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by Keith Miller 

As we celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Green California Schools & Community Colleges Summit, we also enter the 4th fiscal year for the implementation of projects using Proposition 39 funding. Through our articles and meetings, Green Technology works to keep stakeholders informed about the progress being made with the implementation of Prop 39 projects.

Some of our readers find it useful to look at the latest Proposition 39 (K-12) Snapshot to see how things are progressing and to learn more about the progress being made. Here is the link to the latest snapshot published by the CEC. 

Just to recap, to encourage statewide energy savings in schools, the Proposition 39 (K-12) program funds eligible energy measures, which include:

·       Lighting and lighting control systems.

·       Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems (HVAC), such as new chillers, boilers, and furnaces.

·       Pumps, motors, and variable frequency drives.

·       Energy management systems, programmable/”smart” thermostats, and chiller controls.

·       Plug-load equipment, such as power management and vending machine misers.

·       Building envelope energy-saving measures.

·       On-site clean energy generation, such as solar photovoltaic.

The timing could not be better for our 10-year anniversary as we wrap up the 3rd fiscal year of Prop 39-funded expenditures and look forward to two more years of projects through these funding mechanisms and beyond. Projections fy 2016/17 and fy 2017/18 are estimated to be a total of $600–$700 million. 

LEAs (Local Education Agencies) have two additional years, until June 30, 2020, to complete their energy plans and another year to report final project completion by June 30, 2021.

Many companies and school and college officials already have projects in place and are sharing their information. By survey it is apparent that school and college officials like to hear from their peers what is working and what is not. The Summit will feature a number of education sessions highlighting Prop 39 best practices.  

Our popular Gallery is another place where project information is shared. You can see examples here. Project information is also posted in two locations at the Summit for attendees to review (see photo). 



For more information on Prop 39 please visit the CEC web site, which provides ongoing updates and news about the progress being made by schools and colleges throughout the State.

Keith Miller is the publisher of Green Technology


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