Advisory Board Chairs

Marybel Batjer
Government Operations Agency
State of California

Anna Caballero
Business, Consumer Services and
Housing Agency
State of California

Matt Rodriquez
Environmental Protection Agency
State of California

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Adomani California, Inc.
Booth 331
Welcome Reception Sponsor

ADOMANI builds advanced new hybrid and all-electric vehicles for public and private fleets.  ADOMANI also designs, manufactures and installs drivetrain systems to convert and repower existing fleet vehicles to plug-in electric hybrid vehicles or zero-emission electric vehicles. Completed projects include Ford pick-up trucks, Type-D Blue Bird School Buses, and pursuit vehicles. Current projects include Cabover Class 5-7 Trucks and Transit Buses. By integrating ADOMANI’s patented technology with industry proven components, ADOMANI provides compelling solutions to environmentally conscious public and private fleet operators.

Aleddra LED Lighting
Booth 527
Aleddra business focuses on designing, manufacturing, and selling LED lamps through multiple channels. By effectively integrating engineering talents across four different fields—optics, electrical and mechanical engineering and heat management— Aleddra has developed various LED lamps, such as the LED T8 for retrofitting and new construction applications. Other lamps include the PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, A19, MR16, GU10, and candelabra lamp. Aleddra's commitment to detail and quality allows our products to be qualified for utility rebates, which has contributed to our marked success within this relatively short period of time. 

Bay Alarm Company
Booth 405
Since 1946, Bay Alarm has grown to become the largest independently owned and operated security & fire life safety company in the United States, with 14 service branches protecting over 120,000 customers throughout California.  We take great pride in our work and in our commitment to satisfying each customer.  We also take great pride in the steps we’ve taken to limit our impact on our environment.  Whether this is through selecting fuel efficient vehicles for our fleet, utilizing solar power at our Corporate office and Central Station, or going paperless with our Fire and Sprinkler inspection process, Bay Alarm continues to look for ways to leave the environment healthier than we found it.

Belgard Hardscapes
Booth 532
Belgard’s beauty, functionality and quality are hallmarks of the Belgard® Commercial Hardscapes brand, and our Environmental Collection of permeable pavers is no exception. Belgard permeable pavers combine the best of
Belgard with innovative stormwater management for a superior product line that provides sustainable solutions and aesthetically appealing designs.

BRAE Rainwater Technologies
Booth 515
BRAE is a leading provider of customized rainwater harvesting systems and technologies.  BRAE systems can collect from 20 to 20,000 gallons (and higher) of reusable rainwater that can be used for any non-potable application.  Let us be an integral part of your sustainability efforts by conserving water, saving money and helping your business achieve green building LEED credits.

Building Operator Certification
Booth 514
Building Operator Certification – BOC® - is a national workforce training and credential program offering skills in energy efficient building operation and maintenance practices.  BOC training benefits facilities professionals such as building engineers, building services managers, maintenance supervisors, O&M technicians, electricians, skilled trades, and facilities specialists.  Certification provides a credential for professional development and offers employers a way to identify skilled operators.


CalCERTS, Inc.
Booth 528
In 2003 CalCERTS, Inc. was approved by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to become a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Provider. We are a private organization that provides service, support, training and certification to HERS Raters. We advocate for the Rater community on state regulations & advise on the development & design of new standards/regulations.

CALGreen  - CBSC, HCD, DSA                
Booth 531
Meet technical staff from the state agencies that develop California’s nonresidential, residential, public school and college building codes.  Staff will be available to discuss updates to CALGreen, the 2013 California Green Building Standards Code that became effective January 2014. 

California Climate Credit/Energy Upgrade California            
Booth 408
The California Climate Credit is part of California’s efforts to fight climate change. It’s a credit that eligible households and small business will see automatically on their electricity bills this April. The Climate Credit is designed to help Californians join the state in fighting climate change and clean the air.

