A Green Market Like No Other

The world’s sixth-largest economy has an unequalled commitment to sustainability.

California’s green leadership is more important than ever, nationally and internationally. No other market has a similar potential to seed and promote the growth of sustainable products and services. For example:

- The population of California is larger than the population of the entire country of Canada.
- Only five countries produced more last year than did California alone: the U.S., China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.
- California has nearly half of the nation’s solar power generating capacity.
- There are more than 4,500 LEED-certified buildings in California.

An Unequalled Policy Climate, Backed by Funding
California’s commitment to addressing climate change has set the stage for deep investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy, clean transportation and more. The newly-passed SB 32 requires the state to slash greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, a much more ambitious target than the previous goal of hitting 1990 levels by 2020 that had been set by AB 32 (2006), the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act.

SB 350, which became law in 2015, includes the following 2030 targets:
- 50 percent of utility power coming from renewable energy
- 50 percent increase in energy efficiency in existing buildings

The state’s commitment is supported by funding. The “Statewide Summary of Climate Investments” outlines nearly $8 billion in financial support for renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean vehicles, water conservation and more.

The Buyers You Are Searching For
The Green California Summit is a unique opportunity for companies with green products and services. Years of program development, legislation and ballot measures in California have come to fruition, and today the focus is on implementation. The goals are clear and there have never been more ways to fund projects - from incentives to carbon trading proceeds to innovative financial mechanisms.

In the Expo, in the hallways, at receptions, in education sessions you’ll find decision makers for this work.

Secure Your Ideal Location
Sign up early to reserve your space now and guarantee the best possible booth selection.

Become a Sponsor
Take advantage of a wide range of sponsorship opportunities that can raise your company's profile at the Summit. Call for details.

Buyer/Vendor Lounge
One of our most popular, and unique, features is the Buyer/Vendor Lounge. At no extra charge, Summit sponsors and exhibitors are eligible to participate in the Lounge, which allows them to schedule meetings with buyers who have expressed an interest in their product category.

Here's some feedback from an exhibitor who participated:

"The buyer/vendor lounge was a fantastic opportunity to connect with those individuals that are generally difficult to connect with. It allowed me access to state officials who were pleased to talk to me. I have followed up with them and am excited about meeting with them in the future."
- Alex Smith, Suntrek Industries

Who Attends?
Agency Secretaries
Department Directors
Energy Managers
Sustainability Managers
Board Members
Chief Business Officers
Chiefs, Administration Division
Facility Managers
Transportation Specialists
Capital Outlay Managers
Building Managers
Procurement Managers
Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Budget Officers
Recycling Professionals
Waste Management Professionals
Fleet Managers
Water Specialists
And anyone with green program responsibilities!

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