Advisory Board Co-Chairs

Linda Adams
California Environmental Protection Agency

Thomas L. Sheehy
Acting Secretary
California State and Consumer Services Agency

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Able Services
Booth # 1415
Able Services, founded in 1926, still holds true to the ideals which started this small company back then: family-owned, integrity-driven, community-focused and customer-friendly. Able Services provides janitorial, engineering, metal/stone/wood refinishing and window cleaning services to commercial and institutional markets throughout the United States.

Active Safety, Inc.
Booth # 1601
Active Safety photoluminescent EXIT Signs and Path markers have been specified for 2 decades by leading Architects and Engineers. Our signs are engineered to be LEED and code compliant for all exit sign applications. Non-electrical, non-radioactive, recycled construction & 25 year life. Just released: Eco-Clear 2003, a photoluminescent acrylic 'edge-lit' design exit sign.

Activeion Cleaning Solutions
Booth # 1109
The ionatorEXP™ is a handheld device that cleans and sanitizes. Designed for commercial use and leaves behind zero chemical residue. The ionatorEXP™ allows institutions to clean and sanitize while reducing the risk of exposure to their guests and staff from dirt, harmful bacteria, and the H1N1 virus from non-porous, hard surfaces.

Adopt-A-Highways of America
Booth # 715
Zip-it Tree Ties install in seconds - adjustable & reusable - No Hammer - No Nails. Don't just HUG your tress..SUPPORT them. Sponsor an Adopt-A-Highway section and have your own freeway mini-billboard. Our crews do all the litter clean-up.

Adura Technologies
Booth # 1419
Adura Technologies provides an energy management solution through a scalable, cost-effective wireless lighting control system for new and existing facilities. Adura's non-disruptive solution enables building managers to implement load curtailment and energy efficiency strategies to lower operating costs and carbon emissions within a 2-5 year payback.

Airius, LLC
Booth # 1416
Our mission at AIRIUS is to reduce heating and cooling costs while optimizing the comfort level inside a building's environment through the use of our patented product line, the "Air Pear". These goals are achieved through Thermal Destratification which directly results in Energy Conservation.

All Induction Lighting, LLC
Booth # 1400
Specialists in all applications of Induction Lighting: Retrofits & Refurbishment of HID light fixtures, including: Shoe Box, High Bay, Low Bay, Wall Pack, Flood, Bollard, Canopy, Street Post Top, Cobra Head, Antique, Decorative and new custom designed Fixtures. AES/Nexlume Lamps and generators 100,000 hour rated, 10 Year Warranty, 10 Year no cost Maintenance Guarantee.

American Chemistry Council
Booth # 1507
The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Division member companies are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to challenges through plastics. They are finding ways for plastics to help save energy, reduce green house gas emissions and decrease waste and they work to reduce litter through increased access to recycling and public education.

American Modular Systems
Booth # 1125
American Modular Systems is dedicated to delivering quiet, healthy, energy efficient schools. Come visit us in booth 1125 to learn about Gen7 grid neutral indoor learning environments, Californias affordable 21st century classroom.

American Power Solutions
Booth # 1030
American Power Solutions is a specialty lighting company that has been in business for 20 years. We are dedicated to design, manufacture, and implementation of energy saving lighting products to aid in the conservation of energy, create a better quality of light, save money on energy costs and help in the fight against global warming.

American Sheet Metal Partitions Co. Inc.
Booth # 1605

APC by Schneider Electric
Booth # 1325
APC by Schneider Electric, a global leader in critical power and cooling services, provides industry leading product, software and systems for home, office, data center and factory floor applications. Through its unparalleled commitment to innovation, APC delivers pioneering, energy efficient solutions for critical technology and industrial applications.

Arrow Sign Company
Booth # 627
For over 58 years Arrow Sign Company has been a leader in the electric sign industry. Incorporating the latest lighting technologies, Arrow Sign Company has designed and manufactured energy efficient lighting solutions for projects ranging from large scale municipal wayfinding signs to national sign programs.

Bay Area ETC Mission College
Booth # 800
BAETC is sponsored through the Economic and Workforce Development program of the California Community College System, Environmental Training Center (ETC) provide the highest quality environment, health, safety, and homeland security training for the California workforce and assist businesses with their environmental compliance issues.