California Conservation Corps                
Booth 616
The California Conservation Corps is a state agency that puts together young people and the environment.  With funding from the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39), the CCC’s Energy Corps is assisting schools in saving both energy and money while providing work experience and training for young adults and veterans by conducting energy opportunity surveys at no-cost to smaller Local Educational Agencies.

California Energy Commission            
Booth 618
The CA Energy Commission is the state's principal energy policy and planning organization. The Efficiency Division is responsible for developing and implementing the Building Energy Efficiency Standards, enforcing appliance efficiency compliance; and providing financing opportunities to promote energy efficiency buildings.

California Fuel Cell Partnership    
Booth 237
Fuel cell electric vehicles are the EV that you refill instead of recharge. Coming to market within the year; visit booth #237 to learn about the vehicles’ long range, quick refill time and safety record, and about hydrogen stations already open and under construction.

California State Board of Equalization       
Booth 614
The mission of the State Board of Equalization (BOE) is to serve the public through fair, effective, and efficient tax administration. The Board of Equalization collects California state sales and use tax, as well as fuel, alcohol, and tobacco taxes and fees that provide revenue for state government and essential funding for counties, cities, and special districts.

California Prison Authority
Booth 437
Our products meet green Seal* standards for industrial and institutional cleaners. Our biodegradable formulas do not pollute and do not have toxic chemicals. We offer Multipurpose Cleaner, Restroom, Floor and Glass cleaners. Dispensers available for sale or rent. Stop by and see where our products can take you.


Booth 521
The CA recycled tire-derived products (TDPs) Outreach & Market Analysis Program provides presentations and information about the many tire-derived products available including roofing, sidewalks, wheel stops, traffic products, playgrounds, tracks, flooring, sidewalks, tiles, mulch, pavers, athletic turf underlay & infill and much more!
Grants are available to the public sectors for rubberized pavement, tire-derived aggregate for civil engineering projects & TDPs as well. Stop by our booth and see what’s being made out of scrap tire for your next construction, renovation, landscape design, road, civil engineering, school remodel or parks plan.

Capitol Energy Solutions
Booth 505
Monitor energy use, control the facility environments, save time, energy and money. Capitol Energy Solutions has developed a simple and low cost solution to efficiently manage HVAC systems in all of your classrooms from a single location. Use wireless network to remotely monitor and control your HVAC systems


Booth 313
Keynote Sponsor
CleanWorld partners with businesses and communities to provide widespread zero waste solutions – the company’s successful high methane yield three-stage BioDigester efficiently converts organic waste and municipal solid waste into renewable energy in the forms of bioelectricity and biofuel, providing communities with an environmentally-friendly energy alternative.  Additionally, biosoils produced from their BioDigesters are recycled back onto California’s farmlands, effectively closing the loop on the farm to fork to fuel and back to farm phenomenon.

Clipper Creek, Inc.
Booth 330
ClipperCreek, Inc.  is an industry leading manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  With over 65 years of industry experience ClipperCreek set the standards for quality and reliability in the EV Charging Station industry.


Commerce Printing Services
Booth 630
Green Printing Partner

FSC certified full service green printing company, state of Ca. small business certified and Union shop, Serving or client since 1988. WE were green before it was popular. It was the right thing to do.

Booth 113
We believe small, simple steps serve as building blocks for reducing carbon footprints and making choices matter. We've worked with our partners on the first peer-reviewed, California-specific carbon footprint calculator for households and small businesses; and a Funding Wizard that helps users find grants, incentives, and rebates for sustainable projects.

Department of General Services - Fleet and Asset Management
Booth 219

The Office of Fleet and Asset Management (OFAM) provides general oversight of the state’s vehicle and mobile equipment fleet, and ensures compliance with state and federal environmental, energy, and fiscal policies; the Office provides a fleet of rental cars to support state agencies’ transportation needs.


