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Summit Bookstore is a rapidly growing full-service online bookstore with thousands of books you may not find anywhere else, from dozens of mostly independent publishers across the world. We carry books which help you to make sense of and protect our beautiful world. Please don't buy from the mega-stores. Support locally owned independent bookstores, like ours! (Service Side) | (Product Side)
Booth 1230 (Service Side): A results driven, brand development specialty design/production studio, geared up to swiftly produce digital contour cut and large format/oversize prints, including custom signs, posters, banners, government, fleet and heavy equipment and vehicle markings & branding, vehicle wraps, bill boards, exhibit services and more. (Product Side) | Personalized and fully customized wall size dry/wet erasable charts, 365 days planners, calendars, maps & more.

Green Auto Mall A


Able Services
Booth 1131

Able Services is committed to maintaining your workplace and working with you as a partner to achieve sustainability. We are proud to introduce our GreenAble program which is the market leading program in achieving sustainability through best practices in green engineering & cleaning practices.

Abraxas Energy Consulting
Booth 1418

Since 2001, Abraxas Energy Consulting has been a leading expert in the utility bill analysis, rate analysis and energy audit fields. We will analyze your bills to identify problem areas, audit your energy usage, and recommend energy conservation and cost savings measures. For LEED-EB projects we have performed ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 energy audits, retro-commissioning and have put together commissioning plans. Decreasing energy usage and maximizing savings is our goal for our customers.


Accurate Solar Power
Booth 1716

Accurate Solar Power offers state of the art power electronics and integrated monitoring for photovoltaic systems, at the commercial and industrial scale. We boost the system electrical output by 10-15%, give long term overhead & maintenance cost reductions, and add safety and security features.


Active Safety, Inc.
Booth 1600

Active Safety photoluminescent EXIT Signs and Path markers have been specified for 2 decades by leading Architects and Engineers. Our signs are engineered to be LEED and code compliant for all exit sign applications. Non-electrical, non-radioactive, recycled construction & 25 year life. Just released: Eco-Clear 2003, a photoluminescent acrylic 'edge-lit' design exit sign.


Executive Forum Sponsor
Booth 906

AECOM Energy is a fully accredited Energy Services Company providing a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. AECOM Energy provides services from conception through construction. With our regional headquarters in California, we provide design build energy retrofit services to clients throughout the US.

Booth 1508


Amax Energy Resources, Inc.
Booth 637

Amax Energy Resources has patent-pending technology that can save 10% to 30% of fuel in autos, and cuts down Carbon emissions in the exhaust of diesel engines. Our product is based on the latest Nano-Technology that can also reduce 40% on natural gas use in gas heaters, boilers, or anything else that uses natural gas. We believe we can help California achieving its clean air standards while saving our precious fuel resources.


Amazon Environmental, Inc.
Booth 833

Amazon Select® recycled content, economical paints are available in 12 pre-mixed colors and custom tints, and meet the strict environmental and quality standards of Green Seal and the Master Painters Institute. Use recycled paint and gain LEED points for Recycled Content and Regional Content. Be thrifty and green!


American Chemistry Council
Booth 1507

The American Chemistry Council represents the companies that make the products that make modern life possible, while working to protect the environment, public health, and the security of our nation. Founded in 1872, our support for research and initiatives that serve our communities and customers continues to this day. Our member companies have committed to implement a set of goals and guidelines that go above and beyond federal regulation on health, safety, security and the environment.


American Power Solutions
Booth 1407

American Power Solutions is a specialty lighting company that has been in business for 20 years. We are dedicated to design, manufacture, and implementation of energy saving lighting products to aid in the conservation of energy, create a better quality of light, save money on energy costs and help in the fight against global warming.


American Textile & Supply, Inc.

Booth 1421

Introducing a new oil absorbent product made from old newspapers! Pads and rolls for the absorption of spills, leaks and drips that absorb more and cost less! We make and distribute absorbent materials and wiping rags made from post consumer and post industrial waste. We provide Environmental Grime Solutions™. American Textile and Supply, Inc. is a Certified Small Business that has been in business since 1977. We have two locations serving Northern and Southern California.


APC by Schneider Electric

Booth 709       

APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides industry leading product, software and systems for home, office, data center and factory floor applications. Through its unparalleled commitment to innovation, APC delivers pioneering, energy efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.


Arcalux Corporation

Booth 1604

Arcalux is changing the way we think of lighting with the SmartFixture™. The environmentally friendly SmartFixture™ with plug-n-play technology can be installed without tools and also field converted without tools for lens or louver, direct or indirect, occupancy sensors, daylighting, T8 or T5 with 2, 3, or 4 lamps using the same housing. SmartFixture™ provides the lowest life-cycle cost in its class through energy savings, lower operational costs, unprecedented versatility and more!


Automated Logic Corporation

Booth 1211       

For over three decades - through changes that redefined HVAC control and automation technology - Automated Logic has remained true to a single mission: to bring leadership, innovation and order to the complexities of building control. Today, Automated Logic continues to provide cost-effective, user friendly building control solutions for thousands of customers throughout the world.


Back Nine Greens, Inc.
Booth 1332

Back Nine Greens offers energy efficient artificial grass as a landscaping solution for your property, making it a smart choice to help preserve and conserve the environment, water and pocketbook. No seeding, mowing, or watering gives immediate savings to utility bills and maintenance costs, with many cities offering rebates. Synthetic lawns make homes and businesses more energy smart with a pet and child friendly, allergy-free living environment. Back Nine Greens is the synthetic choice.


Bay Area Economics
Booth 1714

Since 1986, BAE has focused on creating sustainable communities by providing real estate economics and development advisory services to clients throughout the U.S. BAE's experience ranges from statewide policy studies to strategic planning to development projects. Our work reflects our commitment to excellence and dedication to the future of our places. BAE's services include feasibility studies, strategic planning, revitalization, public-private transactions and economic impact analysis.


Bay Area ETC Mission College

Booth 800


Bayside HVAC Products LLC

Booth 1226


Bentley Prince Street

Booth 1207       

Defining style, color and service for more than 25 years, Bentley Prince Street manufactures award-winning commercial carpet in broadloom and carpet tile for corporate, healthcare, hospitality, institutional, residential and retail interiors. All Bentley Prince Street standard broadloom and carpet tile products have achieved NSF-140 Sustainable Carpet Assessment Standard at the Gold level. For more information, please visit


BigFix, Inc.

Booth 1206

BigFix®, Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance enterprise systems & security management solutions revolutionizing the way IT manages & secures its computing infrastructures. This revolutionary architecture distributes management intelligence directly to computing devices; BigFix is radically faster, scalable, more accurate & adaptive than legacy management software. BigFix provides real-time visibility & control for over 8 million computing devices in every industry worldwide.

Bluebeam Software Inc.
Booth 731         

Bluebeam PDF Revu makes it easy to create, markup and edit PDF documents while supporting green building practices and a paperless office. Government agencies and leading architecture, engineering and construction firms have experienced significant reductions in paper use and costs by switching to an electronic communication process with Bluebeam.

Booth 1520

Bob Fidler Services, Inc. (BFS) is: certified small business for CA/Federal for corporations. General Engineering Company that uses Dry Ice for Cleaning Industrial Equipment, as Hydro-generators/generators/turbines/Mold that reduces solvents and minimizes Hazardous Waste. What we have accomplished is to become a Green Technology not just because CO2 is a By-Product from the Oil Industry/reduced the Carbon Footprint to near nothing by using this Process! So, BFS has reduced harmful emissions!


Bold Images
Booth 1715

Bold Images puts logos on everything under the sun. We supply a wide array of sustainable, environmentally-friendly promotional products: garments, caps and tote bags made of organic cotton, hemp or bamboo; lanyards, pens, mugs, mouse pads, and hundreds of other products made of recycled plastic, paper, fabric or wood. Bold Images is a member of Advertising Specialty Institute and is a California Certified Small Business.


Bronze Sponsor
Auto Mall C & Booth 607

For more than 75 years, Bosch has led the way in making the advantages of clean diesels a reality through major technology advancements.  Over the last decade, Bosch introduced high-pressure common rail unit injector systems that dramatically improve performance and fuel economy while making diesel vehicles clean, quiet and efficient.

Brown Bear Corp.
Booth 1209

Brown Bear Corporation is an Iowa company engaged in manufacturing and marketing equipment to the environmental and utility industries. We build attachments and complete machines used for composting of manures, food wastes, processing wastes, crop residuals, sewage biosolids and yard and green waste; bioremediation machinery used for a variety of hydrocarbon and petrochemical wastes, sludge drying, land application; and utility equipment used for pipelining and right of way clearing.


Bureau of Automotive Repair

Booth 601

From its headquarters in Sacramento and through 12 field offices around California, the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) conducts consumer protection services related to automotive repair. BAR registers and regulates automotive repair dealers, accepts and resolves auto repair complaints from the public, investigates violations of the Automotive Repair Act. and, when appropriate, refers cases to law enforcement authorities. BAR licenses more than 34,000 auto repair dealers in California.


Busch Systems International, Inc.

Booth 1225       

Busch Systems is North America's leading manufacturer of recycling bins, waste bins, and composters. Our product line includes Centralized Recycling Containers, Curbside Recycling Containers, Office Recycling Solutions, Composters, and Promotional Recycling Tools.

Business Environmental Resource Center of Sacramento
Booth 701


C&L Supply Company
Booth 1215

C&L Supply is your One Source for a Sustainable, Touch free Restroom. Providing Waterless No Flush urinals (Save up to 45,000 gallons of water annually), Xlerator Auto Hand dryers, (Dries in 15 seconds or less) & Automatic Faucets, Flushers and Soap dispensers as well as WaterMiser water saving products. These manufactures offer the lowest operating and maintenance costs of any others in the industry, also helping to qualify for LEED credits. We also offer other facility saving maintenance solutions.

California Building Performance Contractors Association
Booth 843

California Building Performance Contractors Association is a non-profit trade association that trains contractors how to diagnose, analyze and remediate energy and air issues in existing residential buildings resulting in more comfortable and energy efficient homes. Our contractors come from HVAC, General Contracting, indoor air quality, insulation, windows & doors, solar, diagnostic testers, and plumbing businesses and many more equipped to resolve the toughest issues.


California Coastal Lighting
Booth 1613

California Coastal Lighting is your partner in LED lighting. We represent the best products from the best companies and we will help you solve your lighting challenges. We can reduce your electric bill, reduce your carbon footprint and improve the quality of lighting. We work directly with end users as well as architects, contractors and designers.

California Department of Conservation
Recycle Bins Sponsor

The Department of Conservation balances today's needs with tomorrow's challenges and fosters intelligent, sustainable, and efficient use of California's energy, land, and mineral resources. DOC promotes beverage container recycling; regulates oil, natural gas and geothermal wells; studies and maps earthquakes and other geologic phenomena; maps areas containing mineral deposits; ensures reclamation of land used for mining; and administers agricultural and open-space land conservation programs.


