Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences

The annual Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit, which comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 28-29, is designed to provide resources to support sustainability programs in California schools. Education and training sessions, keynote presentations and an awards program all contribute to this goal, but for many attendees the Expo is the key attraction. Read more about Schools Expo Offers Diverse Experiences[…]

Online Training Series Debuts

Over the past decade, Green Technology has organized hundreds of educational and training events, with a focus on supporting the efforts of public and private sector professionals engaged in sustainability programs and projects. Along the way, it has developed relationships with a wide range of experts in subjects ranging from energy efficiency and renewable energy to Read more about Online Training Series Debuts[…]

El Niño, Drought, Mudslides, Hurricanes: Schools Keynote Offers Insights

JPL Scientist Bill Patzert What will the winter bring? A “Godzilla” El Niño sits in the Pacific, and some have wondered if the recent mudslides that shut down the Grapevine are a preview of what the winter will bring. Even if record rainfall does arrive, what will that mean? What are the prospects for Sierra Nevada snowpack? Read more about El Niño, Drought, Mudslides, Hurricanes: Schools Keynote Offers Insights[…]

Low-Water Landscapes for Schools – Beyond Gravel

While there’s no question that gravel has a place in water-efficient landscape design, over-reliance on this material can produce results that fall short of what school officials, parents, community members and students expect from school grounds. Other low-water options exist that can provide habitat, ecosystem services, beauty, learning opportunities and even food. At the 2015 Green California Schools and Read more about Low-Water Landscapes for Schools – Beyond Gravel[…]

New Training Seminar Addresses Water Conservation and Code

A new seminar from Green Technology will examine recent changes in California’s plumbing code relating to greywater, rainwater catchment and on-site water recycling. Landscape irrigation accounts for as much half of residential water use, and greywater systems have the potential to greatly reduce the use of potable water for such purposes, -offering a sustainable strategy Read more about New Training Seminar Addresses Water Conservation and Code[…]

Admiral Len Hering Will Keynote Schools Summit

Rear Admiral Len Hering (ret.), currently the Executive Director of the California Center for Sustainable Energy, will be a keynote speaker at the 2014 Green California Schools Summit. The Summit will take place November 5-6 at the Pasadena Convention Center. As Commander of the Navy Region Southwest, Admiral Hering was responsible for the development of sustainability Read more about Admiral Len Hering Will Keynote Schools Summit[…]