Department of General Services - Procurement Division
Booth 612

The California Department of General Services’ Buying Green Program is administered by the Procurement Division’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) program. EPP is the procurement of goods and services that have a reduced impact on human health and the environment as compared to other goods and services serving the same purpose (Public Contract Code §12400-12404). In simple terms, EPP means “Buying Green.”  The Department of General Services’ Buying Green program provides state agencies with information and assistance regarding EPP, as well as tools and tips for buyers and provides insight to suppliers on how the State views “green” products and businesses.

Department of General Services - Real Estate Services Division
Booth 406

The Department of General Services is a full-service real estate organization. Through a diversified team of highly competent and knowledgeable professionals, RESD's highest priority is to fulfill state agencies' facility and real property needs.


Department of Motor Vehicles
Booth 431

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is recognized as a leader among state agencies in the introduction of energy and resource conservation strategies into its facility infrastructure planning and operational activities.  The DMV continues to lead by example and to meet the challenge of achieving the targets set forth in the Governor’s Executive Orders B-18-12 & B-16-12.  The DMV remains committed to working with the Department of General Services, Department of Finance, other state regulatory and service agencies, industry, and our statewide utility providers to accomplish our shared sustainability goals and objectives.



East Bay Clean Cities
Booth 412
Green Transportation Partner
The East Bay Clean Cities Coalition works with stakeholders and local fleets to help implement AFV’s. This includes information on vehicles, funding, economics, technical aspects, training, fueling and safety. The East Bay Clean Cities Coalition currently represents Alameda County, Contra Costa County, and parts of Solano County and is in the process of expanding our geographic region north to include Sonoma County and Napa County.

Envision Solar
Booth 231
Our Company is the leading designer and fabricator of sun tracking solar shaded parking products, the fastest growing segment of the Renewables sector. We lead and excel in solar shaded parking products and the integration of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and advanced storage solutions. 

Forbo Flooring Systems
Booth 624
Forbo Flooring’s new Marmoleum collection is comprised of over 170 stunning colors, including the new Concrete design. Made from natural, renewable ingredients, Marmoleum is USDA Certified 100% biobased and features naturally inherent antimicrobial and antistatic properties. Marmoleum’s Topshield 2 finish provides occupancy-ready installation and exceptional performance against soiling, staining, scratching and scuffing.

GM Fleet and Commercial
Booth 325
Put gas stations in your rearview mirror with the all-new 2014 Spark EV. Drive gas- and tailpipe-emissions-free with instant power and surprising performance.  Spark EV lets you live outside the boundaries of gas stations, getting 128 MPGe city, 109 highway, 119 MPGe combined, and 28 kW-hrs per 100 miles. So fuel efficiency is a problem of the past.  An EPA-estimated 82 miles when fully charged.  With a finely tuned ride and instant torque, you’ll catch yourself smiling along every inch of every city mile. 

Booth 509
Grainger helps drives cost out of Government through: How you purchase, How you manage your Inventory, Helping You Operate Safely, Helping you operate Sustainably.

Graybar Electric Company
Booth 115
Graybar is a leading distributor of high quality electrical, communications and data networking products and a provider of supply chain management services. Through its distribution network and value-added services, including kitting and integrated solutions, Graybar is helping its customers to power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency.


Green Charge Networks
Booth 415
Education Sponsor

Founded in 2009, Green Charge Networks is a leader in intelligent customer-sited energy storage and power efficiency.  The company gives retail, municipal and industrial customers control of rising demand rates on their monthly electric bills. Green Charge Networks’ product complements solar PV, EV charging, and energy efficiency. The GreenStationTM was developed in partnership with leading utilities around the country, the U.S. Department of Energy, and Fortune 500 customers. GCN is headquartered in Santa Clara, CA with office in NYC. 