California Department of Motor Vehicles
Booth 1040

The DMV welcomes all attendees and expo participants to the 2009 Green California Summit & Exposition. Your presence here demonstrates your commitment to preserving vital resources for our future. Be sure to stop by the DMV booth to learn more about DMV's "Green Culture". DMV Director Valverde asks staff to take responsibility for being green in every aspect of DMV's daily operations; staff has responded and DMV is taking significant steps to reduce is carbon foot print all over the state.


California Department of Transportation

Booth 944

"Caltrans Improves Mobility Across California." We strive to reduce congestion on highways and eliminate Greenhouse Gas.  We also support rail, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian programs; recycle litter and road materials; clean stormwater run-off, protect habitat, reduce harmful construction emissions; and, are committed to resource conservation, alternative fuels and energies.


California Fuel Cell Partnership

Booth 1001

The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaboration of 32 members, including auto manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies and transit agencies, that work together to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.


California Ground Screws
Booth 1334


California Landscape Contractors Association
Booth 941



Opening Keynote Sponsor

Booth 730       

Founded in June 2001, the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative is a public-private partnership working to advance the deployment of stationary fuel cells for distributed generation throughout the state of California. For more information, visit our Website at


Bronze Sponsor  
Booth 1320

California Water Service Company (Cal Water) provides water utility services to nearly 2 million people in more than 80 communities throughout California. In operation since 1926, Cal Water is the largest investor-owned water utility in the western United States. Cal Water delivers water through 500,000 connections spanning 24 service areas in the San Francisco Bay area, Sacramento Valley, Salinas Valley, San Joaquin Valley and Los Angeles area.

Booth 1717

IceBank® energy storage systems use plentiful nighttime electricity to make ice at night, for use during peak demand periods the next day. By shifting a building's energy demand from on-peak to off-peak times, ice storage decreases cooling costs by up to 40% and reduces both source energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Since wind energy, a renewable resource, is mainly available at night, CO2-free air-conditioning is made affordable with IceBank®.


Carlisle SynTec
Booth 1116

Carlisle SynTec is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, commercial roof systems. From its dependable single-ply membranes to its vast insulation offerings, Carlisle's roofing products have been keeping buildings watertight for nearly half a century, and now, all of these products can be combined with Carlisle Energy Services' photovoltaic systems to create energy-saving and energy-producing rooftops.


Casalett & Co.

Booth 1433

Casalett & Co. is an approved provider of prepress and printing solutions. 

California Certified Small Business 3235


Chevron Energy Solutions

Booth 720       

Chevron Energy Solutions designs and constructs facility projects, including infrastructure and renewable power systems, that increase energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and ensure reliable power for public institutions and businesses. Since 2000, Chevron Energy Solutions has developed more than 800 projects involving energy efficiency or renewable power for education, government and business customers in the United States.

City of Dixon

Booth 703

Dixon is a business-friendly city located along Interstate 80. Dixon maintains its small town charm while providing easy access to Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe. Dixon is located five miles from the University of California, Davis. Reasonable land prices, industrial buildings, and an affordable cost of living make Dixon a perfect place to live, work, and to locate a business. Dixon is targeting "green business" for its strategic growth.


CleanStart & Green Capital Alliance

Booth 844

CleanStart supports the growth of clean energy technologies within the Greater Sacramento Region through education, networking events and information. Green Capital Alliance connects government, business and community leaders in the Sacramento Region with clean technology and sustainability programs and information.


CleanWay Environmental Partners, Inc.
Booth 837

CleanWay Environmental Partners provides filtration products for storm water, industrial wastewater treatment and groundwater protection that help municipalities and businesses comply with local, state and federal water quality requirements and storm water regulations. Our filtration products are cost effective and easy to install and maintain, helping customers improve water quality. Proven solutions for storm water, industrial wastewater, sewage, auto/shipyards, landfills, UIC/drywells, and more.


Booth 1810

Clear-Wall is a national firm focusing on the energy saving effects that window film can have on the building envelope. Independent energy saving's analysis is performed across all manufacture film types utilizing US Department of Energy based simulation software. The Clear-Wall Advantage provides engineering analysis with the greatest cost savings.

Climate Master

Booth 1800

ClimateMaster is the world's largest manufacturer of water source / Geothermal Heat pumps that use the Earth's natural temperatures as the source for the most energy efficient, non polluting, total space conditioning system that uses a domestic made renewable energy resource.


Columbia Green Technologies
Booth 1601

Green Roof Technology for Sustainable Buildings & Cities. Green Roofs provide storm water management, improve air quality, energy savings, reduce urban heat island effect and create a beautiful environment. Columbia Green Technologies, Advanced Vegetative Roof System (AVRS) is a turn-key green roof solution that is easily installed and maintained. This patented system is designed to provide a green roof which will integrate with the building and deliver a long-term economical performance.


Compass Flooring
Booth 932


Concrete Masonry Association of CA & NV
Booth 1519

Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada (CMACN) is a non-profit professional trade association. CMACN provides technical information on concrete masonry design for professionals, inspectors, and testing agencies. CMACN provides educational materials for engineering and design students at universities across the nation. Premiere publications: "2006 Design of Reinforced Masonry Structures" and the "CMD06 Computer Program."


Containment Corporation
Booth 1325      

Secondary Spill Containment and Control Products specialize in drive in systems for fuel tankers, rail tank cars, and aircraft. Curb and dike walls products for AST's. Pail and drum containment, IBC totes, sorbents, spill pallets, drain covers and plugs. Meets and exceeds EPA SPCC regulations.

Coolerado Corporation
Booth 1506

Coolerado Corporation produces and sells the most efficient air conditioners made. Their products create a healthier living environment by providing fresh, filtered, ideal humidity air. Coolerado air conditioners are used for commercial, industrial and residential applications throughout the world.


Corporate Care

Booth 816       

We Start Where the Janitors Stop. The difference: Longer lasting Finishes, Better Appearance Levels, Healthier Workplace. We restore and maintain your most expensive interior finishes such as carpet, upholstery, panel systems, ceramic tile & grout, natural stone, hard surface flooring, and most other finishes. Why replace when you can restore? How do we do it? We have highly effective and well-trained technicians that truly understand sustainability as more than a buzzword.

CPI Daylighting, Inc.

Booth 1521                  

CPI, provider of translucent skylights & dynamic daylighting systems, pioneered polycarbonate translucent panels for architectural use 30 yrs ago & has developed specialized architectural products such as standing seam translucent panel systems with Pentaglas Nano-Cell glazing technology, hurricane endurance designs, "Class A" fire-resistant roof construction panels & now ControLite®, an intelligent, self-adjusting dynamic daylighting system that provides unparalleled comfort & energy savings.


Booth 842

CPS, a software development company, produces SalesTouch, an interactive, SQL server database driven touch screen application. Possible uses of the program include, form printing on demand, wayfinding, building directories, product catalogs, trade show kiosks and other applications requiring communication of information in an interactive setting using a touch screen monitor.


Creative Office
Booth 1527

Since 1986, Creative Office has been considered one of the leaders in the development of LEED® qualified Green Interiors specializing in Remanufactured and Recycled Systems Furniture to meet your specifications. We are a full service contract furniture dealership offering space planning, CADD, specifying, delivery and installation services for Sustainable interiors. Available LEED® credits in as many as five categories. Contact us at 800-400-7787 or for more info.


CSRware, Inc.
Booth 1532

CSRware partners with state & local governments by providing Green IT & Sustainability Management software and expertise in supporting the new energy economy. CSRware creates a more integrated, efficient way to quantify, measure and take action on reducing carbon, energy and environmental impacts. CSRware sustainability and carbon management tools, deliver an easy-to-use analytics platform to analyze ROI, energy efficient efforts and carbon compliance using climate protocols and standards.

CulinAire Systems
Booth 1125

CulinAire Systems brings cutting-edge demand ventilation controls technology to the commercial kitchen industry with the Melink Intelli-Hood control system. Capable of adapting to any new or existing commercial kitchen exhaust hood, Intelli-Hood controls optimize ventilation performance and reduce your ventilation system energy expenses by up to 50%.


Customized Performance, Inc.
Booth 1218

Customized Performance has extensive experience in maintaining complex and demanding indoor environments in Northern California. We provide a full selection of building maintenance services, all implementing "green" products and practices. Our customers view us as a sophisticated and loyal ally in the ongoing battle for a healthy work environment and for business asset protection. Customized has the experience your facility needs to get clean - and stay clean!



Booth 1335

Cyber-Rain is a ground-breaking smart sprinkler controller that gives users an easy way to save 30-70% on their landscape watering bills by using the convenience of the personal computer and automatic weather updates from the Internet. It's quick and easy to install, has an intuitive interface and NO monthly fees. Cyber-Rain typically pays for itself in 1 year.


Daikin AC
Booth 1408

Daikin AC offers North America intelligent heating and cooling solutions with superior energy performance and sophisticated design. These advanced systems fall under the VRV®, VRV-S®, Quaternity™ and SkyAir product names. The company, based in Carrollton, Texas, is a subsidiary of Daikin Holdings (USA), Inc., which is owned by the Japanese-based Daikin Industries, Ltd., a global provider of residential, commercial and industrial-use heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration.


Davey Resource Group
Booth 1319

Davey Resource Group, (DRG), a division of the Davey Tree Expert Company, brings green solutions to cities, utilities and other entities. Utilizing state of the art technology, well-trained professionals and the latest in natural resource consulting knowledge, DRG is ready to assist with projects that enhance and grow the green footprint of organizations throughout California and the West.


Department of General Services, Fleet & Asset Mgmt.
Booth 700

The Office of Fleet & Asset Management (OFAM) provides transportation and commute-related services statewide with a focus on the needs of our customers. Our office is responsible for the establishment, implementation & maintenance of policies & procedures governing State-owned mobile equipment. We provide transportation-related services including vehicle pools, repair facilities, vehicle inspection, employee parking, discount air fares, commercial car rentals & vehicle acquisition/disposition.


DIR Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Booth 942

Apprenticeship is an earn-while-you-learn model of talent development. In new and emerging fields it is a valuable way to build a skilled workforce and create standards for a given craft. When an individual completes an apprenticeship program, they receive a certificate from the State saying they completed hours of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. This is a credential for the apprentice and guide for an employer. Let us know if you are interested in apprenticeship.


Dunn-Edwards Corporation
Booth 1227

Since our founding in 1925, Dunn-Edwards has believed in being green -- voluntarily initiating policies to protect the health of customers and the public. Our paints are formulated to be as eco-efficient as possible, optimizing paint performance, while avoiding the use of harmful ingredients. For more information, visit

Earth Friendly Products
Booth 1120

Earth Friendly Products is the leading primary manufacturer of "green" cleaning products in the United States.  EFP manufactures products that go beyond "environmentally preferable" standards choosing not to manufacture products containing formaldehyde, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petrochemicals, heavy metals, VOC's and other toxic ingredients which include known carcinogens, mutagens, teratogens and endocrine  disruptors. Manufactured in four plants strategically  located in the United States.



