November 15, 2019

Catching that Elusive Raindrop in California

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One hour webinar

Collecting rainwater in California for use indoor use has been implemented at an ever increasing rate over the last several years since the passing of AB1750. Buildings large and small are now using their roof surfaces for more than mere shelter. They serve as the first part of a rainwater collection system. Despite dozens of commercial projects recently completed throughout the state, a number of challenges remain. We will discuss when it makes the most financial sense to incorporate this technology on a given building and what level of treatment is required to make the water fit for the end use. We will focus on treatment trains and filtration strategies from the collection surface to the point of use. We will also focus on code compliant backup methods. Ample time will be left for Q and A during the talk and afterwards.

This training offers one Build it Green CEU.

About the Presenter

G. Edward Van Giesen, MLA, ARCSA AP, is the co-author of “Designing Rainwater Harvesting Systems” (Wiley & Sons, 2014) and principal author of “Georgia Rainwater Harvesting Guidelines” (GA Department of Community Affairs, 2009). He has extensive experience in the design and installation of commercial and residential rainwater systems. He speaks regularly on the subject at national conferences, to architects, engineers and government officials. Recent projects include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, 45 Lansing in San Francisco, Los Angeles Metro bus washing station in Los Angeles, Seaport project in Boston, MA and the UCLA teaching and learning center Los Angeles. the National Sales Manager and regulatory affairs advisor for Brae/Watts Rainwater Technologies.