Green Hybrid Roofing
Booth 504
It’s the technology within the product that makes this the new generation. GHR roofing has insulation built within it that gives an insulation Value on its own. GHR saves 10% to 20% on your energy bill, Light weight, walkable, and can be used in high heat temperatures as well as below zero areas without cracking. Green High Hybrid Roofing has USGBC, (Leed), CRRC, and ENERGY Star Stake Holder.


Greenshine New Energy
Booth 516
Greenshine New Energy specializes in providing quality customized solar outdoor lighting solutions at affordable prices.  From solar street lights to solar parking lot lights, for business complex or commercial area, Greenshine New Energy offers the best solution for each customer’s unique needs.

GreenWater Technology
Booth 637
GreenWater Technology manufactures High Efficiency Filtration Systems that remove fine solids from water below 0.5 micron for protection against turbidity, fouling, and corrosion. Clean water improves process system and mechanical system performance, and also lowers operating and utility costs. GWT HEF Systems save Water, Energy, Chemicals, Time, and Money. 


The HERO Financing Program
Booth 627
Renovate America is an industry leader in Property Assessed Clean Energy financing programs.  We partner with local governments to implement low-risk, scalable, cost effective energy efficient programs that lower utility bills for residents, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and create jobs.

Hino Trucks
Booth 131
Hino makes the Diesel-Electric Hybrid a viable option in the U.S. commercial truck industry. Our COE model stacks-up from both an environmental and a financial standpoint.  It is the only commercial Hybrid available to do so. Toyota’s heritage of design excellence and superior engineering is reflected in every Hino model.

Hungry Giant Recycling, Inc.
Booth 613
Hungry Giant is the largest food waste recycling company in Australia reducing food waste (produce, fruits, meat, fish, small bones, chicken, bread, deli items, spoiled dairy product, paper napkins and untreated cardboard) on site by up to 90% with a superior advanced dehydration technology now being offered in N. America.


IEC Corporation
Booth 413
IEC Corporation is a professional engineering firm providing comprehensive consulting and technical services, from energy efficiency and energy management services through design, implementation, construction, and operations. Our experience and continued focus on clean, reliable, and cost-effective energy solutions give our clients the tools they need to create a sustainable future.

Booth 429
Ingenium is a full-spectrum innovative environmental services company focused on providing creative, sustainable solutions for regulated waste management.  Their expertise in packaging, transportation, recycling, repurposing, reusing and disposal is combined with an emphasis on business partnerships that work towards cost, risk and liability reduction, as well as societal responsibility.

International Code Council
Booth 629
The International Code Council is a member-focused association. It is dedicated to developing model codes and standards used in the design, build and compliance process to construct safe, sustainable, affordable and resilient structures. Most U.S. communities and many global markets choose the International Codes.


Kamps Propane
Booth 430
Kamps Propane is California’s leading family-owned green energy company. We have 12 offices serving homes, businesses, farms and fleets from Sacramento to San Diego. Contact us today for information regarding our clean energy solutions.

Kirk H&J Corporation
Booth 638
Kirk H&J, a leading provider of power management products, focused on one of the major challenges of the modern world: energy efficiency. To meet this demand for energy-efficient power consumption, we designed and built the world’s first zero-radiation, portable iNPOFi (iNvisible POwer Field) Wireless Charging System for mobile devices.


KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint
Booth 619
Environmental Imports Inc. is introducing KNOxOUT™ Pollution Fighting Paint. With the use of ultrafine TIO2 and its photocatalytic properties, Boysen's KNOxOUT™ Paint has been proven to remove NOx, VOC's and other harmful organics from the air. You can now turn all your interior and exterior painted surfaces into air purifiers.