Booth 1509

Ecco-Technologies' simple and efficient composting solutions significantly reduce the volume and disposal costs of consumer and industrial organic waste. Our commercial composting systems can be installed virtually anywhere, require only minimal space and will render an immediate savings while simultaneously reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.


Booth 1431


Ecoflame International

Booth 1310

US distributor of revolutionary food warming gel made from sugar cane. Burns faster, cleaner, safer, cheaper than "Sterno". No toxins, poisons, greenhouse gases, etc. that are found in petroleum products. Cutting edge, "right thing to do" to save the environment and warm food pans safely.

ECOsurfaces Commercial Flooring

Booth 1424

ECOsurfaces is the preferred recycled rubber floor among architects and designers. Its vast color selection, design flexibility, quick installation time, easy maintenance and durability make it a perfect flooring choice for retail, corporate, hospitality, education and healthcare. Benefits, such as high-recycled content, low-VOC emissions and low-life cycle costs, make it an environmentally preferable flooring solution. Choose from an extensive collection of stunning designs.


ECOtrend Corp.
Booth 1710

ECOtrend's "Collagen Natural Interior Paint" is the world's only ZERO VOC, no odor paint using Collagen, extracted from the lining of the eggshell, as the paint's binder. The use of Collagen in our patented process and formula adds superior benefits not found in other zero VOC products: excellent adhesion, rapid dry, durability and outstanding hiding power. This premium paint is available in Flat, Eggshell and Semi-Gloss. With four bases it can be tinted to any color or hue, "Just Breath".


Booth 1707

ECS Refining is a truly green electronics recycler. At its plants in Santa Clara, CA, and Terrell, TX, obsolete electronic equipment is shredded and mechanically separated into the primary commodities of steel, plastic, aluminum and copper. These commodities are used in manufacturing new products. Newer electronics are bought and sold for ECS customers. As an e-Steward Founder with the Basel Action Network (BAN), ECS Refining will never export e-waste or use prison labor.


Elmco Mechanical / Elmco & Associates
Booth 724

Elmco Mechanical and Elmco & Associates are Manufacturer Representatives specializing in: Lochinvar™, Jay R. Smith™, Taco™, Tower Tech™, Osborne-Lochinvar™ Residential, and Viessmann™.


EMCOR Services Mesa Energy Systems
Booth 1536           

Full service, licensed commercial HVAC building automation and retrofit contractor. We have 10 California offices in Irvine, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Bakersfield, San Jose, Fresno, & Pleasanton. We provide fully integrated solutions for preventative maintenance, repair and/or upgrades to existing mechanical, electrical, and control systems to maximize efficiency and economic impact. Mesa Energy Systems, Inc. is a fully owned subsidiary of EMCOR Group, Inc. (NYSE:EME).

Employment Training Panel
Booth 841           

The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a business and labor supported state agency that assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to off-set the costs of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces. The program serves as the State's premier economic development tool, encouraging many companies to locate or expand in California with the assistance of ETP's job training funds.


Booth 735

The Energy Education Foundation was established to provide a balanced approach to energy education a2z.

Our mission is to:

·         Provide for communication among all energy interest, including, solar, wind, bio fuels and other alternative sources of energy including nuclear and cleaner fuel technologies

·         Provide for education through the development of curriculum, publishing of articles and books, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences


Energy Film
Booth 1021

Energy Film is a thin, transparent window film that provides instant energy savings by reducing heat loss in winter and solar heat gain in summer. It applies easily without adhesives, is non-tinted and has a non-reflective surface. Energy Film is made of a spectrally selective material that blocks 70% of thermal solar energy. It blocks 97% of UV light while allowing 77% of natural light into the room.

Booth 1401

energyOrbit is built for utilities, third-parties and government implementers to cost effectively manage industry leading Demand Side Management energy efficiency (EE) programs. energyOrbit is built and delivered through cloud computing on the world class infrastructure thereby completely eliminating the overhead and costs associated with in-house software deployments and maintenance.


Booth 625

Energy Recovery Systems Inc. is a dynamic solutions provider which manufacturers and integrates highly efficient energy conservation platforms for heating and cooling - the CAPTIVE ENERGY product line. We offer licensed technology to the North American market that provides heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water through heat recovery. The CAPTIVE ENERGY products enhance, compliment or replace existing legacy heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.



Booth 1114           

We are an affiliate of Energy Automation Systems, Inc (EASI). We custom design, manufacture and install energy saving equipment to help your business conserve electricity and improve energy efficiency without changing your operations. Our clients typically experience a 10% to 20% savings and a 3 to 4 year payback period.


Enfinity Corporation
Booth 1706

Enfinity is one of the world's leading photovoltaic (PV) solar energy development companies. Since 2005, we have developed and funded over $1 Billion of renewable energy projects totaling more than 120 megawatts (MW) worldwide. We provide customized solar solutions for commercial, municipal and utility customers. We design, install, fund, monitor and maintain these systems.


ePACE Products
Booth 1812

ePace Products is an LED Lighting Solution Provider that is partnered with key manufacturers in the Solid State Lighting industry to provide you with the most innovative and versatile LED products. We offer many complete products that are ready for installation and are direct replacements to traditional lighting. Types of products include but are not limited to reading lamps, spot, track, linear, under cabinet, LED tube, and indoor recessed lighting, project lights, and street lighting.


Epicenter Sales
Booth 1119 

Save time and money! Eliminate the waterproofing subcontractor with a green waterproofing system that uses water to waterproof your concrete! Eliminate steel and the headaches associated with it too! Cut costs and Get real without steel. Rebar in a Bag - a structural fiber that replaces #4's @ 16" centers.

Evergreen Motors
Booth 1201           

Evergreen is the high efficiency replacement for a standard motor. It uses proven ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) technology to save you money every time your HVAC system is operating. On average you can expect to save over 25% on annual motor operating costs. Even better, you can use up to 74% fewer Watts with Evergreen when you run your fan between heating and cooling cycles.

Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.
Booth 814

Facility Engineering Associates, P.C. (FEA) is a national engineering consulting firm delivering quality services to our clients. FEA specializes in solving problems with existing facilities. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and value to our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with tools to help extend the service life of existing facilities and building systems.

Falcon Waterfree Technologies
Booth 931         

The Falcon Waterfree urinal is a revolutionary system that is more hygienic and resistant to vandalism than traditional urinals. Without flush valves, plumbing repairs and emergencies are eliminated. Each urinal saves an average of 40,000 gallons each year. Several models are available that earn LEED points and reduce operating costs.

Field of Green/ForeverLawn West
Booth 1425

Field of Green™ offers a wide variety of alternatives to natural grass. Using high green-content, synthetic products from ForeverLawn® will help to reduce emissions, conserve water and eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Safe and environmentally-friendly, these cost-saving, low maintenance solutions are great for school lawns and playgrounds, sports fields, golf greens, yards and K9 applications.


Booth 1403

Fieldturf is the world leader in the new generation of in-filled artificial grass systems. Highly recognized for its patented and installation technologies, Fieldturf is installed in more than 2500 high profile stadiums, universities, schools and parks worldwide.


Folsom Lake Dodge

Green Auto Mall F

Offering passenger vehicles, mini-vans, SUV's, light duty trucks, commercial vehicles, utility trucks, cargo vans, law enforcement and public safety vehicles. Hybrids, E-85 fuel, diesel and bio-diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles in late stages of development.


FuelCell Energy, Inc.
Booth 631

FuelCell Energy is the world leader in the development and production of stationary fuel cells for commercial, industrial, municipal and utility customers.  FuelCell Energy's ultra-clean and high efficiency DFC® fuel cells are generating power at over 50 locations worldwide.  The company's power plants have generated more than 275 million kWh of power using a variety of fuels including renewable wastewater gas, biogas from beer and food processing, as well as natural gas and other hydrocarbon fuels.


Full Spectrum Solutions
Booth 1531

Full Spectrum Solutions continues to revolutionize the lighting industry with innovative, energy-efficient products. EverLast HD Induction Lighting (the newest FSS innovation) creates the ideal environment, reducing visual errors, and increasing performance. Most importantly EverLast fixtures are virtually maintenance free with a rated lamp-life of up to 100,000 hours while reducing energy costs up to 60%. Stop by booth #1531 to see the EverLast difference.


Garland Company, Inc.
Booth 1416

A leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance roofing and flooring solutions for commercial, industrial, and public properties.

GE Consumer-Industrial

Booth 1108     

See Grainger, GE and Lithonia for your lighting needs. We provide energy efficient lighting systems that also reduces maintenance and recycling costs and improve the quality of your lighting in your offices and warehouses.


Georgia Pacific Commercial Paper 
Booth 1221        

Green by Design: Investing in the environment and our customers.


As the world' s largest producer of commercial paper products, we at Georgia Pacific Commercial focus on the intersection of our user needs and environmental sustainability. And we know that our scale and expertise enable us to affect broad, positive change that benefits both the environment and our customers. Our goal is to provide the ultimate hygiene solutions for healthcare, office buildings & other industries where cleanliness is mandatory.


Georgia Pacific Gypsum

Booth 934

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum is a leading manufacturer of innovative Dens™ Brand gypsum solutions, which are recognized for contributing to the sustainability of commercial and residential buildings. Our pioneering, state-of-the-art fiberglass mat technology has inspired the construction industry to build with products that help manage moisture during and after the construction cycle.

Girari Sustainable Furniture

Booth 834

Girari Sustainable Event Furniture is a designer and manufacturer of elegant contemporary furniture hand crafted in Los Angeles from a majority in content recycled materials, and ultimately recyclable itself. Specializing in tables, chairs and stools, Girari is a woman owned California Small Business.


Global Electric Motorcars
Green Auto Mall B

Global Electric Motorcars, a Chrysler Company, is the market leader in battery-electric vehicle transportation and is committed to providing versatile, efficient and affordable transportation solutions. GEM vehicles are quiet, environmentally friendly and safe. With six models and a variety of options, discover how GEM vehicles can improve your fleet's operations.

Go Green Asphalt

Booth 1524       

Go Green Asphalt produces 100% recycled asphalt concrete pavement. Sustainability is key. We have the ability to portably transform broken asphalt chunks or grindings into a hot mix paving material. By utilizing a dosage of asphalt rejuvenator and recycled asphalt roof shingles, we have been able to fortify a hot mix suitable for all of your patch paving needs. Please visit us online for more details at


Granite Construction
Booth 1700

Incorporated in 1922, Granite Construction Company builds roads, tunnels, bridges, airports and other infrastructure-related projects used by millions of people. In addition, Granite produces sand, gravel, ready-mix, asphalt concrete, warm-mix asphalt, porous & impervious pavements, and other materials. Unusual among large contractors, Granite handles both large and small jobs through its two operating divisions, Granite East and Granite West. Visit us on our website at


GraniteCrete, Inc.
Booth 1217

GraniteCrete™ paths and walkways have the look and feel of a crushed organic surface, but bear the near strength and erosion control of professionally installed concrete. They are absolutely porous, addressing storm water and heat island environmental concerns and yielding high LEED® points in up to three categories of the LEED® rating system. Combined with your choice of six organic or custom colors, GraniteCrete™ is the natural path for your next project.


