Improving Project Delivery, Commissioning, and Transition to Operations

CALGreen requires commissioning for all new construction over 10,000 square feet. New Energy Code (Title 24) regulations, which are included within CALGreen, include requirements that apply regardless of building size. Code does not specify exactly how commissioning is to be accomplished, and the burden of compliance falls largely on architects, engineers, construction managers and building owners.

Aside from matters of code compliance, inadequate attention to the commissioning process during the development of design and construction documents can seriously affect building performance and add significant operations costs that persist throughout the life of a building.

In an era when the Governor and the legislature are setting the goal of a 50 percent increase in existing building efficiency by 2030, it can be both short-sighted and costly to skimp on commissioning.

Commissioning should be incorporated in capital project planning, design development, construction and delivery of all building projects. The range of situations where it is mandatory in California will only increase over the coming years.

This new five-hour seminar, led by one of the state’s most experienced commissioning professionals, will offer an in–depth look at all phases of the commissioning process and the responsibilities of all project professionals.

It will include a detailed review of the specifications writing and project planning steps, the role of contractors and the concept of whole building commissioning.

Case histories will be incorporated throughout, covering both “best”and “worst” practices, with lessons learned from more than 600 buildings. The session will also include hands-on activities, quizzes and opportunity for discussion.

Expected benefits:

- Improved construction delivery schedule, test plan sequence, fewer failures
- Lower costs during construction, less rework, & warranty phase, less call backs
- Improved building quality with less errors and malfunctions during startup & test
- Improved occupant comfort and satisfaction, optimized systems performance
- Improved O&M, better system performance, reliability, less emergency repairs.

Orry Nottingham, P.E. LEED AP CxAP CCP

Who Should Attend?

- Building owners
- Project managers
- Architects
- Engineers
- City & County Public Works
- Developers & Finance
- Energy Managers for County & City Facilities
- Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
- Plant operators who are working on capital projects
- Anyone preparing plans and budgets for capital projects
- City Managers, Operations & Finance Department Heads

Continuing Education Credits

This seminar offers five continuing education credits from AIA, as well as five credits from Build it Green and five Renewal Points from the Construction Management Association of America. Green Technology is an ICC Preferred Provider. Check back for updates on ICC credits.


Upcoming Seminars

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About the Presenter

OrryOrry Nottingham is a Registered Engineer in the State of California with more than 45 years of experience as an engineer, designer, construction manager, and providing high performance LEED building enhanced commissioning and energy measurement and verification services. His experience ranges from Project Engineer during the 1960s at Bureau of Ships, Naval Sea Systems Command, ship alterations and modernizations, and Production Superintendent of Depot Maintenance Modernization for the Navy Models A-6 Intruder and F-14 Tomcat Aircraft Programs at the Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia.

Mr. Nottingham managed the Navy's Military Construction / Capital Improvement Program for assigned aircraft projects including new construction and special projects, such as engine power plant shops, avionics, industrial process including a composite material heat treat building. His experience as a Facilities Director includes maintaining water treatment, production wells, water pumping, and booster stations, treatment plants, reservoirs storage, distribution, and telemetry based water control systems. Mr. Nottingham has in-depth knowledge of commissioning process in design, construction, systems deployment strategies, operational, and life cycle logistics support requirements. Mr. Nottingham adds a team process approach to meeting the Owner's project requirements that achieves project expectations in quality process, delivery, schedule, and budget.

Continuing Education Credits
aia build it cmaa icc

Green Technology is an ICC Preferred Provider and a AIA Provider. Call for information about CEUs.

Sessions will also offer Build it Green (one credit per hour) and Construction Management Association of America renewal points (one per hour).

All registrants will receive a certificate of participation.

More than 8,000 building and design professionals have attended Green Technology Seminars. What participants are saying!

“The first seminar on the building code that I did not fall asleep at!”
– Daniel Tsutsumida, Architect

“Presentation was terrific. Very informative intro to the subject and not too heavy.”
– Douglas Whitmore, Architect

“Good introduction to the new code. Clear presentation and knowledgeable.”
– Michael Chait, Architect

“Excellent presentation. Presenter was A+. Seminar simplified necessary review of CALGreen by focusing on main points and providing context.”
– Duane Weisenhaus, President, Weisenhaus Architecture

“I’ve learned a general overview of the new CALGreen building code and how to use it for new construction of residential and commercial facilities. I know what I need to do to comply with Tier 1 and 2 requirements. I learned of several websites as references in using and implementing the code. This was an excellent seminar. I learned so much in this presentation that I can’t enumerate it here!”
– Eva Luccia, Sr. Civil Engineer

“I feel much more clear about this year’s work.”
– Barry Petersen, Architect

“It was important that this presentation was practical and useful to the building contractor, as well as to the ‘novice’ who might not be current with all technical terms and ordinances in effect! Thank you!”
– Sharon Maria Lamprecht, Principal Architect

“The content went right to the point. Questions were answered fully and easy to understand and follow.”
– Lidia Torres, Professor of Architecture

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