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The 10th anniversary Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 2-3. This year, the program will include a special Technology Showcase education track that features seven sessions highlighting solutions that have been successfully implemented in a variety of commercial settings and schools. These sessions will open to all Summit attendees, including those with no-cost keynote and Expo passes.

Learn from industry leaders, experts and your peers how you can tackle challenges in managing projects on your campus, from net zero energy building solutions to unique roofing solutions that help reduce energy use to the implementation of Prop 39 projects.

Tremco Roofing

Tremco is a frequent participant in Green Technology Summits and this year brings a presentation that features roof recycling, zero landfill waste management and state of the art sustainable roofing solutions. Find out about unique roofing solutions that can help make your buildings and the projects that you are working on more sustainable and energy efficient.  

This vital presentation includes information that will help you understand the difference between recycling, zero landfill, cradle to cradle/gate/grave, construction and demolition waste diversion, and Waste-To-Energy. Learn about municipal legislation and green building codes for recycling of construction and demolition waste, and get vital information that will help you to specify roofing systems based on longevity, recycled content, and recyclability at the end of their service life. 

This one-hour session is approved for one AIA CEU.


Southern California’s IBEW Local 11 and NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) L.A. Chapterleaders in training the current and future workforce that is helping to set new standards in the way that energy is managed in the built environment, will present on their new Net Zero Plus Electrical Training Institute (NZP ETI).  

The NZP ETI serves as a living laboratory and demonstration center to test and showcase emerging technologies as well as assist in bringing them to market. The facility will feature small commercial to utility-scale operational Smart Microgrids, which will demonstrate how an existing electrical infrastructure integrated with advanced electronics, battery storage, PV solar panels, and advanced lighting controls can provide a platform for smarter and more reliable electrical systems. The utility-scale system will also integrate 12 electrical vehicle-charging stations and a high-efficiency chilled water mechanical system.

HED (Harley Ellis Devereaux)

Can schools achieve Zero Net Energy by 2030 as required by State Codes? The State energy codes require all California schools and community colleges to achieve Zero Net Energy (ZNE) or equivalent to zero by 2030. California leads the nation in zero net energy buildings and more and more design teams are targeting these high performance-building goals. However, many organizations are struggling with how to effectively plan for achievement of ZNE goals when considering new and existing buildings, as well as districts, campuses and larger scale portfolios.  

This session will focus on William S. Hart Union High School District’s Integrated Energy Master Plan.  The District is committed providing leadership and expertise to others seeking a similar goal.   

The presentation will discuss how the project team utilized an integrated process to create customized road map with benchmarks along a workable timeline to achieve ZNE.  It will share the hurdles that were overcome and all the successes. It will reveal how the project leveraged investor utility resources and augmented Prop 39 funds to build a holistic focused strategic plan to reduce operations & maintenance costs. 

As part of this session, New Buildings Institute will present strategies for integrating zero net energy into projects, master plans, policies and delivery models. Drawing upon training resources developed for the California Public Utilities Commission and the Prop 39 ZNE School Pilot efforts, NBI will address concepts such as backcasting, gap analysis, stakeholder mapping and other tools. Workshop participants will leave with a series of resources including access to case studies, ZNE fact sheets, and a planning workbook with worksheets and templates. 

This session will be presented by Mike Otavka, Director of Facilities, Planning & Construction at William S. Hart Union High School. Bharat Patel PE CEM LEED AP – Principal HED and Heather Flint Chatto of New Building Institute.


As we head into the 4th year of Proposition 39 funding, there are still many projects that are just getting underway. That said, there are districts that have excelled in getting their projects approved and implemented. 

RHA will present project details reflecting work conducted at Long Beach Unified, the 3rd large school district in the State. The discussion will include insight into ways to get accurate and detailed data collection in electronic format, site Benchmarking, tools and information about achieving Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR), DSA compliance, maximizing utility incentiveshow to utilize CEC calculation tools provided by the CEC. Discover how LBU was able to get approved for one of the largest expenditure plans $6.8 million dollars and approximately $900,000 worth of rebates.

The objective of this session is to offer advice that can lead to getting your expenditure plans approved for funding, allowing your district to move into the implementation phase.

Energy Focus

This session will cover the technology as well as the application of a new generation of Tubular LEDs or TLEDs that can replace fluorescents with fewer than half the watts, at great than four times the life, while paying for themselves through saving in less than two years. In addition, the speakers will discuss how new TLED sources offer not only the potential for dramatic improvement in lighting quality but “lighting wellness” as well through the creation of a more “sun-like” spectrum compared to fluorescents.

JLM Energy

JLM Energy’s proprietary Measurz software helps optimize power use based on utility tariffs and a set budget. Measurz generates efficiency recommendations and shows how to adjust patterns to become more energy efficient. This innovative software and our solar plus energy storage systems are helping schools save money and showcase their commitment to sustainability.

JLM Energy Inc. recently commissioned a 300 kW/960 kWh commercial solar plus energy storage system for a public school in Indiana. The project is designed to store excess solar energy generated but not consumed for use in the late afternoon. Additional surplus is sold back to the utility, Duke Energy.

The Thacher School of Ojai, California partnered with JLM Energy to integrate a 200 kW/400 kWh energy storage system for the school’s existing solar. The energy storage system is designed to store excess solar energy during the day for use at night and for emergency backup. 

JLM Energy's presentation will detail how we addressed these challenges and worked with the customers and utilities to develop a winning combination of solar plus energy storage that ultimately reduces utility bills and creates value for the schools. 


Keep California Beautiful

The California Recycling Challenge is a friendly competition and benchmarking tool for K-12 recycling programs to promote waste reduction activities to their school communities. Over a one month period, schools report recycling and trash data which are then ranked according to who collects the largest amount of recyclables per capita, the amount of total recyclables or have the highest recycling rate.

With each week's reports and rankings, participating schools watch how their results fluctuate against others schools and use this to rally their school communities to reduce and recycle more.

The competition is conducted on a "Per Capita" basis to allow schools/districts of all sizes to participate. The program is intended to include the faculty, students and custodial staff.

As the Summit approaches, look for updates on these sessions as well as information about other offerings. 

For more information on the Summit, or to register online, click here.

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