Green Leadership Awards Sponsor

Green Building Pages sustainable building materials database and design tool for the environmentally and socially responsible designer, builder and client is the only publicly accessible web resource guide with complete, accessible, current, comprehensive and transparent company and product information with which to make informed decisions regarding sustainable building materials.


Green Leadership Awards Reception Sponsor
Booth 1027


A Green Circle
Booth 718

Slash your maintenance costs with A Green Circle's surface treatments - including up to 80% on VCT tiles alone! This completely "green" product restores, shines and protects ALL indoor and outdoor surfaces. Plus, its "self-cleaning" technology kills mold, algae, bacteria, germs, viruses, and other toxins. Visit us at Booth #718.


Green Innovation Connect
Booths 1311 & 1410

Green Innovation Connect, a joint project of JETRO and Nikkei America, was designed to introduce innovative new green technologies from Japan into the U.S. market. Green Innovation Connect shows how you can apply green technology to the construction of new or existing buildings, and what you can learn from the wisdom of traditional Japanese architecture and Japan's latest Local Government Policy.


Green Lubrication Solutions
Booth 1302

Green Lubrication Solutions is the US Distributor of MotorSilk products. Our engine treatment will reduce friction by 80%, in any gas or diesel engine. Less friction reduces heat, wear and increases fuel economy up to 15%. Less fuel consumption means lower emissions from every treated vehicle. Our finished products such as hydraulic fluid or grease are high performance biodegradable, non toxic and anti corrosive. MotorSilk will save money on fuel and maintenance costs while reducing emissions.


Green Power Solar/CFM Equipment
Booth 1702

Green Power™ specializes in distribution Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Geothermal, Variable Refrigerant Flow & High Efficiency HVAC. Both Commercial and Residential applications. In addition, Green Power supports Dealer programs to broker qualified installation companies to end users. For more information, contact us at


Booth 721

greenscreen® is an innovative landscape trellis system that provides endless possibilities for creating "green wall" landscape elements, fencing, screening, and enclosures. The main component is the unique three-dimensional wire panel, made from recycled content steel. Rigid, lightweight, and incredibly strong, greenscreen® can span between freestanding structural members or between floors, wall mount off the building surface, and stack or align to cover larger surfaces.


GreenSwitch LLC
Booth 1101

GreenSwitch is a low cost wireless automation system for home, office, commercial or hotel applications. With one switch, control lighting, HVAC, and turn off phantom power at the outlets. GreenSwitch is an educational and behavioral modification device for the end user. GreenSwitch will interface with AMI Smart Meters for Demand response as well as overall peak reduction. We are a perfect fit for EE programs for Utilities. One switch... Simple


Booth 617

GreenTraks provides Strategic Footprint Reduction and Automated Reporting for businesses and organizations seeking to take proactive steps to address climate change. We provide fleet and building carbon footprint certifications and an announcement of the organizations' sustainability efforts in an identity package. Data aggregation is automated, available online, continuously updated, simple, low-cost and third-party verified.


Green Valley Initiative
Booth 845

The Green Valley Initiative is a regional and collaborative movement to promote clean and green technologies in inland Southern California, a region known as the Inland Empire. To date, more than 500 stakeholders are participating in the effort, representing the counties of Riverside and San Bernardino, area cities, public agencies and utilities, universities and school districts, businesses and business organizations, and the community-at-large. For more information, visit


Griswold Water Systems / Water One

Booth 1118

Electronic water treatment for HVAC and water cooled systems saves water and electricity while protecting the environment. LEED credit is available and most customers realize a rapid return on investment. Our technology, combined with our packaged separator systems, increases the longevity of your capital equipment and can be remotely monitored. We offer free payback analyses. Griswold Water Systems, partnering with Water One service professionals: Because the World Depends on Water.

Haaga Great Lakes
Booth 1327

Haaga Sweepers are eco-friendly, people powered sweepers that can replace noisy leaf blowers in many applications. Environmentally responsible with no gas, no oil, no noise or air pollution! Energy smart Haaga Sweepers can pick up almost anything, wet or dry, from sand to pop cans and everything in between. For details, visit


Halls Window Center

Booth 1501

Hall's Window Center is an exclusive dealer for Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, and Andersen Patio Doors & Windows. We carry the ONLY Green Seal Certified window on the market. Our products meet energy efficiency requirements and are manufactured and packaged in an environmentally responsible manner. Please visit our booth #1501, and enter the raffle for a $3000 window or door shopping spree.


Harmonics Ltd.

Booth 716

Harmonics Limited (HL) is the recognized authority on the mitigation of harmonic currents in power distribution systems and is the leading provider of Harmonic Suppression Systems (HSS). Our proven and patented technology actually eliminates the formation of the damaging third harmonic current generated by computer loads in today's commercial and industrial facilities throughout the United States.


Hamilton Level

Booth 635

The GateJack(tm) is an INNOVATIVE new system developed for stake-bed trucks. It provides a cost effective solution to the problems of using metal and wooden gates. The Jack is lightweight, yet strong. It eases the burden of heavy gates, reduces the risk of back and shoulder injuries, and extends the life of gates. The Gate Hangers allow gates to be safely stored, and truck cabs to be protected from body damage. The system is SUSTAINABLE and provides for tremendous SOURCE REDUCTION!


Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company

Booth 808



Heavenly Greens
Booth 1816

Heavenly Greens, Northern California's exclusive FieldTurf distributor since 2001, proudly offers FieldTurf‘s products that can assist architects and designers in obtaining points toward LEED certification, the national "Green Building" system.


HOST/Racine Industries, Inc.
Booth 1505

Racine Industries goes above and beyond standard environmental requirements with its HOST Dry Carpet Cleaning System. Save energy and thousands of gallons of water with Green Seal® Certified, USDA Certified BioPreferredsm products. May also be used on grouted tile and as part of an IPM strategy! Manufactured in an EPA-registered facility.


How 2 Save Fuel
Green Auto Mall E is an equipment manufacturer, distributor and installer of Hydrogen Hybrid Conversion Kits and related technologies to nearly eliminate internal combustion engine environmental pollution thereby reducing global warming and at the same time enhance engine performance and save fuel costs. The R&D process has convinced us that hydrogen is the answer that will shape the next technological age.


Bronze Sponsor
Booth 1525

HP is making the computer personal again. By applying our original ideas, technology prowess, resources and expertise, we're delivering uniquely valuable technology experiences. With HP you get stunning technologies, our full circle of HP Total Care services, a global ecosystem of partners, award-winning support, and complete confidence that HP and its partners are standing behind you each and every step of the way.


HSC Commercial
Booth 1336

HSC Commercial is a California manufacturers representative for commercial and residential ultra high efficiency boilers to 4,000 MBH , condensing water heaters, solar hot water equipment, geothermal heat pumps and hydronic radiant equipment. Selection, specification and supply. We were Green before there was Green.


Hycrete, Inc.
Booth 1705                                   

Hycrete, Inc., a cleantech advanced material company, produces an admixture to concrete that makes concrete waterproof and protects steel reinforcement from corrosion.  Hycrete Admixture is Cradle to Cradle certified as an environmentally intelligent product and is greening an area commonly overlooked in sustainable construction.

Hydro-Stop/United Coatings (Quest Construction Products)
Booth 1711

A world leader in the manufacture of environmentally-safe roofing and waterproofing systems, Hydro-Stop is formulated to provide permanent, sustainable, fluid-applied solutions to water ingress problems throughout the entire building envelope. Approved by FM, CRRC, Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code, Energy Star, and complainant with OTC, LEED, and California Title 24.

ICE Safety Solutions

Booth 1518

ICE Safety Solutions, MBE/WBE, GET, is a full service safety company supporting companies with their OSHA compliance needs in the areas of CPR/First Aid, Automated External Defibrillators, Forklift Training, First Aid & Disaster Kits. Our Green Services include on-line CPR training to reduce employees time spent in the classroom and our Green Products include PowerFlares which reduces the need for traditional road flares and AEDs with an environmentally friendly battery. 1.877.7GET ICE


Imation Corp.

Booth 1511

Imation is dedicated to applying outstanding environmental stewardship & reducing impacts on the Earth wherever possible. What better way to apply this philosophy than by remanufacturing high-quality Earthwise toner cartridges. Earthwise remanufactured toner cartridges meet OEM quality standards. Each cartridge contains a new drum and toner, reconditioned or replaced parts & a recycled shell. The Earthwise process allows Imation to deliver a high quality product at a lower cost with less waste.


Inpro Marketing Corporation
Booth 1535

INPRO MARKETING provides "P-2"(pollution prevention) products.INPRO's patented products offer convenient "source reduction" and "source recycling of virtually any industrial fluid and are proven cost effective tools for managing, storing, handling and filtering chemicals, specifically paints, inks, adhesives and similar fluids. They are time tested as effective ways to REDUCE, REUSE,and RECYCLE at the point of use, during manufacturing, production, application and storage of these chemicals.


Booth 743

Integrated Structures, Inc.
Booth 1231

Integrated Structures is an architecture, engineering and construction management firm which has developed patented green building technology. The Spar Membrane Structure wall system and Integral Solar Roof panel provide superior energy efficiency, earthquake and fire resistance.


Integrity Block

Booth 1031

Integrity Block™ has introduced the first seamless green replacement for concrete block. Inherently sustainable, Integrity Block uses 40% less energy, emits 40% less CO2, and uses up to 50% recycled content when compared to conventional block. Integrity Block comes in all the same form factors as conventional block and meets all required testing standards (ASTM).


Booth 1300      

InterfaceFLOR, the world's largest manufacturer of commercial modular carpet, is setting the pace for manufacturing using materials and processes that take less from the environment, and is well along the path to "MissionZeroT," the company's promise to eliminate any negative impact it has on the environment by 2020.


International Code Council
Booth 945

The International Code Council (ICC) was established in 1994 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing a single set of comprehensive and coordinated national model construction codes. These codes are designed to protect the health, safety, welfare, and the environment by creating better buildings and safer communities.

International Water Treatment
Booth 1301

Distributor of chemical free water treatment system called Elysator. Used for boilers, fresh water heating & chilling loops in commercial & industrial applications.


Investor Owned Utilities:

Green Leadership Awards Sponsor
Booth 900

California investor owned utilities (IOUs) partner with the state government by supporting the mandated energy efficiency and sustainability efforts of California's facilities and institutions. The Partnership collaborates with upper level management and decision makers by supplying services and technical expertise, leveraging communications and outreach, and paying incentives for successful results.