Belgard Hardscapes
Booth # 1211
Since 1995, a nationwide network of Oldcastle manufacturing facilities has produced Belgard interlocking pavers, permeable pavers and retaining wall products. These products include the traditional and antiqued paver and wall series. All Belgard products have a long history of successful applications on thousands of residential and commercial projects throughout the United States and Canada.

BigBelly Solar
Booth # 1702
Solar-powered BigBelly, with integrated recycling units, automatically compacts waste to cut collection costs by 80%. Can provide immediate savings. Reduces fuel use, emissions and litter. Wireless monitoring system, indoor models available. BigBelly is helping make communities cleaner and more efficient across California and in 20 countries worldwide. Made in USA

BionX / EPS Inc.
Booth # 740
The BionX brand name has quickly become synonymous with intelligent mobility, technology leadership, highest product quality and reliable customer service in the market for premium electric bicycles. It is our goal to improve the natural and urban environment by designing interfaces between man and machine, utilizing smart systems and green technology.

Brewt Power Systems
Booth # 603
Buckeye International is a manufacturer of chemical cleaning products. Buckeye Int'l, founded in 1844, has earned the reputation as a leader in our industry. For example, although the green movement is a driving force in our industry today, we have been operating in a green manner before it was called green.

Buckeye International
Booth # 1021
Buckeye International is a manufacturer of chemical cleaning products. Buckeye Int'l, founded in 1844, has earned the reputation as a leader in our industry. For example, although the green movement is a driving force in our industry today, we have been operating in a green manner before it was called green.

Busch Systems Int. Inc.
Booth # 1131
Busch Systems is North Americas leading manufacturer of recycling bins, waste bins, and composters. Our product line includes Centralized Recycling Containers,Curbside Recycling Containers, Office Recycling Solutions,Composters, and Promotional Recycling Tools.


C&L Supply Company
Booth #1531
C&L Supply is your one stop for a sustainable, touch-free restroom. Providing ecologically friendly solutions with Waterless No-Flush Urinals, Xlerator touch-free Hand Dryers, Faucets, Flushers, and Soap dispensers, plus several WaterMiser water conserving products. With the lowest operating and maintenance cost of all others in the industry, these solutions are helping you go green and qualify for LEED" in a cost-effective way

California Architectural Foundation
Booth #945
Our Mission: "The California Architectural Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable communities through support of research and education". CAF reports to the AIA California Conference Board and service as the "link" between the profession of architecture and academia.

California Center for Sustainable Energy
Booth #942
The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE) is a nonprofit corporation that helps individuals, businesses, local governments and others throughout San Diego and California adopt greener habits and save energy. CCSE offers free workshops and public events, administers state incentive programs and offers technical assistance and program management that facilitate renewable and efficient energy technologies and practices.

California Department of Water Resources
Booth #845
The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaboration of auto manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies and transit agencies, that work together to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

California Fuel Cell Partnership
Booth #1001
The California Fuel Cell Partnership is a collaboration of auto manufacturers, energy providers, government agencies, fuel cell technology companies and transit agencies, that work together to promote the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

California Highway Adoption Co.,Zip-it Tree Ties
Booth #715

California Prison Industry Authority
Booth #833
California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) provides work assignments for approximately 6,600 inmates in 23 California adult correctional institutions,operating over 60 service, manufacturing, and agricultural industries. CALIFORNIA BENEFITS WHEN YOU BUY FROM CALPIA:

California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative - Opening Keynote Sponsor
Booth #902
Founded in June 2001, the California Stationary Fuel Cell Collaborative is a public-private partnership working to advance the deployment of stationary fuel cells for distributed generation throughout the state of California. For more information, visit our Website at

Call 2 Recycle
Booth #1602
Call2Recycle promotes sustainability and product stewardship through its free and easy nationwide battery and cell phone recycling program.

Carlisle SynTec
Booth #1303
Carlisle SynTec is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, commercial roof systems. From its dependable single-ply membranes to its vast insulation offerings, Carlisle's roofing products have been keeping buildings watertight for nearly half a century, and now, all of these products can be combined with Carlisle Energy Services photovoltaic systems to create energy-saving and energy-producing rooftops.

Castle Press
Booth #1613
Castle Press is a printing company who works with clients who require effective communications that are sustainable and friendly to our environment. Sustainability goals are met through project planning, use of recycled FSC papers, vegetable oil based inks, stochastic screening, non toxic direct-to-plate making systems. Visit or call 800-798-0858 to find out how to lead your organization to greater sustainability.

