Advisory Board Chairs

Marybel Batjer
Government Operations Agency
State of California

Anna Caballero
Business, Consumer Services and
Housing Agency
State of California

Matt Rodriquez
Environmental Protection Agency
State of California

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More than any state in the country, California has taken the stance that it is vital to act now to conserve energy, water and other resources, to reduce emissions that contribute to climate change and make the simple act of breathing more hazardous than it need be.

Policies and programs have laid out the path to a green future for the Golden state, and success in these efforts will set the pace for change in the rest of the U.S.

The Green California Summit is a unique event, and offers attendees a unique opportunity to discover the innovations in policy, practice and technology that can keep them ahead of the curve, aware of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This is accomplished through concurrent education sessions, professional training, an Expo featuring green products and services, the Summit's annual Leadership Awards reception and keynote presentations.

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Guided by an Advisory Board composed of green leaders from the public and private sectors, the Summit is the only annual event of its kind - a can't-miss opportunity to find the tools you need to grow, or create, green programs.

Education Program
Concurrent sessions offer insights from the experts and practitioners at the leading edge of green progress, in fields ranging from transportation and energy to funding and green schools. Click here for details.

Discover hundreds of green products and services all in one place. Find out what's new and get an intensive, hands-on education that's not available anywhere else!
Visit the Green Auto Mall and Clean Transportation Pavilion to look at the latest vehicles, EV charging solutions and more.

Leadership Awards
The annual Leadership Awards reception is a highlight of the Summit. Join us to celebrate outstanding public sector programs.

Pre-Summit Reception
All attendees are invited to a Pre-Summit reception in the Expo, from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm on April 7. Meet our exhibitors and join Summit partners in launching this year's conference.

Who should attend?
Agency Secretaries
Department Directors
Chiefs, Administration Division
Facility Managers
Energy Managers
Sustainability Managers
Board Members
Chief Business Officers
Transportation Specialists
Chief Financial Officers
Building Officials
Capital Outlay Managers
Building Managers
Procurement Managers
Real Estate Managers
Budget Officers
Recycling Professionals
Waste Management Professionals
Fleet Managers
Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Architects and Designers
Construction Professionals
Anyone with green program responsibilities!

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Become a Partner in Learning - Meet at the Summit!
The Partners in Learning program is an opportunity for professional organizations that want to meet onsite at the Summit, a dynamic atmosphere that is designed to inspire, inform and encourage interaction.

As a courtesy, Green Technology provides free meeting space for all Partners in Learning. There are also substantial registration discounts for group members that want to participate in Summit activities. Audio/visual equipment and catering are not provided, but can be arranged and purchased through the Convention Center. In addition, discounted rates may be available at area hotels to accommodate out of town attendees.

If your organization is interested in holding a scheduled meeting at the Summit please call 626.577.5700

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