Booth 1612

iPee™ is now an accepted product by the USDA BioPreferred Catalog & California's Waste Management Recycled-Content Directory. The iPee™ is a bio-based alternative, single use, personal, portable restroom device. The iPee™ is a key product for sanitation during a natural disaster, daily use or any planned mass event. It offers a clean, odorless, solidifying, and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional port-a-potty. The iPee™ is an innovative device that allows everyone to "Pee Standing Up!"


Booth 1517

It's My Business is a Go Lean Go Green IT Solutions company located in Sacramento, CA. We are a SDVBE/SB/EB/Micro Business, DGS Certified company. We specialize in Managed Dynamic Infrastructure Solutions. Providing Hardware, Software and Consultation on Data Storage, Security/Back Up/Restore/Deployment and Management. We offer a Small Footprint, Green Technology, and Virtualization to keep cost down while allowing for managed and scalable cost in these economic times. Some financing available.





Jerico Energy
Booth 936

Jerico makes air conditioning run on less than half the normal energy requirement, and increases cooling capacity. Without replacing the air conditioning unit, they are able to make an older unit outperform almost any replacement air conditioning. Jerico has a performance history of reducing kWh by 50% and peak by 28% on a 3 year old a/c that is the manufacturers high efficiency model. By reutilization of existing equipment, the environmental impact of energy efficiency changes is eliminated!


Johnson Controls
Booth 1314

Johnson Controls is creating a more comfortable, safe, and sustainable world. We deliver smart environments, bringing ingenuity to places where employees and constituents live, work, and travel. From energy-efficient equipment and control systems to green buildings and renewable energy, we help you manage your facilities in a sustainable manner.


Just Manufacturing
Booth 1308

Full line manufacturer of stainless steel sinks for the academic, commercial and institutional settings. Product line includes drop in, ADA compliant, and under mount type as well as art room, wall hung and scullery sinks. Also offer fittings including stainless steel faucet and bubbler to meet California Assembly Bill 1953.



Kelly-Moore Paint Company

Booth 1530

To give you a brief history of our company, Kelly Moore Paint Company is a Certified Green Business and was founded in 1946 by William Moore and William Kelly with our factory and corporate headquarters located in San Carlos, California. Kelly Moore Paint Company manufactures and distributes a wide variety of environmentally friendly products that meet the requirements of the United States Green Building Council LEED version 2.2 EQ credit low Emitting Materials.


Booth 1324    

The only solution for air purification:  *Formaldehyde *Toxin *Bacteria/tick *Mold

ATEC-2000 (JADE CEMENT) is a special cement/mortar manufactured with a modified polymeric surfactant and powdered nephrite (Jade) coming from Korea. It produces an array of health and environmental benefits. Its natural emission of "far infrared rays" greatly reduces the toxic side effects of cement, paint and glue in the immediate environment where installed as well as inhibiting bacteria, mold and odors.

Kohler Company
Booth 1208

Environmentally conscious KOHLER® plumbing products conserve water without sacrificing industry-leading performance or enduring design characteristics. These High-Efficiency Toilets, Innovative waterless urinals, Touchless products and eco-showerheads help save our natural resources while remaining true to a singular level of quality. For more information on our products visit us at California Green Summit booth 1208 or


Lasting Impression Promotional Products, Inc.
Booth 933

Full line of GREEN promo items with your logo. Bamboo blankets, non woven totes, recycled lanyards, corn plastic pens, recycled tees and organic cotton shirts, totes. Free shipping on qualifying orders. Mention this add and take 100.00 off your order. Certified Woman Owned Business. Work with many State Departments.


Leading Edge Products, Inc.
Booth 831

Green Cleaning tools & microfiber for all uses. Featuring Green Concepts® cleaning concentrates from Eco Concepts. Safe & Superior Cleaning Products made from kelp and other natural ingredients. EPA, Green Seal & Canadian Environmental Choice listed & approved. Our mission is to provide superior Green Cleaning tools. Never satisfied, we continually improve our products. Better environmentally friendly cleaning products cannot be found. Factory Direct Pricing available to government accounts.


LED Green Power, Inc.
Booth 940

LED GREEN Power, Inc. (LGP) develops solid state lighting technology and creates strategic partners for the purposes of distributing and marketing LED lighting products.


LEDtronics, Inc.

Booth 1436

LEDtronics Mission is to replace energy-wasting lighting with world-class, environmentally responsible LED bulbs and products. The LEDtronics website is packed with many different types of direct-incandescent-replacement bright Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp and LED bulb. Our LED lamp and LED bulb product offerings are available in a wide range of bulb sizes for multiple lighting applications. Nearly every industry will find a LED bulb or LED-based solution for its unique needs.


Liberty Valley Doors
Booth 935

Liberty Valley Doors has been a custom wood stile & rail door manufacturer since 1980. We can manufacture doors any size, design, out of any type of wood. We also offer pre hang and pre finish options. We are FSC Chain of Custody Certified and manufacture all of our doors on solar power. Come by our booth or check out our website to see our Rediscovered Wood Doors and portfolios.

LifeSource Whole House Water Systems, Inc.
Booth 1427      

Founded in 1984, LifeSource manufactures point of entry water filtration and conditioning systems. Certified to WQA, NSF/ANSI-42 Drinking Water Standards for chlorine/chloramine reduction. LifeSource provides clean, safe water from every faucet. Eco-friendly. Uses NO salt. Be GREEN and eliminate the need for bottled water with LifeSource.


Lime Energy

Booth 1333

Lime is committed to lead the energy efficiency movement by passionately serving customers, shareholders and communities with excellence. Our energy efficiency solutions allow clients to spend dramatically less on energy and building operations. They produce less waste, allowing a cleaner natural environment. And they enable a more comfortable and productive physical environment.


LiveRoof/Florasource Ltd. and ERC Roofing & Solar
Booth 1015

Developed by horticulturists for long term sustainability, LiveRoof is the only "invisible" modular green roof system that is delivered fully grown to the job site. ERC specializes in solar, cool roofs, and is a Certified LiveRoof installer in California. Together these firms combine to provide all of your sustainable roofing solutions.


LPA, Inc.
Booth 1331

As one of the largest integrated design firms in California, LPA Inc., has a distinct history of expertise in architecture, design and planning. Founded in 1965, LPA provides architectural, planning, landscape architecture, interior design, engineering, and graphic/signage services. With extensive experience in public and private architecture, LPA designs a diversity of facilities that span from K-12 schools, colleges and universities, to civic, corporate, religious and retail establishments.


Lutron Electronics

Booth 1017

Lutron Electronics will be showcasing their Quantum lighting control solution. Quantum is a whole-building light and energy management system used to control fluorescent light and daylight. It can generate energy savings of 50% to 70% increase occupant comfort, increase space flexibility and increase asset value for building and facility owners. Lutron's Quantum Solution offers building operators complete Demand Response readiness for utility sponsored revenue generating programs.

MCA Clay Roof Tile

Booth 1009  

MCA produces a superior clay tile that is ASTM Grade I, Class A, and meets all metal roof deck applications and seismic applications.  MCA tile earns LEED points, and is also the first tile available in 33 colors that are rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council.  MCA Clay Roof Tile has been used extensively on schools and institutions, providing long-term energy savings and Green Building technology at no additional cost.

MDC Wallcoverings
Booth 1415

Servicing the A & D Community for over 30 years, MDC Wallcoverings proudly offers a full spectrum of sustainable wallcoverings & high durability paint. Come see the Award Winning Idea Paint Dry Erase product, as well as products that will help achieve LEED credits. MDC offers contract, GSA and CMAS pricing. Please contact: Nancy Basile (916) 601-3612 or


Miles Electric Vehicles, Inc.
Green Auto Mall D

Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Miles EV is an American company that produces all electric vehicles. MILES offers a lineup of advanced, low speed EVs that set the category standard for safety, comfort and utility. Miles EVs' low operating costs and zero tailpipe emissions offer fleet managers a practical means to lead the way in sustainability. California customers include Stanford, Cal Poly SLO and Pomona, the UC System, Lockheed Martin, the Sacramento Airport, SMUD, and many more.


Mitsubishi Imaging (MPM) Inc.

Booth 1433

As a leading provider of state-of-the-art printing and imaging products, Mitsubishi Imaging makes choosing the best technologies for business and environmental sustainability easy. Our signature printing plate technology – Silver DigiPlate CTP – produces four times less raw material waste than traditional metal CTP systems and our recently launched Thermal DigiPlate is 100 percent chemistry-free and processless platemaking.


Mohawk Group
Booth 1130      

The Mohawk Group is represented by Lee's, Bigelow and Karastan Contract. Each brand has a wide variety of Carpet tile and Broadloom combinations. The Mohawk group also has a vast offering of VCT, Luxory Vinyl, entry tile, sheet vinyl products. This type of offering makes The Mohawk Group a one stop shop for all your flooring needs. All brands are also part of CMAS, WSCA, GSA, CHPS, CALIFORNIA GOLD tile and broadloom offerings.


Booth 1011                                        

Multistack manufactures modular chiller systems, both water-cooled and air-cooled, that offer solutions to problems faced by modern facilities managers and technicians.  Small footprint, redundancy, future expandability, ASHRAE-15 compliance, low maintenance, and extreme quietness are a few of the advantages we offer.  Multistack is the first carbon neutral manufacturer in the HVAC industry and leads its market segment in dedicated heat recovery chillers and environmentally friendly solutions. 

Nations Roof of California

Booth 1616

As one of America's leading commercial roofing contractors specializing in Green Roof Technology & Solar, Nations Roof is one of the original innovators of systems designed to save energy and the environment, and today is ranked among the nation's foremost installers of green roof systems. With 20 locations nationwide Nations Roof is nearby to serve all your green roofing and solar needs.

National Carport Industries
Booth 1515

National Carport offers the optimal Solar Panel Installation Option for California Schools. Our DSA approved all-steel Shade Structures and Walkway Covers can support any solar energy system. With over 1500 installations statewide and 17 years of service to California schools, National Carport can meet any need.

Booth 1203

An innovative leader since 1964 and recipient of the EPA's Stratospheric Ozone Award for helping protect the Earth's ozone layer, NCFI's superior spray polyurethane foam (SPF) insulation and roofing technologies help save energy, lower power bills and improve indoor air quality. NCFI products offer many green qualities. Visit for more information.


NEC TOKIN Corporation
Booth 1406           

NEC TOKIN is an international leader in advanced passive electronic materials, devices and systems. NEC TOKIN products are used in a wide spectrum of applications including, superior household appliances, medical devices, next-generation office equipment, computers and peripherals, cellular telephones and handheld devices, audio/visual equipment, automotive electronics and optical devices. Whatever your advanced passive component needs, NEC TOKIN is poised resolve it.

Noritz America
Booth 1307         

Noritz is the #1 manufacturer of tankless water heaters in the world. Noritz offers 28 energy efficient products and out of 20 are Energy Star certified. Noritz's tankless water heaters are so green that they qualify for the $150 Federal Tax Credit. All of Noritz internal components are recyclable and all units produce low carbon monoxide emission when operating. Noritz is also the official sponsor for Extreme Make Over: Home Edition and Brad Pitt's Make It Right Foundation.