LittleFootprint Lighting
Booth 407
Manufacturer of ENERGY STAR qualified sustainable LED desk lamps made in California from recycled e-waste. Use only 4 watts (7 - 10 times less energy than conventional desk lamps).  Long life, warm white light.  Can contribute to LEED credits in at least 3 categories. 5-year warranty.  State of California Certified Small Business. NAICS 335122

LED Living Technology
Booth 538
LED Living Technology offers a Designed and Manufactured in USA, cutting-edge LED product line for commercial applications. Competitive prices, a ten year limited warranty, and products with efficacy ratings among the highest on the market, LLT products are lighting the way in the green technology revolution. Product families include: retrofit kits for fluorescent fixtures; garage, high bay, and IP67 luminaires. Find out why LLT is the only LED manufacturer that can match Image, Color, and Lumens.


Education Partner
Founded in 2004, Lucid is a leader and innovator in providing information feedback technology to save energy and water in buildings. We pioneered the concept of real-time energy and water use feedback and reduction competitions with Building Dashboard and launched BuildingOS, the world’s first online operating system for buildings.

Lunera Lightting
Booth 427
Lunera is a technology leader in the LED lighting industry providing innovative products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. We design, assemble, and market high performance commercial LED light fixtures and lamps that obsolete traditional lighting technologies.

Magellan 500 Association
Booth 507

Marvin Windows & Doors, Integrity Windows & Doors
Booth 626
ntegrity:  Integrity Windows & Doors are made with Ultrex, a patented fiberglass material that’s eight times more rigid than vinyl AND as strong as steel. They’re low-maintenance, energy-efficient and made from sustainable resources. “Made in America” Marvin:  Marvin Windows and Doors is an industry leader in product innovation, energy efficiency and progressive manufacturing techniques. Bringing you superior value through expert craftsmanship, the highest quality materials and an extraordinary level of service, only Marvin offers unmatched design flexibility with made-to-order windows and doors — and the industry’s most extensive selection of customization options. “Hand Crafted In America”

Booth 409
MaxLite has been committed to providing energy-efficient lighting products for the last 20-plus years. An ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year in 2009, MaxLite established the MaxLED® brand, an extensive line of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures featuring innovative LED luminaires and lamps using the latest state-of-the-art LED technology.

MelRok, LLC
Booth 536

MelRok provides the world's most advanced Energy M&V and Demand Management Platform. EnergiStream is a fully integrated information system that looks deeper than the smart meter and traditional energy management systems. It provides unmatched system simplicity and affordability and unprecedented energy visibility, real time information and savings.


Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating
Booth 215

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating is the leader in inverter driven, variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems for commercial and residential applications. Products include: Inverter driven mini split heat pumps, City Multi air and water source variable refrigerant flow systems, all with flexible controls options. Let us show you how Mitsubishi Electric products can help reduce your facilities energy costs without sacrificing comfort.


Motiv Power Systems
Booth 119
Welcome Reception Sponsor

Motiv Power Systems designs and builds the Motiv electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) which enables the design of electric trucks and buses using any battery, any motor, on any chassis with any weight or range. The ePCS can be installed by any truck OEM on their traditional diesel truck assembly lines.

Municipal Maintenance Equipment, Inc.
Booth 333

MME is your top source for municipal products throughout California and Northern Nevada. "Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal"


NDS Solutions

NDS- Your print and promotional products provider
Booth 508
Bag Sponsor

NDS is a full service printing and promotional products company, we provide solutions to enhance and promote your brand to your internal and external clients. From banners to brochures, polo’s to vehicle-wraps NDS is your one stop source for eco-friendly branded products.

Nexus eWater
Booth 312

The Home Water & Energy Recycler:  Our mission is to address the Water/Energy Nexus in the home by recycling the energy and water in shower, sink and laundry water.  The drought demonstrates why homes should recycle water, and the Nexus solution demonstrates just how easy this can be.


Niagra Conservation
Booth 524
Niagara Conservation Corporation is a leading manufacturer of water and energy conservation products engineered to maximize efficiency while still maintaining optimal performance. Niagara also has proven expertise in the planning, development and management of efficiency programs for the nation's leading electric, natural gas and water utility companies.

