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Scientists continue to make new discoveries regarding the impacts of climate change. For a review of recent findings, Click here.

As the 10 year anniversary of the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit approaches, we also enter the 4th fiscal year for Prop 39 funding. What's the current state of progress? Click here.



The transportation sector accounts for the majority of greenhouse gas emissions in the state of California, accounting for 60 percent more emissions than the industrial sector. A unique infographic on the global impact of transportation enables viewers to watch emission-related statistics move in real time. Click here.


The 10th anniversary Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 2-3. This year, the program will include a special Technology Showcase track highlighting successful implementation of technology solutions. Click here.


Is our current drought emergency really the result of unforeseen events, or a reflection of long-term inability to ensure that our water “spend” is based on known resources? An interview with Juliet Christian-Smith of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Click here.

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Releases from companies with sustainable products and services. Click here.



Policy, technology and funding are all converging to create a perfect storm of opportunity for California to take its pursuit of energy efficiency to a new level. Commissioner Andrew McAllister offers an overview. Click here.

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