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Transitioning Into the Real Green Economy 

The health needs of workers in gritty steel factories led David Foster to become one of the labor movement’s leading environmental advocates. Now, as executive director of the BlueGreen Alliance, an organization comprised of 14 of the largest unions and environmental organizations with more than 15 million supporters and members. In a Green Technology interview, he describes how he is advocating for a transition to a new, highly trained and motivated workforce, where every job is a “green job.” Click here.


Past Keynote Interview:
Carl Pope

Prop 39, now being implemented, is formally known as the "Clean Energy Jobs Act." In an interview before his keynote presentation at the 2011 Green California Schools Summit, long-time Sierra Club executive director Carl Pope expressed the view that the "green" economy is the only economy. Click here.



A Bully Pulpit for Green Schools
An interview with State Architect Chester "Chet" Widom

A distinguished architect and long-time public servant, Chester “Chet” Widom was appointed California State Architect by Governor Jerry Brown in December 2011. In a Green Technology interview, he talks about his new duties and his commitment to sustainable design for California schools. Click Here


Growing the Green

Dan Adler, president of the California Clean Energy Fund, a nonprofit evergreen fund of funds, discusses how to grow markets for a sustainable future and the crucial role that government plays in this transition. Click here.

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Releases from companies with sustainable products and services. Click here.


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