Ortiz LED Solutions
Booth 519
Ortiz LED Solutions is  a full service provider for  Retro fit and new LED Lighting.   We work with you and your team to develop the most cost effective strategy that can save you 70% or more on your lighting bill.  We stock a wide variety of LED products.


Pacific Gas and Electric Company
Booth 738
Pacific Gas and Electric Company delivers some of the nation's cleanest energy to 15 million people in Northern and Central California. For over 35 years, PG&E has been a leader helping customers use energy efficiency to reduce their energy bills, and help the state achieve its greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.

Pacific Interlock Paving Stone
Booth 526
Developers of patented Hydro-Flo(tm) Technology Pavers, the only known concrete pavers with 100% surface permeability, stronger than poured concrete, lower maintenance than asphalt and 100% ADA compliant. Eliminates standing water in problem drainage areas. Conserves water resources by reducing runoff, controlling erosion and returning rain water to ground aquifers.

Pacific Power Renewables
Booth 513
Pacific Power Renewables (PPR) is a solar power (PV) utility company. We offer our clients an alternative way to power their business. PPR is a power company with the capabilities to serve clients in North America. Our customers experience long term electricity savings. Our Power Purchase Agreements require no investment. Just lower monthly electricity rates.

Parker Hannifin - Hybrid Drive Systems Division
Booth 125
Parker's Hybrid Drive Systems Division offers hydraulic transmissions for the work truck market. Decades of research and development have gone into the design of our systems. Today, our systems reduce total cost of ownership for work truck fleets. Across the country, fleets are experiencing unheard of results.

Pavestone Company
Booth 512
Dedicated to the production of the concrete pave stones and retaining wall units our business principle is to be driven not only by technology in manufacturing but also in the development of segmental paving retaining wall systems and erosion control blocks. Now with 18 regional manufacturing locations distributing to over 40 states Pavestone Company continues to set the standards for service to the buyer specifier and contractor. With millions of dollars in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment Pavestone LLC provides the quality that sets the standard for its competitors and industry.

Booth 212

Super-bright, rechargeable beacon light can be seen for miles and runs up to 100 hours on a single charge. Unlike an incendiary flare the PowerFlare Unit is not a fire hazard and creates no noxious, toxic fumes.

Presidio Graduate School
Booth 625

Through innovative MBA, MPA, Dual Degree and Certificate programs in Sustainable Management, Presidio Graduate School educates and inspires a new generation of skilled, visionary and enterprising leaders to transform business and public policy and create a more just, prosperous and sustainable world.   


RAB Lighting
Booth 439
RAB creates well designed, affordable, durable energy efficient LED lighting and controls and makes it easy for distributors to sell, electricians to install and end users to save energy.

Reliable Controls

Reliable Controls Corporation
Booth 530
We design and manufacture high quality Internet-connected Native BACnet building control networks. Our MACH-System™ precisely monitors and controls energy consuming building equipment for optimal efficiency and comfort while remaining intuitive to use and economical to own. We further empower customers through a non-territorial dealer network and industry leading 5-year warranty.


Republic Services
Booth 314
Bag Sponsor
Waste service company, providing collection, recycling, and disposal services to residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States.

Revive Organic Soil Treatment
Booth 621
Organic based fertilizer & soil treatment that saves water.  Perfect for drought or water restrictions. Revive’s unique formula is designed to increase the water holding capacity of soils along with providing some organic nutrients and iron.  Revive will keep a lawn green and save homeowners money by reducing watering requirements.

RGS Energy
Booth 315
RGS Energy helps school districts reduce their power costs and risk related to energy rate spikes.  Next year Stockton Unified will save approximately $1,000,000 in expenses.  They were selected by West Sonoma Unified, Fremont Unified, UCSC, Yale, and 150 more schools throughout California and the US.