CF Manufacturing, LLC
Booth #625
CFM is the exclusive distributor of GES LED streetlights and Aquadyne complletely recycled drainage solutions. GES Luminairs feature the lowest energy consumption with the highest output in the industry. Quality that is backed by a 10 year warranty. For more information visit us

CFM Equipment
Booth #1521
Green Power is a one-stop distribution company for the highest quality, cutting-edge green energy technologies such as Geothermal, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind Power, Mounting Systems, Inverters, and Optimizers. With over 30 years of experience, you just can't find better service or products.

Cisco Systems
Booth #637
Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government, and home communications. As the foundation of these networks, Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings help individuals, companies, and countries increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and strengthen competitive advantage.

Citizens Climate Lobby
Booth #703
There are 2,300 paid energy lobbyist in WDC. Almost all of them are funded by big oil and coal. The only chance our planet has, is if ordinary citizens are trained and empowered to have the Federal Government enact effective climate policy. We are committed to , and will create the political will for a sustainable climate.

City of Dixon
Booth #701
Dixon is a business-friendly city located along I-80 and the transcontinental railway corridor. Dixon maintains small town charm, providing easy access to Sacramento, San Francisco, Napa Valley, and Lake Tahoe. Dixon is located 5 miles from the resources of the University of California, Davis. Reasonable land prices, industrial buildings, and affordable cost of living make Dixon a perfect place to live, work, and locate a business. Dixon is targeting green business for its strategic growth.

Clean Start
Booth # 1110
SARTA's CleanStart initiative is designed to accelerate the development of clean tech ventures within the Greater Sacramento Region. CleanStart educates, mentors and empowers entrepreneurs to get them investor ready and accelerate commercialization of sound product ideas. CleanStart developed the PowerUP! Business Plan Competition and the Clean Tech Showcase.

Clean Way Environmental Partners, Inc
Booth #837
CleanWay Environmental Partners provides filtration products for stormwater, industrial wastewater treatment and groundwater protection that help municipalities and businesses comply with local, state and federal water quality requirements and stormwater regulations. Our filtration products are cost effective and easy to install and maintain, helping customers improve water quality. Proven solutions for stormwater, industrial wastewater, sewage, auto/shipyards, landfills, UIC/drywells, and more.

Clear Wall Corporation
Booth #930
Clear-Wall is a national firm focusing on the energy saving effects that window film can have on the building envelope. Independent energy savings analysis is performed across all manufacture film types utilizing US Department of Energy based simulation software. The Clear-Wall Advantage provides engineering analysis with the greatest cost savings.

ClearEdge Power
Booth #1209
The ClearEdge high efficiency fuel cell brings locally generated, clean and available power and heat to the home, business or institution. ClearEdge Power offers reliable production 24/7 at a reduced cost of up to 50% and lowers your carbon footprint by close to 40%. Fuel cells are the future of energy, today

Clyde Equipment Co., Inc
Booth #1301
We are manufacturer representatives established in 1954 for HVAC boiler companies’ components. Featuring Aerco International, Inc. which introduced their first high efficient condensing boiler in 1988 and has supplied water heaters since 1949. Aerco has inverse efficiency with modulation to 23:1 for boilers to 3000 mbh of small footprint.

Coda Automotive
Booth #607
Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., CODA is working to reduce dependence on foreign oil and leading the way to a cleaner future by building 100% electric cars and transportation battery systems. The American engineered, globally built CODA electric car will be available to consumers in 2010.

Commerce Printing Services
Booth #742
Commerce Printing id FSC Certified and a California Certified Small Business. Our commitment to protecting our environment is evident through our use of renewable energy and sustainable resources; such as bio-diesel fuel, vegetable-based inks, 100% wind energy and FSC certified paper. For over 21 years, our commitment to customer service and quality has contributed to our company's growth.

Commissioning Agents, Inc
Booth #1033

Comtec Distributing
Booth #1032
Comtec Distributing Offers Green and Energy Efficient products including: Enerworks, Solar Thermal Energy Solutions and Fafco, SunGrabber Solar Hot Water System. Comtec is also Distributor for Skystream Wind Turbine and Southwest Windpower products. Comtec Distributing is a Wholesale Distributor serving an extensive network of retail dealers. Let Comtec Distributing team up with your business with energy producing and energy efficient products.