Norseman Plastics Ltd, an ORBIS Company
Booth 1430 

Norseman Plastics is a leading manufacturer of curbside, in-house, multi-residential and organics recycling containers serving municipalities in their waste reduction and source separation requirements. Over 3 million Earth Machine™ Backyard Compost Bins are in use globally and over 2 million Green Bins, Green Bin+ and Kitchen Collectors are in use in numerous municipalities for curbside organics collection. Our newest exciting product is our 55 gallon SYSTERN rain barrel to help municipalities.


Northern California Supplier Development Council

Booth 1042


Northern Power Systems
Booth 1814

Northern Power Systems is well-known for developing industry-leading wind power systems and technology. The company's Northwind 100 turbine is sized specifically for community applications such as schools/universities, commercial farms, municipalities, and business campuses. Its gearless, direct drive architecture and permanent magnet generator, provide best-in-class energy capture and extremely low maintenance.


Booth 1019

Green Leadership Awards Sponsor (add to sponsor and exhib page)

Aligned with our vision to Buy Green, Be Green and Sell Green, Office Depot provides products and services to support the California's environmental initiatives. We offer a growing assortment of products with environmental benefits including recycled paper, remanufactured ink cartridges, office furniture and lighting, breakroom supplies and other energy efficient products. Office Depot also provides analysis and advice on achieving environmental goals while managing procurement costs.


Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Booth 714

Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide is a full service agency working at the forefront of environmental issues in California and around the world. Ogilvy PR offers expertise in practice areas such as social marketing, public affairs, technology, media, consumer and corporate communications, providing a full range of services to meet the needs of any business. Ogilvy PR's growing list of green clients and services makes this agency an ideal fit for businesses and organizations in the green arena.


Oorja Protonics, Inc.
Booth 835

Oorja Protonics Inc., designs and manufactures the most advanced, most powerful methanol fuel cells in the world.  The OorjaPac was designed as an "on-board" battery charger for material handling vehicles or as a backup power generator for power critical applications.  Powered by this liquid alcohol fuel, the OorjaPac provides a cost-effective, safe and green power source to keep your vehicles or application operating at peak efficiencies, off the grid.  Our customers include OEMs, retailers, automotive manufacturers, logistics providers and food distribution companies.


Oragen Wear
Booth 1615

We offer high-quality, competitively-priced eco-friendly apparel to include casual, sportswear, special order uniforms and group/event apparel.

Organic Environmental Technology
Booth 1801

Organic Environmental Technology: Serving city, state and county government with effective remedial and restorative green solutions for toxins and pollutants in the land, surface water bodies and ground water. Current vendor for LA County, City of Calgary and underway with field testing with LA City. Contact Paul Scholz at 888-524-5000

Pacific Building Care

Booth 810

Pacific Building Care, Inc. is a leading commercial janitorial company servicing approximately 1,500 customers in over 1700 sites (103 million square feet), in a geographic area throughout the States of California, Colorado and Arizona. PBC has designed its Green Cleaning program around GS-42 and what is required by the USGBC's LEED Certification process. PBC's LEED/Sustainability Group can assist or consult you through the entire LEED Certification process with their on-staff LEED APs.


Booth 900

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States. PG&E is a national leader in energy efficiency. Since the inception of PG&E's energy efficiency programs, customers have saved more than $22 billion on their energy bills and avoided the release of more than 135 million tons of (CO2) into the atmosphere.



Booth 1400

The Pacific Southwest Concrete Alliance is a collaborative entity of six regional associations. The Alliance provides programs, information & technology about Ready Mixed Concrete Products to design and construction professionals throughout California and Nevada.

American Concrete Pavement Association – Southwest Chapter    

California Nevada Cement Association

Concrete Promotion Council of Northern California

Southern California Concrete Producers

Sierra Nevada Concrete Association

Southern Nevada Concrete and Aggregates Association


Panasonic Home And Environment Company
Booth 1224

Panasonic Home and Environment Company offers a full line of ventilation fans for every type of home-building need. At the forefront of the Green Building movement, Panasonic Whisper Series of advanced ventilation fans help ensure a cleaner, healthier home while conserving energy, with exceptionally quiet operation. All Panasonic ventilation fans are ENERGY STAR qualified where guidelines exist. Panasonic ventilation fans carry a three-year warranty. WhisperGreen models carry a six year warranty.  


Pareto Point Industries
Booth 633

Smart oil management systems provide significant economic savings and reduced environmental impact. Pareto Point Industries provides patented internationally recognized award winning green oil management solutions that results in optimal running engines, machinery, and equipment. PPI products promote longevity, reduces inventory, extends service intervals and more, all in an environmentally friendly framework.


Peerless Materials Company
Booth 1421

Introducing a new oil absorbent product made from old newspapers! Pads and rolls for the absorption of spills, leaks and drips that absorb more and cost less! We make and distribute absorbent materials and wiping rags made from post consumer and post industrial waste. We provide Environmental Grime Solutions™. Peerless Materials Company is a Certified Small Business that has been in business since 1967. We have 2 locations serving Southern and Northern California.


Booth 1610

Permapave pervious pavers provide the hard surface needed for urban development, while allowing water to pass freely through. These natural rock pavers ease loads on stormwater systems, recharge the aquifer, and filter out 100% of gross contaminates. Pavers are available in 12x12x2" and 16x16x2". 2" thick pavers are acceptable for foot traffic and low impact vehicle traffic areas such as driveways, parking lots, patios and sidewalks. Use 4" thick pavers for higher impact traffic areas.


Booth 1135

Pestec has been practicing innovative integrated pest management (IPM) for over 20 years. In 2009 the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and the CEPA recognized Pestec as one of four IPM innovators, making Pestec the first structural pest control company ever to receive this honor. IPM is now included in the LEED Green Buildings certification for existing buildings, and Pestec has taken the lead in Green IPM through its work with the City and County of San Francisco and beyond.


Pestmaster Services, Inc.
Booth 1337

We at Pestmaster Services, Inc. are fully committed to providing our schools, government facilities, commercial accounts and residential subscribers with "green" sustainable pest and vegetation control services. Now more than ever our customer needs to be confident that the products and services they receive are environmentally sensitive. The transparency of our pest and vegetation management procedures ensures our techniques and services truly are green.


PF WaterWorks
Booth 1127

PF WaterWorks is focused on 'GREEN' Drain Management and offers PermaFLOW™ Never Clog Drain - First Ever Self Cleaning Drain System. This 'Green by Design' multi-functional fixture prevents clogs, reduces downtime, eliminates the need for harmful chemicals, messy clean-up and tools. Facilitates low flow water conserving faucets. Built 'CLEAR' for easy inspection. Simply turn the wiper to swipe clean or locate and retrieve dropped jewelry. Upper chamber provides by-pass for emergencies.


Philadelphia & Queen Commercial
Booth 1426

Philadelphia and Queen Commercial Flooring is manufactured to meet today's flooring needs for; design, performance and safety while exceeding tomorrow's environmental challenges. Shaw is recognized by MBDC for Cradle to Cradle Manufacturing and Design Protocol. Our eco solution Q SDNylon Fiber contains at least 25% recycled content and is 100% recyclable back into itself. Our ecoWorx Carpet Tile is the industries 1st fully sustainable carpet backing system and was honored by the EPA.


Philips Lighting Co.

Booth 830

Philips Lighting Company, the largest lighting company in the world, is renowned for its environmental commitment with lighting product innovations, including the development of compact fluorescent lighting and the company's proprietary low-mercury ALTO II Lamp Technology.  Royal Philips Electronics was named number one in the world on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for 2003 thru 2006.

Photon Energy
Booth 719

Photon develops and operates solar electricity generation systems for commercial, educational and institutional locations. Photon's solar services allow institutions and businesses to install solar without investing in expensive machinery or taking on unfamiliar maintenance. Photon offers a range of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that include both traditional fixed rates as well as guaranteed utility discount. Photon offices are in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles.


Booth 1033

PowerFlare LED Safety Lights, the green alternative to traditional road flares, leave no perchlorate residue to seep into the ground, nor do they release any carcinogenic compounds or other noxious substances. PowerFlare Lights, used by Police, Fire Departments and every branch of the Military, are rugged, easy to use, waterproof, and HAZMAT safe. Several LED colors are available; all with 10 flashing patterns. Units are available in both rechargeable and non-rechargeable versions.


PowerSmart LED

Booth 1234

PowerSmart LED Inc. offers lighting solutions for home, business and community. By choosing LED lights, you will be consuming up to 90% less energy than with traditional incandescent, florescent and halogen lights. LED is a great choice for public power consumers as well as those producing their own power. LED lights are not only energy efficient, but they are longer lasting , toxin-free due to no mercury, flicker-free and radiate less heat. Reduce your use and be PowerSmart.



Booth 1712

PPI, the leader in LEED exam prep, is the premier publisher of professional licensing exam review material since 1975. Located in Belmont, California, PPI has helped more than 2 million exam candidates successfully prepare for, and pass their exam. From study guides, online review, to sample exams-PPI's got exam prep covered.


Premier Building Systems

Booth 1500

Premier Building Systems, North America's largest manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), distributes one of the ultimate structural framing products available today. Premier SIPs have been used in a range of commercial, institutional and residential buildings for decades, and have become more prevalent in recent years as architects, contractors and building owners learn more about their benefits. They are approved for used by every model building code in the U.S.


Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc.
Booth 1318

Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. is a leading global provider of small to large-scale solar power systems, delivering consistent quality systems to government, commercial, agricultural and residential customers throughout North America and Spain. Premier Power designs and deploys the most innovative solar electric systems through market-leading innovations and exceptional customer service, enabling its customers to maximize clean energy output along with project savings.



Booth 802       

Presidio School of Management offers MBA, MPA and Executive programs in Sustainable Management. Through innovative curriculum that integrates sustainable business solutions in all courses, professionals are prepared to lead organizations in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible and financially successful.

Priority Billing Solutions, Inc.
Booth 1537

Priority Billing Solutions Inc. specialize in "Delivering Energy Cost Information" with advanced smart metering solutions. Our systems offer secure revenue class data collection plus the advantage of segregated data integration for Building Management Systems to support GREEN energy initiatives and LEED programs. We offer accredited metering solutions and value-added web-based solutions allowing Global Access to monitor your energy health. Take a bite out of your energy costs.


Project FROG

Booth 717

Project FROG offers permanent, state-of-the-art and quick-to-deploy "green" building solutions. FROGs fill a need for high performance environments at a cost considerably less than traditional construction while embodying sustainable building principles throughout. They are architecturally stylish, highly functional, energy efficient, and adaptable for many different applications. FROG units provide a healthier and more stimulating space by incorporating sustainable green design elements.


PTL Exam Prep

Booth 745

PTL Exam Prep provides premier LEED-related educational products and training courses to help you pass the LEED exam.