Rubicon Water
Booth 636
Rubicon Water’s innovative technology optimizes the supply of water to agriculture, which consumes 80% of the State’s developed freshwater resource. Rubicon’s cleantech solutions recently underpinned the response to Australia’s worst drought, turning an ecological and human crisis into a win-win situation for farmers, the environment, and the City of Melbourne.


Sacramento Clean Cities
Booth 412
Green Transportation Partner
Sacramento Clean Cities is one of nearly 100 coalitions that are a part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program. Sacramento Clean Cities seeks to develop cooperative joint ventures with both industry and government to meet Clean Cities goals of reducing petroleum and emissions in the transportation sector.


Sacramento County
Booth 517
Recycle Bin Sponsor

Encompassing 994 square miles, Sacramento County is the region’s most populous county with 1.4 million residents, including 560,000 in the unincorporated area.  The County consistently wins awards for green leadership, supports sustainable industries, renewable energy, and works to implement responsible facility design, day-to-day operations and purchasing principles.


Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)
Booth 537
Champion Sponsor

As the nation’s sixth largest community-owned electric service provider, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has been providing low-cost, reliable electricity for more than 65 years to Sacramento County (and a small portion of Placer County) California. SMUD is a recognized industry leader and award winner for our innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies, and environmental stewardship. SMUD is the first large California utility to receive more than 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources.


Booth 525
EcoPower Engine Oil protects engines and the environment.  It meets or exceeds API standards.  And because it’s recycled and refined from reclaimed oil, EcoPower requires 85% less energy to produce and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. And that’s the kind of protection we can all benefit from.

Segway, Inc.
Booth 137
Segway Inc. is  the world's leading provider of green electric personal  transportation. We transform the way people work, play and live! We market a full line of zero-emissions Personal Transporters (PT) for indoor, sidewalk, cross-terrain and patrol use, which deliver impressive energy efficiency equivalent to 450 miles per gallon. Segway improves users’ mobility, visibility, maneuverability and overall productivity.

ShowerStart, LLC
Booth 606
Russell Sigler Inc. is a commercial HVAC distributor with branch locations in both Northern and Southern California that offers a comprehensive range of system solutions for Commercial buildings and K-12 School Market.  Sigler offers Carrier and Mitsubishi products along with several ancillary products. Through a single commercial sales channel, Sigler Commercial offers packaged rooftops, chillers, condensing units, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), air-cooled condensers, water source heat pumps, modular/custom air handlers, and split DX systems.

Booth 124

Sigler Wholesale Distributors
Booth 213
Russell Sigler Inc. is a commercial HVAC distributor with branch locations in both Northern and Southern California that offers a comprehensive range of system solutions for Commercial buildings and K-12 School Market.  Sigler offers Carrier and Mitsubishi products along with several ancillary products. Through a single commercial sales channel, Sigler Commercial offers packaged rooftops, chillers, condensing units, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), air-cooled condensers, water source heat pumps, modular/custom air handlers, and split DX systems.

Booth 631
Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, the company is at the forefront of the green building movement and provides sustainable restroom solutions by manufacturing water-efficient products for commercial, industrial and institutional markets worldwide.

SMART Light Systems
Booth 529
SMART Dimmer Plus™ saves 40-70% of the energy consumed by your fluorescent lights. Why have your lights on at full power when no one is around?  Why not automatically dim fixtures, then automatically brighten when the area is re-occupied?  The right price without the install and commissioning hassles, SMART Light.

SoLED Energy, Inc.
Booth 639
SoLED Energy, Inc. combines the LED Innovations using super bright, long life 25yrs LED's and PV (photovoltaic) Solar systems to reduce and eliminate your energy cost: Solid state LED uses 10-25% of the energy a normal incandescent, metal halide, and fluorescent light uses. As a result, they last longer and runs coolly. LED bulbs and fixtures reduce the of replacement the traditional bulbs and the energy consumed through HVAC. Once LEDs are in place, knock out the rest of your energy bill with our high tech solar system.