Concrete Masonry Association of CA and NV
Booth #1517
Concrete Masonry Association of California and Nevada (CMACN),, is a non-profit professional trade association committed to strengthening and promoting the concrete masonry industry in California and Nevada. CMACN serves as the leading concrete masonry data clearinghouse in the western states. We facilitate up-to-date information gathering, dissemination and testing programs.

Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz LLP
Booth #1019
From Fortune 100 companies to innovative start-ups, Connolly Bove attorneys help support your business and protect your ideas and technology. Our technical and legal expertise, coupled with business savvy, make us the ideal partner in the rocketing green technology markets. We help clients prosper by developing solutions to business challenges, and protecting innovations and brands. Visit our booth or, or contact us at

Conscious Creative
Booth #1234
Conscious Creative is a green-certified multimedia studio that has been dedicated to offering organizations a host of sustainable creative services since our inception in 2001. If you need a new website, brochure, brand strategy or video to get your message out, we have specialists in each discipline, and you'll find we offer unsurpassed client service. To learn about all our offerings, visit

Construction Specifications Institute
Booth #941
The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a national association dedicated to creating standards and formats to improve construction documents and project delivery. The organization is unique in the industry in that its members are a cross-section of specifiers, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, facility managers and others in the construction industry.

Containment Corporation
Booth #1425
Secondary Spill Containment and Control Products- Drive-In containment Surfaces for Fuel Tankers, Rail Tank Cars, and Aircrafts. Large dike walls and box curbs for AST's. Drum Containment, IBC Tote Containment, Sorbents, Drain Covers and Plugs, and Spill Pallets. Registered California Small Business along with a CMAS, GSA, and DLA Contract.

Containment Solutions
Booth #820
Flowtite Water Tanks, from Containment Solutions, are the ideal reservoir for potable and non-potable water applications including your green building initiatives. Our underground fiberglass tanks contribute to several LEED® categories. They are lightweight and non-corrosive and come in sizes ranging from 600  60,000 gallons. Flowtite tanks can be used for rainwater harvesting, landscape irrigation, graywater reuse and even stormwater collection and treatment.

CPI Daylighting Inc.
Booth #810
CPI pioneered the use of polycarbonate translucent panels for architectural use two decades ago and continues to develop specialized products like standing seam translucent systems, hurricane endurance designs and "Class A" fire-resistant systems.  CPI’s newest innovation is ControLite®, an intelligent, self-adjusting, dynamic daylighting system that manages shading and sunlight transmission.

Creative Office
Booth #1525
Since 1986, Creative Office has been one of the leaders in the development of LEED qualified Commercial Interiors specializing in Remanufactured/ Recycled Systems and other fine furnishings. We are a full service contract furniture dealership offering LEED Consulting, space planning, CADD, specifying, delivery and installation services. Contact us at 800.400-7787 or

CSRware, Inc.
Booth #734
CSRware offers web-based Sustainability Management Software and expertise in supporting the new energy economy. CSRware's analytics platform gives manager's access to the functionality they need to assess energy, waste, water and determine carbon compliance. With a workflow methodology to initiate and prioritize improvements, managers can track and quantify progress, analyze ROI and communicate with stakeholders.

Custom-Bilt Metals
Booth #1315
Introducing FUSIONSOLAR. We are a metal roofing manufacturer that has integrated thin-film solar onto our standing seam panels. Producing roofing products since 1974, Custom-Bilt Metals has the knowledge to deliver the best in energy-efficient, coated-metal roofing. As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Custom-Bilt Metals meets or exceeds environmental specifications for cool roofs. or 800-826-7813

Cypress Envirosystems
Booth #1421
Cypress Envirosystems provides technologies to retrofit existing facilities for energy efficiency, auto demand response, and lower maintenance costs: This includes HVAC pneumatics for commercial buildings; steam, compressed air and rotating equipment for industrial plants. Our technologies are non-invasive, take minutes to install, and typically pay back under 18 months.

Daikin AC, Inc
Booth #1401
Daikin AC offers North America intelligent heating and cooling solutions with superior energy performance and sophisticated design. These advanced systems fall under the VRV®, VRV-S®, Quaternity" and SkyAir product names. The company, based in Carrollton, Texas, is a subsidiary of Daikin Holdings (USA), Inc., which is owned by the Japanese-based Daikin Industries, Ltd., a global provider of residential, commercial and industrial-use heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Department of General Services/Fleet & Asset Mngt
Booth #700
The Office of Fleet & Asset Management (OFAM) provides transportation and commute-related services statewide with a focus on the needs of our customers. Our office is responsible for the establishment, implementation & maintenance of policies & procedures governing State-owned mobile equipment. We provide transportation-related services including vehicle pools, repair facilities, vehicle inspection, employee parking, discount air fares, commercial car rentals & vehicle acquisition/disposition.

