California Climate Fight More Urgent Than Ever

Beijing smog: Studies have found that auto exhaust is the main source of pollution.

In the face of proposed changes in federal efforts to fight climate change, California’s aggressive efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have become more important than ever.

Federal officials have said that rolling back climate programs will allow the EPA to focus on its “core mission” of clean air and clean water. If this is a sincere commitment, a move away from clean energy and emission reduction seems to be in conflict with realities such as the fact fossil fuels are a major cause of air pollution, or that one of the most dangerous pollutants in our water supply, mercury, comes primarily from coal-fired power plants.

It remains to be seen how the proposed changes will be implemented, what legal challenges they may face, or how much market forces (for example, the growing agreement that coal-fired power plants are not viable) will affect real-world decision making.

What is clear is that California’s position as the leader in the fight to prevent the worst effects of climate change continues to grow.

The annual Green California Summit, which comes to the Sacramento Convention Center April 26-27, highlights best practices and strategies that are contributing to success of California’s emission reduction programs, from Zero Net Energy case histories to zero emission vehicle infrastructure and funding sources for energy efficiency projects. It offers a unique opportunity to hear from experts and innovators who are true change makers in one of the world’s largest and healthiest economies, the Golden State.

Education program details can be found here.