions on the entry form by the submission deadline, or the application will be considered incomplete. Incomplete entries cannot be forwarded to the review panel, and will not be retained.
3) Please write clear and concise answers, assuming that the reader is not familiar with your organization’s roles,
responsibilities or terminology. Always spell out the first use of all acronyms and abbreviations.
4) Submissions must be labeled using the following file naming convention: Category Code (Organization-Project Title).doc

File Naming Examples:
CC (CALFIRE-Forest Sector Protocols).doc | TR (CALTRANS-I 80 Cold Foam Recycling).doc

*Note: entries must be submitted in Word format.

To download an entry form, click here.

Sponsorships are available for this event. For details, call 626.577.5700.