July 1, 2019

EV Fleet Forum Breakfast

October 17
8:30 am-10:00 am
Pasadena Convention Center

EV School Fleet Forum at the 2018 Schools Summit. (Photo: David McNew)

Driven by a combination of funding and incentives, new vehicle types and mandates to reduce vehicle emissions, school districts are beginning to electrify their fleets.

Join Premier Sponsor Southern California Edison in support of an exciting event that will highlight existing and emerging opportunities for EV school fleets, from funding sources for vehicles and charging infrastructure to new vehicle types and charging solutions. The program will include an introduction to SCE’s Charge-Ready Transport Program, which offers the districts an opportunity to have charging infrastructure installed at no cost.Speakers from the California Energy Commission, the California Air Resources Board and other stakeholders will brief attendees on the latest news regarding current and future support for EV purchases.

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The Current Landscape

In June, the California Energy Commission published the names of districts throughout the state that will receive funds for electric school buses. The $75 million allocated for these purchases is divided equally among four regions: Northern, Central, Southern and LA County. In addition, $60,000 per bus is available to support the installation of charging infrastructure.

These are not the only resources available for schools that want to include zero-emission vehicles in their fleets.

– The VW Mitigation Trust has allocated $130 million to replace high-polluting transit, school, and shuttle buses with battery-electric or fuel-cell buses, with an incentive of up to $400,000 per vehicle.

– The Carl Moyer Program offers up to $400,000 for electric school bus purchases and electric bus conversions.

– Electric school buses are eligible for funding via California’s Hybrid Vehicle Incentive Program, with incentives up to $220,000.

– The San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District has an incentive program for electric school bus purchases by schools in the San Joaquin Valley, which includes the cities of Fresno, Stockton, Merced and Visalia.

– State incentive programs, which are replenished each year, also offer incentives for light-duty vehicles that schools may want to add to their fleets.

Numerous incentives for charging infrastructure are available in communities throughout the state.

Be There

The era of the electric school bus is just beginning. Only recently has the technology evolved to the point that an electric bus could be capable of covering an average school bus route, and only recently have manufacturers begun to develop the capacity to deliver vehicles in volume.

If this market is important to you, now is the time for schools to know what you have to offer them. There’s no better place to make this happen than at California’s only statewide green schools event.

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Forum attendee interacting with panel (Photo by David McNew)