Department of Motor Vehicles
Booth #601
The California Department of Motor Vehicles mission is to secure and protect personal information; establish true identity to ensure the validity of licensed drivers and ID card holders, license and regulate the motor vehicle industry, register vehicles to identify and authorize use, and title vehicles to establish ownership interest.To that end sustainable efforts are built into every facet of the DMV culture. Your commitment to sustainable practices is evident by your presence at this Summit.

Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Booth #940
The Division of Apprenticeship Standards partners with industry to create apprenticeship programs the "earn-while-you-learn" model of talent development. Apprenticeship is the training ground for a majority of the "Green Jobs" talked about for the new economy. Almost any occupation is "apprenticeable." Let us help you to train your skilled workforce, or check out the apprenticeship opportunities available.

Division Of Financial Assistance
Booth #1044
The Division of Financial Assistance (DFA) administers the implementation of the State Water Resources Control Board's (State Water Board) financial assistance programs, that include loan and grant funding for construction of municipal sewage and water recycling facilities, remediation for underground storage tank releases, watershed protection projects, nonpoint source pollution control projects, etc. DFA also administers the Water Recycling Program and the Operator Certification Program.

Dixie Chopper
Booth #931
Leading the industry in alternative power options and environmentally friendly units, Dixie Chopper is the first mower manufacturer to offer machines in four separate fuel options – compressed natural gas, propane, diesel, and of course, gasoline. The latest alternative power option is the Xcaliber Diesel, powered by a 4-cylinder, 36-horsepower Caterpillar engine. Meanwhile, the revolutionary Eco-Eagle CNG model and Dixie Chopper propane-powered units offer “green,” more environmentally friendly alternatives that exceed all current emissions standards for a cleaner tomorrow.

DRI Energy
Booth #1414
DRI Energy sets the standard for quality solar design and construction. With over 30 years of roofing and construction expertise, a seasoned solar team and strategic partnerships with leading financial solution providers, we offer clients site-appropriate, high value solar solutions. We execute flawlessly with well-established construction practices including safety.

D-Squared Product Development
Booth #1704

Dunn-Edwards Corporation
Booth #1227
What makes Dunn-Edwards greener by designTM? It grows out of our commitment to eco-efficiency in everything we do ? formulating our paints to achieve more performance with less harmful ingredients, conserving energy and material resources, reducing waste, and protecting human health and safety.

DURABIKELOCKERS/Hannan Specialties
Booth #621


Earth Friendly Products
Booth # 1120
Recognized as a Champion Partner of the US EPA’s Design for the Environment SDSI program, Earth Friendly Products is the leading primary manufacturer of plant-based cleaning products in the United States.

Eco Microfilters
Booth # 1308

Ecolab Inc.
Booth # 1007
Ecolab Inc. is the global leader in cleaning, sanitizing, food safety and infection control products and services. Ecolab delivers comprehensive programs and services to the foodservice, food and beverage processing, hospitality, healthcare, government and education, retail, textile care, commercial facility, and vehicle wash industries.

EI Products
Booth # 1412
EI Products is a US manufacturer of the most energy efficient, safest, and dependable safety lighting products.

Elite Energy Saving
Booth # 802
Reduce your Power Bill by 10-25% at a Fraction of the Cost of Solar.  The patented USES® Green technology energy reduction system provides guaranteed kWh/Demand reduction, raised power factor, surge protection, harmonic balancing, and cooler motors. Average 24 month ROI. Thousands installed in facilities worldwide for over 18 years.

Elk Grove Dodge GEM
Auto Mall # H
GEM vehicles are a product of Chrysler Corp. GEM offers neighborhood electric vehicles in 2, 4, & 6 passenger models. The GEM is an ALL electric vehicle and works well in the school campus enviroment, for inner city travel and park districts. We have GEM's in correctional facilities in California and they are also suitable for indoor use such as warehouses. GEM's operate on just pennies a day and recharge on any standard 110 outlet.