Booth 1432

Pure Power! Lifetime Oil & Fuel Filters®. CLEANABLE, REUSABLE Direct Replacement for all applications. NO TOXIC DISPOSAL. NEVER BUY ANOTHER FILTER.
Reduce inventory. Lab tested 90% Improvement over disposable filters. Easy to clean. Improve fuel mileage, lower emissions, reduce lubricant disposal
up to 75%. 10,000,000 trouble free miles on Govt fleets. Phone: 1-800-750-0827

RainTube by GLI Systems, Inc.
Booth 1611

Cradle to Cradle certified RainTube, fits snugly into any rain gutter to prevent clogging and ensure water collection at high rates. RainTube is patented, made of recycled food-grade HDPE, engineered for extreme exposure to elements and is 100% recyclable. Innovative RainTube is low-cost, easily installed and third party certified green.


Real Ability Inc.
Booth 1134 & 1136

Real Ability masterminds internet-based Green PR strategies designed to change attitudes in target audiences. The software offers highly flexible e-learning for organizations to increase penetration of Green products and services. Real Ability helps crystallize effective sales messages as well as educational curriculum helping target audiences understand new products or technologies.


REC Solar, Inc.

Booth 930

REC Solar offers the latest technology and financing opportunities available for government institutions.  With a focus on quality, professionalism, and services, REC Solar is a trusted market leader and with some of the largest installations in the state we have the experience to handle even the most complex projects. 

Booth 615       

Revolution EV USA is a pioneer in the manufacturing and sales of compact plug-in electric NEV's. Our corporate headquarters and manufacturing plant are located on the beautiful Central Coast of California.  We service customers throughout the country through our network of 22 dealers in seven different states.


Reward Wall Systems

Booth 1316

Reward Wall Systems ICFs produce energy efficient structures. Our iForm® and eForm® lines of recyclable forms produce little waste. No CFCs or HCFCs are generated during their manufacture. The insulating benefits of Reward ICFs create a cleaner interior environment, reducing allergens and mold. For more information, visit our website at


Rhino Shield
Booth 1303

Paint you House Once- Feel Good About it For Life!  Rhino Shield is a totally green product that promises to preserve and protect your home.  Our coating looks just like fresh paint but will NEVER crack, flake, or peel.  It waterproofs your home and reflects the sun's harsh energy.  Come visit our booth for this amazing product –you'll never have to paint again!


Rubber Trails & Surfaces
Booth 1605

Rubber Trails and Surfaces designs, engineers and manufactures the highest quality safety surfacing and landscape products manufactured from recycled rubber. Our two manufacturing facilities are located in Ranger, Georgia and Mentone, California. Each location will provide products, installation and outstanding customer service.


Booth 832

Sabertec is an Austin-based company whose mission is to solve environmental challenges through technology, education and the inspiration of behavioral change. Sabertec's breakthrough technology, Blade, attaches to a vehicle's tailpipe to reduce CO2 up to 12%, capture toxic particulate material and increase fuel economy up to 6MPG. It is the only automotive aftermarket product ever to meet the EPA 511 guidelines for fuel economy and is currently being adopted by city fleets in NY, MA, FL and CA.


Silver Sponsor

Executive Forum Sponsor

Booth 619

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD), which began operation in 1946, generates, transmits and distributes electric power over a 900-square-mile service area at rates that are consistently lower than the investor-owned utilities in the state of California. As the sixth largest public utility in the country in terms of customers served, its innovative energy programs are known throughout the world. SMUD's purpose is to provide solutions for meeting our customers' electric energy needs.


Sacramento State, College of Continuing Education
Booth 818

Sacramento State's College of Continuing Education offers certificate programs, workshops, and seminars to help you and your organization remain competitive and achieve your career goals. All courses in our Green Suite of programs teach cutting edge best practices taught by university scholars and industry practitioners, and can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.


San Diego Gas and Electric

Booth 900

San Diego Gas & Electric® is a regulated public utility that provides service to 3 million consumers through 1.3 million electric meters and 775,000 natural gas meters in San Diego and southern Orange counties, SDG&E's service area encompasses 4,100 square miles, covering two counties and 25 cities. We recognize our people as our single greatest resource and the key to the company's success.


Registration Sponsor
Booth 1235

SDC Promotions, as part of the Recognition Group manufactures and distributes sustainable, and Enviormentally Preferred Products (EPP) that can be used as promotional products, event giveaways, cause/awareness reminders and recognition awards. We are committed to a sustainable future and have made it a priority for our business to implement as many practices as possible to make California a greener place to live. Certified California Small Business #44487


Shikoku International Corporation
Booth 1309 

Shikoku's products help California buildings reach a new level of indoor air quality. Eco De Vita, our interior earth coating naturally purifies air and breaks down air pollutants such as formaldehyde. We also offer Green Shade, a hassle free, low maintenance solution for green roofs without construction work. It grows a horizontal plant screen over flat roofs to reduce the building's cooling load. Its rainwater subirrigation system significantly reduces maintenance work.


Sloan Valve
Booth 1200      

Sloan Valve Company manufactures quality plumbing products and systems for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide. In addition to Royal® and other manual and sensor-operated Flushometers, Sloan emphasizes water and energy efficiency with products such as the new SOLIS series of solar-powered, electronic faucets and Flushometers; UPPERCUT™ dual-flush Flushometer; ECOS™, the first electronic, dual-flush Flushometer; Waterfree urinals; and the new high-efficiency urinal systems that utilize only one pint of water per flush. 

SOL, Inc. (Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc.)
Booth 1115

Founded in 1990, Sol is the largest and most established firm dedicated to the design and manufacturing of solar outdoor lighting solutions. With over 35,000+ systems installed in more than 60 countries, Sol creates commercial-grade solar LED lighting for streets, roadways, pathways, trails, parks, playgrounds, perimeter security, signs, billboards, shelters, academic campuses, parks & rec, remote and temporary sites. Our LEDs maintain 70% of their rated light output up to 100,000 hrs.


Solar Integrated
Booth 1526                          

Solar Integrated is a pioneer & market leader in the commercial solar industry. We design, manufacture, market, install and maintain "building integrated photovoltaic" (BIPV) roofing systems and related applications for large-scale production of solar electric power. Solar Integrated has developed a proprietary process to laminate thin-film, amorphous, photovoltaic cells to heavy-duty fabrics. The result is a fused fabric and solar panel product that is applicable to virtually any flat surface.


Solar Power Partners
Booth 1210

Solar Power Partners, Inc. (SPP) is a renewable energy company that develops, owns and operates distributed solar energy facilities to help businesses, institutions, municipalities, and agricultural customers embrace solar energy. SPP sells solar-generated electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), long-term energy financing solutions that help customers go green without the hassles or costs of solar facility ownership and maintenance.


Solaris Paper, Inc.
Booth 1317

Solaris Paper, Inc., headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, is the North American tissue product manufacturing and marketing arm of Sinar Mas Group, one of the world's leading pulp and paper companies. At Solaris, we believe ‘Sustainability' means continuous and ongoing ethical and responsible practices that ensure resources are available for future generations.


Executive Forum Sponsor
Booth 1030

SolFocus has developed leading concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) technology which combines high-efficiency solar cells and advanced optics to provide solar energy solutions which are scalable, dependable and capable of delivering on the promise of clean, low-cost, renewable energy. For more information about SolFocus, visit


Solutions Proforma Albrecht
Booth 1615

PROforma Albrecht is a full service, turn-key sales promotion agency. Our clients value our multi-tiered and comprehensive approach to their needs. Our Services include:
• Green marketing, promotion, and incentive products and programs
• Promotional products worldwide
• Proprietary and exclusive multimedia and on-line programs and incentives
• Warehousing and fulfillment
• Loyalty, motivation, recruitment and retention programs
• Brand and art creation
• Point of purchase solutions


Booth 900

Southern California Edison is the largest electric utility in California and one of the nation's largest investor-owned electric utilities, serving more than 13 million people throughout Central, Coastal and Southern California. Based in Rosemead, Calif., the utility has been providing electric service in the region for more than 120 years.



Booth 900

Southern California Gas Co. has been delivering clean, safe and reliable natural gas to its customers for more than 140 years. It is the nation's largest natural gas distribution utility, providing safe and reliable energy to 20.3 million consumers through 5.7 million meters in more than 500 communities. Southern California Gas Company's operations are regulated by the CPUC and other state and federal agencies. The Gas Company is a regulated subsidiary of Sempra Energy.


Southwest Greens International

Booth 1502

Synthetic turf sales and installation. One of the only 100% green products in the synthetic industry.


Spartan Chemical Company
Booth 1032

Spartan Chemical Company, Inc., supports sustainability with the following product lines: Green Solutions® environmentally preferable products; BioRenewables®, a complete line of bio-based products derived from agricultural and forestry materials; Clean by Peroxy® All Purpose Hydrogen Peroxide Based Cleaner; Consume® Nature's Way products that naturally digest organic soils.


Speakman Company
Booth 737                       

The Speakman® Company, founded in 1869 as a plumbing and pipe fitting company, has forged a reputation for product innovation and proven quality. Widely recognized as an industry leader, Speakman is known for its innovations including water saving showerheads, electronic faucets, and valves. Our latest innovation is OASYS®, a technological breakthrough in Indirect/Direct evaporative cooling. OASYS® saves 80% in energy costs over traditional cooling and uses no harmful gases.


SPG Solar, Inc.
Booth 937

SPG Solar, Inc. is one of the industry's leading developers, designers and installers of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for large-scale commercial and government facilities as well as for businesses, schools and homes. Founded in 2001 in response to soaring energy prices, SPG Solar is committed to building the highest-performing solar PV systems with the greatest return on investment. SPG Solar has built over 1,200 solar PV systems with regional facilities located throughout the Western States.


Sportexe Construction Services, Inc.
Booth 1704

Dedicated to providing proven, technology-rich synthetic field systems worldwide, Sportexe has developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality - from start to finish. Sportexe is an acknowledged leader in surfacing products for the sports industry. Since our incorporation in 1989, our people have been perfecting the finest details that go into making better, safer, and higher performing athletic surfaces.


State Water Resources Control Board

Booth 1044


Stego Industries
Booth 1330

Stego Industries is the leading producer of high performance below-slab vapor barriers/retarders. Our products are made with the most high quality resins and additives. As the most widely specified vapor barrier in the United States our products offer solutions to help protect your building from harmful water vapor and gases. Visit us at booth 1330 and see how our products can contribute to the success of your next project.


Stellar Energy Solutions

Booth 1214       

Stellar Energy designs and installs innovative, large-scale renewable energy solutions nationwide. Balancing the energy, fiscal and architectural priorities of each client, Stellar has gained a reputation for superior customer service and accessibility. With access to the most advanced products available, in-house engineers, and financing solutions to meet the needs of both public and private sector enterprises, Stellar can provide immediate response for any client, no matter how unique.


