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Venture capitalist and philanthropist Noel Perry, the founder of the influential non-profit Next 10, will be the keynote speaker at the tenth annual Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit

In 1991, Perry founded Baccharis Capital Inc., one of the first socially responsible venture capital funds. He is a member of the Public Policy Institute of California’s (PPIC) Statewide Leadership Council, and is an Advisory Board Member of the Santa Clara University Markkula Center for Applied Ethics.

In 2003, he founded 100 Families Oakland (now 100 Families Alameda County) to help strengthen disadvantaged neighborhoods through intergenerational art making.  As a Peace Corps volunteer he helped build water projects in rural Yemeni villages. 

Next 10, a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, works to educate engage and empower Californians to improve the state's future. “We call ourselves Next 10 because we are not here for the quick fix,” says the group. “Our sights are set on joining with others to improve the state over the next ten years, and the ten years after that.” 

One of the most widely-cited annual reports from Next 10 is its Green Innovation Index, which tracks key economic and environmental indicators. The 2016 report was published in June. 

“As the 6th largest economy in the world and an innovator in climate and energy policy,

California is forging a decoupling between economic growth and carbon emissions per capita,” said Perry when the index was released. “California is not only the fourth-most energy productive economy in the world, the state also leads in key clean tech indicators, like clean tech patents and investment. Much of the rest of the nation is following our lead.”

Among other initiatives, Next 10 also publishes an annual California Budget Challenge, an interactive, web-based application that allows participants to make their own attempts to balance the state’s budget. Since it was introduced in 2005, over half a million people have taken the Budget Challenge, becoming more aware of the dilemmas and choices that lawmakers face.

“For years, Next 10 has been a unique and trusted source of insights into the growth of the green economy in California and the benefits the state has received by taking climate change seriously,” said Green Technology editor in chief Carl Smith. “We’re excited to have Noel at the Summit, to share his awareness of the immense challenges we face as well as the unprecedented opportunities for young people to enter rewarding careers that address these challenges.” 


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