October 24, 2018

Reach California School Decision Makers, Facility Planners and Specifiers

The Nation’s Best Green School Market

The California schools sector is alive with activity, and is expected to remain that way for years to come. A $9 billion state bond to match local funds school construction and renovation has acted as a catalyst for the investment of tens of billions of dollars in local bonds. At the same time, hundreds of millions of dollars for energy projects are flowing to schools as a result of Prop 39.

California’s commitment to emission reduction and resource conservation only intensifies with the passage of time, mandating energy and water efficiency, clean transportation, recycling, green building, environmentally preferable purchasing and other conservation strategies.

For companies that offer green products and services for schools, the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit the best opportunity all year to reach decision makers from the largest school market in the country.

Why Do Facilities Staff Come to the Summit?

In a recent briefing at Green Technology offices, Alan Glass, who manages facility programs for the Pittsburg USD, spoke to a group of company and school district representatives about the value of the Expo to his district. Click below for a brief video excerpt from this presentation.

Not Just a Trade Show, But an Opportunity to Really Understand a Market

The Summit is an annual meeting place for stakeholders from every part of the green school “ecosystem.” It’s an opportunity to meet the men and women who design and manage green school programs, the architects and engineers who design facilities and the educators who are being asked to find ways to connect school sustainability efforts to their curriculum.

In conversations, in education sessions, at keynotes, you’ll have a chance to find out what’s on the minds of these leaders and decision makers. You’ll be able to interact with staff from the government agencies that manage construction standards, provide funds for school projects and

Make Appointments with People Looking for your Product in the Buyer/Vendor Lounge

One of the most popular – and unique – features of the events is the Buyer/Vendor Lounge. At no extra charge, Summit exhibitors are eligible to participate in the Lounge, which allows them to schedule meetings with buyers who have expressed an interest in their product category. Many exhibitors have commented that this feature alone made their Summit participation a success.

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Slideshow: Meetings in the Buyer/Vendor Lounge

How Big is California’s School Market?

California’s public education system is immense, encompassing more than six million students in about 9,900 schools.

A report from U.C. Berkeley’s Center for Cities and Schools estimated that the state needs to invest $117 billion in renovating existing school facilities over the coming decade. Districts throughout the state have passed bonds and undertaken other actions to make it possible to build and renovate facilities. Hundreds of millions of dollars in Prop 39 funds have been allocated for energy projects on campuses.

The California Community Colleges (CCC) form the largest post-secondary educational system in the world, serving over 2.9 million students annually – 77 percent of California’s undergraduate public college students. The system includes 112 colleges, 70 off-campus centers and 22 district offices and its assets include nearly 5,000 buildings.

More than 80 percent of higher education enrollment growth in the next decade is projected to occur in the community college system.

Why Should I Exhibit at the Summit?

School officials can be very hard to reach via the usual promotional channels. The Summit offers you a chance to establish personal connections with the men and women who design and execute green programs.

There’s a broader perspective as well. Christine Marez, managing director, energy and sustainability for Cumming, expresses it this way:  “We all have a responsibility to create opportunities, provide jobs, and encourage the next generation to discover solutions to our environmental challenges. At this time of rapid growth in the school facilities sector the need for environmentally literate students, teachers, and workers is greater than ever. It’s never been more important for companies to engage with each other and the education community.”

Video: A Superintendent’s view on the importance of exhibiting at the Summit.

Who Attends the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit?

The range of professionals involved in green school efforts can vary from project to project, and district to district. The Summit attracts representatives from a variety of fields:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Facility planners & designers
  • Building maintenance managers
  • CFOs/business managers
  • Purchasing officers
  • Curriculum developers
  • State, county and city government officials and policymakers
  • County Office of Education administrators
  • Construction managers
  • District superintendents
  • Principals
  • School board members
  • Purchasing officers
  • School transportation specialists
  • Directors of facilities
  • Directors of operations
  • Directors of maintenance
  • Energy managers
  • IT managers
  • Landscape architects
  • Stormwater specialists

Scenes from Past Events

Click through the slideshow below to get a feel for the conference.

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Questions about the Summit? Contact Nancy Miller at 626-577-5700