Employment Training Panel
Booth # 841
The Employment Training Panel (ETP) is a business and labor supported state agency that assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to off-set the costs of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces. The program serves as the State's premier economic development tool, encouraging many companies to locate or expand in California with the assistance of ETP's job training funds.

Enterprise Storage Solutions
Booth # N/A
ESS offers SAN & NAS storage solutions ranging from 1TB to 100+ PB. We service the smallest environments from Small to Medium Businesses to the most demanding HPC and Large Enterprise Datacenters. Our Solution Architects have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the IT industry to help you find a green solution that best fits your company’s needs and requirements.

Energy Management Products
Booth # 1035

Booth #1308
Introducing Envirosink. This simple and affordable installation is your opportunity to help save a precious resource, and to help fill your rain barrel in the dry season. Envirosink is an environmentally helpful secondary sink.

EnviroTower Inc.
Booth #1700
EnviroTower, a cleantech industry leader, provides proven, reliable water management solutions for maximizing energy and water efficiencies while minimizing environmental impact.The company enables commercial, institutional and industrial customers to reduce energy and water costs through a clean, comprehensive water treatment solution that delivers consistent, measurable results.

Facility Engineering Associates
Booth # 814
Facility Engineering Associates, P.C. (FEA) is a national engineering consulting firm delivering quality services to our clients. FEA specializes in solving problems with existing facilities. We are dedicated to providing outstanding service and value to our clients. Our mission is to provide our clients with tools to help extend the service life of existing facilities and building systems

Field of Green/ ForeverLawn West
Booth # 1307
Field of Green offers a wide variety of alternatives to natural grass. Using high green-content, synthetic products from ForeverLawn will help to reduce emissions, conserve water and eliminate the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Safe and environmentally friendly, these cost-saving, low maintenance solutions are great for school lawns and playgrounds, sports fields, golf greens, yards and K9 applications
Booth #1615
Foreca l"FOREcast CALendar" No more to bulky whiteboard & Hardware! Patent Pending, On-Demand Innovative fully customized wet/dry erasable wall/floor size Flexmedia" planners and systems for home and organization. Smarter Greener Approach to a great planning and more. Personalized smart white NOT board. Take your team/department or operation Excel® sheet and transform it into a branded wall size wet/dry erasable board.

Fred J. Schmidt & Associates
Booth # 711
We have a distinguished 29-year track record providing environmentally safe interior/exterior painting , non-toxic elastomeric waterproofing and solar "cool roof" elastomeric maintenance services throughout Northern California. Our three divisions include commercial, industrial and residential services with the distinction of being one of the first certified lead-based paint disturbance contractors in California. Visit us at our web site at

FRG Waste Resources
Booth #1712
Founded in 1996, FRG Waste Resources, Inc.(FRG) has become a nationwide waste-management industry leader. FRG provides progressive and sustainable waste-management solutions that include highly effective commercial/industrial waste-diversion programs, compaction & waste-processing equipment, electronic-waste(eScrap) and universal waste(batteries, lamps, etc.) recycling. FRG solutions are carefully designed to reduce costs and improve operations while providing maximum environmental benefit.

FuelCell Energy Inc
Booth # 901
FuelCell Energy is the world leader in the development and production of stationary fuel cells for commercial, industrial, municipal and utility customers.  FuelCell Energy’s ultra-clean and high efficiency DFC® fuel cells are generating power at over 50 locations worldwide.  The company’s power plants have generated more than 275 million kWh of power using a variety of fuels including renewable wastewater gas, biogas from beer and food processing, as well as natural gas and other hydrocarbon fuels.  For more information visit

Full Spectrum Solutions
Booth #1130
EverLast(R) Induction Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient induction lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility, and area lighting applications. By working directly with world renowned research partners, including the California Lighting Technology Center and the Enhanced Spectrum Lab at the University of Michigan, EverLast(R) brings the most innovative lighting solutions to the market.

General Electric
Booth #1330
Ecomagination is our business strategy to help meet customers' demand for products that improve their bottom line and reduce their impact on the environment. This will also drive growth for GE that delivers for our investors. Ecomagination reflects GE's commitment to invest in a future that creates innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Georgia-Pacific Professional
Booth # 1225
At Georgia Pacific we believe innovation is essential. It drives us to creating long term value for consumers and our environment. By providing environmental responsible products and solutions, we are meeting the sustainability needs of today with continued focus on tomorrow. Georgia Pacific Professional has manufactured environmentally friendly products since 1930. We are committed to preserving and sustaining the environment.