Sterifide Laboratories

Booth 1512

Introducing an incredible new product - Sterifide's One Shot Plus+ MP Cleaner and Degreaser. The product is non-toxic, biodegradable and hypo allergenic. It has been certified by the National Sanitization Foundation, as well as the Green Clean Institute. Our products are authorized under the LEED-EB criteria of the US Green Building Council and meet the sustainability standards of The Soap and Detergent Association and The California Integrated Waste Management Board.


Since our first patent, Suntrek has been recognized for manufacturing and installing high-quality systems backed by outstanding warranties and customer support. With offices in California and Nevada and dealers world-wide, we have provided custom solar solutions to over 20,000 customers. Our vision is to make the use of solar energy affordable and accessible for all commercial, government and residential customers. By doing so, we will create a brighter future for our families and our planet.


Booth 1107

We offer superior solar electric solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the U.S. and abroad. The SunWize advantage is complete commitment to our customer's satisfaction while providing solutions with economical and environmental benefits.

Sustainable Power Systems
Booth 1419

Sustainable Power Systems represents multiple wind turbine manufacturers and performs every aspect of the installation. We meet with potential clients to assess their wind regimes, power loads, property lay out, possible citing for a turbine, procure a personalized proposal with a ROI, and complete the install all in house.


Booth 1220

T3Toner, LLC is California's leading recycler of Printer Cartridges, Storage Media & Surplus Imaging Supplies. Offering the highest quality remanufactured cartridges, genuine OEM imaging & IT supplies. Our state of the art, Eco-Friendly preferred products are 100% guaranteed! We are Certified SB/MB #30811, an A+ rated BBB Accredited business & proud partner with the American Red Cross Sacramento Sierra Chapter. While "Greening" California we help you meet your recycling goals AND save you money!

Tate Access Floors
Booth 1534

Tate's underfloor service distribution solution provides both high performance and sustainable benefits to commercial facilities. The adaptable system easily accommodates the technological, organizational and environmental changes demanded by today's modern facility. Point of use air, wire & cable terminations provide improved indoor air quality, enhanced comfort control, daylighting opportunities, and significant materials and energy savings.


ThermaSource, Inc.
Booth 1804

ThermaSource = Geothermal. As a worldwide leader in geothermal drilling and consulting, ThermaSource provides the necessary expertise and services to developers interested in the discovery and development of geothermal resources for power generation and direct use applications. ThermaSource owns/operates a fleet of 11 drilling rigs capable of drilling core wells to 6,000ft and conventional wells to 20,000ft, and has over 150 years of geothermal drilling experience among the management team.


Think Green Promos
Booth 1133

Think Green Promos is an experienced provider of Earth-Friendly Promotional Products. We work extensively with government entities, associations, non-profits, education groups, corporations, small businesses and start ups. We promote your brand, image or theme by providing Eco-Friendly Promotional Products that are appropriate for your event and extend your budget.


Think Toner & Ink
Booth 1614

At Think Toner & Ink, we provide the highest quality re-manufactured and compatible print cartridges available. Our ultra-green product line maintains a chain of responsibility for every product, including packaging, so you can be confident that you have made the "greenest" choice possible. All waste comes back to us via return shipping label so your cartridges will not end up in a landfill. We are a certified California small business that can save you money while you help save the planet.


TotTurf by Robertson Industries
Booth 1802

TotTurf by Robertson Industries, Inc. manufactures and installs poured in place rubberized resilient surfacing.


Cyber Café


Toyota Motor Sales, USA
Booth 725

Toyota Fleet is committed to fostering strong relationships with its Fleet business partners by providing quality products and programs. Toyota products and services will represent the finest in quality and value, to improve life for our customers, while respecting the earth's limited resources. Toyota practices the belief that "there is not best, only better."


Turf & Industrial Equipment Co.

Green Auto Mall J


Booth 1326                  

UNICOR offers complete e-scrap recycling activities, sensitive media/data security, nationwide coverage, and competitive pricing.  Our recycling factories are environmentally compliant, ISO-9001:2000 Certified, and IAER Certified. UNICOR... "Seeking a More Excellent Way" to Make a Difference.  
Please visit:


UTC Power
Booth 734

With 50 years of experience, UTC Power is the world leader in developing and producing fuel cells for on-site power and transportation applications. The PureCell® 400 System is a clean, quiet fuel cell that reforms natural gas to provide 400 kW of assured electrical power plus up to 1.7 million Btu/hour of heat for buildings. UTC Power's headquarters facility in South Windsor, Connecticut, houses research, development and manufacturing facilities.


Booth 1219

Founded in 1949, California-based ValleyCrest Landscape Companies is the nation's largest integrated landscape services company. ValleyCrest helps create, build and maintain extraordinary natural environments. We apply our expertise and resources to find real-world solutions that encourage water conservation, minimize green waste, protect natural habitats, and advocate other environmentally-friendly horticultural best practices.


Vaska, Inc.

Booth 1900

Vaska, Inc offers Design for Environment (DfE) approved green laundry solutions and green housekeeping formulas for institutional and industrial use.


Verolumen, Inc.
Booth 1434

Verolumen, Inc. develops and markets high efficiency, environmentally friendly, and cost effective lighting solution for outdoor and indoor applications.  Our solution is significantly more energy efficient than LED lighting, with better operating temperature range, while maintaining high color temperature of 5900K and CRI of 90.


Victor Insulation/UltraTouch
Booth 1437

In today's building materials market you have several options for insulation materials. UltraTouch is a CHPS approved "cradle-to-cradle" product, manufactured at a "zero waste" facility. The natural fibers used to make UltraTouch are 100% recyclable, increasing the potential for future landfill diversion, and adding yet another step toward improving our environment. No Itch, No Mold, No Pests. UltraTouch, the insulation everyone is itching for!


VT Industries
Booth 1413

VT Industries Inc., is a leading manufacturer of architectural wood doors and the only manufacturer to offer GREENGUARD Children & SchoolsSM Certified products. VT solid wood doors are constructed with multiple sustainable materials to assist with many green projects, including LEED for School and CHPS. Visit booth #1413 for more information.


Warehouse Paint
Booth 1409

Green Leadership Awards Sponsor
Booth 1035

WaterFurnace International, Inc. supplies high-efficiency geothermal, water-source forced air HVAC systems; chilled or heated water for fan coil, process, domestic and in-floor applications. We have been the leader in the renewable HVAC technology and geothermal and water source industry for over 20 years.


Booth 1602

WaterSmartTechnology represents innovative new ideas in Water Conservation. 

Allow us to introduce you to simple, effective, inexpensive, user friendly new inventions that will save each and every household thousands of gallons of water.  These simple water conservation tools are ready to be deployed to help fight the state of California's drought, and give homeowners the tools they will need to meet the new mandatory 25% reduction in water.


Watt Stopper / Legrand
Booth 1713

Watt Stopper/Legrand manufactures a wide range of energy efficient lighting controls for commercial and residential use. The company helps customers find convenient ways to save energy, meet green initiatives, and comply with energy codes with a comprehensive range of products, programs, and services. Products include occupancy sensors, daylighting controls, lighting control panels, and residential sensors and controls.


Wausau Paper Towel & Tissue
Booth 1306

Wausau Paper offers towels, tissues, wipers, soap and dispensing systems for the away-from-home market. This includes the most comprehensive product offering of Green Seal™ certified paper in both Dubl-Nature® and EcoSoft™ Green Seal™ brands. These product lines are 100% recycled and meet or exceed EPA guidelines for post-consumer wastepaper. Complementary Silhouette® dispensers that control waste and reduce costs are also available for use with our Green Seal-certified products.


Booth 1111

Everything You Need To Clean When You Want To Go Green!  WAXIE's Green Partner Support™ (GPS™) Program can guide you to more sustainable cleaning solutions focused on your triple bottom line. As a reliable source of sanitary maintenance supplies and service since 1945, and with Inventory Centers strategically located throughout the Western United States, WAXIE can provide green cleaning solutions that contribute to a cleaner and healthier built environment.

W. Bradley Electric, Inc.
Booth 1117

W. Bradley Electric is a six-division company offering an electrical division, telecommunications, networking, audio visual, security and traffic signal. With over 30 years experience, WBE is a full service provider. The company's success has been attributed the longevity of its employees and staying ahead of its competitors in technological advancement.


Booth 1007

WCS/Ca provides quality assurance services to public and private sector clients throughout the state of California. WCS/Ca is focused on providing an organized approach to assure quality and functional integrity from the beginning of design to the completion of the facility and throughout its operational life cycle. Our services include building commissioning, compliance programs, facility planning and management, LEED and CHPS navigation, and green services.


Booth 707            

Weisenbach features recycled and environmentally preferable products for awareness, promotions and green events; awards made from recycled glass; recycled content pens and pencils; plus printing with soy inks on recycled papers. Weisenbach also manufactures special purpose funnels, spouts and containers for used oil collection & pollution prevention. Services include specialty printing, sandblast etching on glass, die cutting, plastic molding and custom manufacturing of bioplastic & recycled products.

West Coast Arborists, Inc.
Booth 1109

Tree care professionals serving communities that care about trees. Services include tree maintenance, tree inventory and management plans and tree recycling programs.


Western Blue
Booth 715

Western Blue Corporation is one of the Western Region's most experienced IT solution integrators. We have helped countless organizations implement technology solutions that speed and simplify their operations. We begin by determining each organization's unique challenges, then design and deliver integrated systems that align with our customers business processes. Our technology expertise allows us to create a solution that increases productivity while reducing expenses.


Window Innovations
Booth 736

The latest technology in CDF (Clear Distortion Free) Adhesive is the clearest and thinnest in the industry. All our films come with an Abrasion Resistant Coating for ease of cleaning and a 99.9% UV Block for the ultimate in ultraviolet protection. With over 20 years of experience, Window Innovations takes great pride in providing quality service and installation of all energy savings window products. Commercial and Residential.


WM Green Squad

Booth 1514

The Green Squad provides customers with sustainable business solutions better, faster, and more economically. Fueled by innovation and backed by North America's leading provider of environmental and waste services, Green Squad offers a full complement of sustainability solutions. We will help define what sustainability means for your company and, more importantly, we will fully implement the best solutions to achieve your business goals while preserving natural resources.


World Centric

Booth 943

World Centric designs, develops, markets, and sells a full line of branded eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable food service items which substitute for traditional plastic, paper, and Styrofoam disposable products. World Centric products enable food service organizations to provide their customers with environmentally sustainable alternatives to meet the everyday consumption needs of end-users. Products are made from sugarcane/wheat straw fiber and corn starch and are fully compostable.


Worrell Water Technologies

Booth 1236

Worrell Water is the company providing a means to recycle, purify and replenish our most essential natural resource for life - water.


Zenn Motor Company
Green Auto Mall H

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ZENN Motor Company produces zero-emission vehicles for the U.S. market. The 100% electric ZENN is ideal for fleet applications such as security, grounds patrol and light duty transport. The ZENN reduces operating costs, meets environmental mandates and provides a highly visible example of environmental stewardship.


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