California State PTA: Climate Change is a Children’s Issue

Atmospheric CO2 concentration is the highest in human history. Graph: NASA

At its annual conference this month, the California State PTA adopted a resolution on climate change and climate change education. The resolution was put forward by the San Diego Unified Council of PTAs and developed with assistance from the National Council for Science Education (NCSE).

Minda Berbenco of the NCSE was at the conference in Sacramento to support the resolution. “What came out of that meeting was affirmation that climate change is not just a scientific or political issue, it is a children’s issue—and if we are going to do anything for the next generation, we must prepare them for the challenges ahead,” she said.

The resolution asks the California State PTA to “urge its units, councils and districts to educate parents on the impact of climate change on children’s health and future welfare” and for school districts to “educate students on climate and energy literacy and human sustainability.”