December 21, 2018

The Foundation of a Sustainable Future

Join us on the morning of October 16 for an inspiring panel offering featuring the innovators behind some of California’s most successful green school initiatives. Find out how programs have been conceived and nurtured, and how curriculum and student engagement opportunities are adding value and meaning to facility programs.

Why should you be at the Summit?

Why is the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit important, and why should you make it a point to participate as an attendee, sponsor or exhibitor?

No sector has a bigger potential to affect progress toward a sustainable future than education.

– For many students a school campus can be the first opportunity to see sustainability in practice.

– Schools represent a large proportion of all public buildings, and progress in making them more efficient has a big impact on local and state goals for emission reduction.

– At school, students can learn how to face the challenges of a future where resource management will become increasingly important as population continues to grow and competition for water, land, food, timber and other fixed natural resources increases.

– Schools can help students discover the range of rewarding careers in fields such as renewable energy, engineering, environmental science – careers that pay well and also give them a chance to build a healthier future.

– The lessons students learn at school can be brought home and help families become more aware of their environmental impact.

– Living schoolyard programs can create park-like resources in every community where a school is located.

– Effective green programs on school campuses enhance the school’s role as community leaders. On-site energy generation can make a school a safe haven in times of natural disaster.

Documentary (8 minutes): The Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit

Join Us

Save the dates – October 16-17 at the Pasadena Convention Center – and join us for the 2019 conference. Come back to this site for updates on the program, keynote speakers, exhibitors and more.

From Green Technology Magazine: More on Green Schools

A Vision for Green Schoolyards Across California
Sharon Danks, the author of Asphalt to Ecosystems: Design Ideas for Schoolyard Transformation, is one of the world’s leading experts on living schoolyards. In a Green Technology interview, she describes the benefits that transforming these public resources can bring to students, teachers and communities.

Environmental Charter Schools: Where Students Drive Change
An interview with Alison Suffet Diaz Alison Suffet Diaz is the Founder and Executive Director of Environmental Charter Schools (ECS), a growing network of schools that provides a meaningful education for youth in the underserved communities of South Los Angeles.

A Climate of Care: Educating Green Leaders
An interview with Tony Knight, Ed.D. Tony Knight has served as a public school teacher and administrator for 38 years. The Oak Park School District, under his leadership, was named the first U.S. Green Ribbon School District in California.

Schools and Sustainability: A Life Agenda
An Interview with Timothy Baird Timothy Baird, Ed.D. is the superintendent of the Encinitas Union School District and a member of the state’s Environmental Literacy Steering Committee. His district-wide efforts to implement sustainable practices and cultivate environmental stewardship have received statewide and national recognition, including a Green Ribbon District award from the U.S. Department of Education.

Environmental Literacy: Altering Humanity’s Course
An Interview with Will Parish, a credentialed public high school science educator with a 30-year record of innovative accomplishments in the environmental and educational fields. He taught environmental science and civics at Gateway High School in San Francisco, and now serves on their board. He served on the California State Board of Education’s Curriculum Commission and then founded Ten Strands as a nonprofit organization to support California’s efforts to achieve statewide penetration of high-quality environment-based education into schools.

Open Building: Creating Resilient, Adaptive Learning Environments
A conversation with architects Stephen Kendall and John Dale. The two architects first encountered each other, and the work of architect John Habraken, while at MIT. Today, they are leading the formation of a North American Council on Open Building. In this interview, they discuss open building concepts and their relevance to school projects.