Swann Electric Bicycles
Booth 604
The mission of Swann Electric Bicycles is to provide our customers with quality electric assist bicycles as an affordable personal transportation option to help them significantly reduce their carbon based vehicle miles.

Syn-Tech Systems / FuelMaster
Booth 620
Syn-Tech Systems, Inc. is an engineering design company, based in Tallahassee, Florida.  As an innovator and early pioneer of electronic fuel management system development, Syn-Tech has the experience, proven product reliability and unequaled product support to best meet your needs, for a dependable “state-of-the-art” fuel management system. 



TLC Integration Systems
Booth 632
TLC Integration is now pioneering the use of advanced illumination systems to create an optimal, energy-saving lighting environment. TLC’s intelligent, autonomous, user-friendly control system improves lighting conditions while saving energy and reducing maintenance. Features include sunlight control, triple technology occupancy sensing, time-of-use scheduling, daylighting, solar powered sun shade control and automatic light -level monitoring.

Totally Green
Booth 214
The Smart Solution to Organic Waste: The ORCA converts organic waste into earth-friendly water within 24 hours.


Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.
Booth 337
Coffee Sponsor
Toyota’s enduring mission is to contribute to society and the economy by designing and building environmentally advanced, safe, and innovative vehicles, while respecting the environment and the culture of the local communities in which we operate.  For more information about Toyota, please visit or  For more information about Toyota Fleet, visit

Truly Green Solutions
Booth 625
Truly Green Solutions is an Energy Star Partner and nationwide provider of commercial LED solutions for schools and colleges,  with over 160 certified and guaranteed products.  Truly Green Solutions – Changing the World, One Bulb at a Time…

USGBC California
Booth 608
USGBC California is a member-driven policy organization representing eight chapters statewide. Our thousands of members represent the vanguard of forward-thinking business, technology and community leaders interested in building and retrofitting a healthy environment now and for generations to come.


VIA Motors
Booth 324
The eREV powertrain by VIA enables full sized vehicles to drive the first 40 miles in all-electric mode with near zero emissions, and a full range of 300 miles on a single fill-up. This means 100 MPGE in typical daily driving. Come by our booth to see this game changing technology.


Victor Stanley, Inc.
Booth 633
Victor Stanley, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of site furnishings in the United States. We design and manufacture benches, litter receptacles, bike racks, bollards, planters, tables and more. We work with recycled steel, cast ductile iron, recycled plastic and sustainable species of wood. We have taken great pride in the durability, quality and visual appeal of our site amenities since 1962.

Watchfire Signs
Booth 319
Watchfire Signs by Time-O-Matic is an 82-year old manufacturer of electronic advertising displays. Watchfire’s full line of LED message centers are UL Energy Verified and meets the strict requirements of California Title 24. Built with quality components in the U.S.A to provide years of worry-free operation and local support.

WaterSmartTechnology, L.L.C.
Booth 615
Water conservation tools that Save water, Save money, save energy and . Cut co2 emissions.   Easy to install. Low tech. Inexpensive and effective systems to help reduce water consumption while creating a lifelong water conservation ethic. For government buildings, schools, universities, homeowners, facilities, water districts, we can help. Stop by our booth and look. You will be glad you did.


Wilo USA
Booth 425
Global Leader in Green Technology for ECM Driven Pumps in the Hydronic, Heating, DHW, and Boosting of water.  Providing energy efficient solutions with the invention of a ECM driven circulator in 1999.



Xeripave, LLC
Booth 417
 Xeripave® Super Pervious (SP) Pavers provide an innovative solution to stormwater runoff with traditional hardscaping benefits. With an infiltration rate exceeding one gal/sec/sqft, SP Pavers allow stormwater to flow freely through the surface while filtering out gross pollutants. Xeripave can be used as a stand-alone paver system or in conjunction with other surfaces providing a cost effective solution. 



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