Give Something Back Business Products
Booth # 1317
Give Something Back is the largest independent office products retailer on the West Coast; providing supplies, furniture and printing at competitive prices and with unparalleled customer service. GSB gives over half its profits to nonprofits its customers vote on annually. GSB is a green certified business with a GSA contract. Give Nothing Up, Give Something Back

Booth #1206
Grainger is the leading broad line supplier of facilities maintenance products serving businesses and institutions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China and Panama. Through a highly integrated network including more than 600 branches, 18 distribution centers and multiple Web sites, Grainger's employees help customers get the job done.

Grease Guard/Rooftop Solutions
Booth #1410
Our patented Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems® are so effective at containing grease and oils from rooftop exhaust systems that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has Listed it for effectiveness and safety. This is the most oil absorbent, noncombustible, rainproof, structurally sound, closed, Listed, grease containment system on the market today. The Grease Guard and Drip Guard are comprised of a patented fiber filter system that absorbs and traps grease and oil, keeping them off the roof.

Green Building News
Booth #1118
Green Building News is an online publication serving facility managers, architects and engineers, and manufacturers and vendors in the commercial and institutional building sectors. With a robust website, bi-weekly email newsletters and social-networking platforms, GBN provides comprehensive coverage of the latest trends and innovations in the green building market. Visit us at

Green Cabinet
Booth #1027
The Green Cabinet stands ready to deliver the best overall sustainable solution to the commercial building industry and our economy. We are reputable companies that work within the commercial real estate industry to offer sustainability and building efficiency strategies & solutions. Our goal is to educate the commercial industry in the private and public sectors on current trends, mandates, and companies that will get them to their sustainability goals.

Green Castles
Booth #709
Green Castles helps create Energy Efficiency and Water conservation stratigies for Homes, Business and Industry. There is a strong element of our business stratigy in the Southwest US on Tubular Daylight Devise TDD or also known as Daylight Harvesting. We also consider Synthetic Grass as another way of Water Conservation.

Green MBA of Dominican University of California
Booth #1042
Dominican's Green MBA is an on-site program whose graduates receive a Master of Business Administration degree in Sustainable Enterprise. Students have a choice of two-year full-time and three-year part-time structures to accommodate life/work balance while pursuing the degree. The Green MBA is an engaged learning community that seeks to promote financial viability, ecological sustainability, and social justice in business and organizations of all types.

Green Remediation Solutions
Booth # 1518
GRS provides a new innovative Bio-Degradable Absorbent for petroleum base products spills. NASA technologies spin off and meets EPA specified in Title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 300.900 and the National Contingency Plan (NCP) International MSDA Standards. Total lowest clean-up cost for oil spills.

Green Street Scene
Booth #717", official webcaster of the Green California Summit & Exposition, features individually branded Webcast Channels promoting a specific theme and/or events dedicated to economic environmental sustainability. Hosted on the world's largest server platform, the Network's capably delivers rich content to an audience of any size virtually anywhere. See

Booth #906
AquaPro supplies the Groasis waterboxx which is an easy to use instrument that produces condensation and captures rain without using energy. The instrument can be used to plant trees or bushes in dry, eroded or desert areas or in gardens without the help of irrigation. In order to save costs on planting material the technique can also be used to sow seeds instead of saplings and enables a success ratio close to 100%.


Hall's Window Center
Booth # 1311
Hall’s Window Center is an exclusive dealer for Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, and Andersen Patio Doors & Windows. To learn more about replacement windows please visit Hall’s Window Center’s booth and enter to win a $3000 window or door shopping spree. Or you can visit the company’s website at to request a free estimate. 1-800-76-HALLS

Hansel Ford Inc.
Auto Mall F
Hansel Ford is a leading provider of alternative fuel vehicles for over 40 years. Whether your needs are a Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid, CNG, Propane, Bio Diesel or FFV; we can assist you. Choose from passenger cars, cargo vans, wagons, trucks or utility bodies. Hansel Ford is here to help.

Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company
Booth # 808
For nearly a century, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Company (HDCCO) has helped the nations premier companies and institutional facilities develop landmark structures and high-quality interior spaces. We provide General Contracting, Design Build, and complete Project Planning and Management Services. HDCCO fully supports the concept of constructing sustainable buildings and currently has 88 LEED APs on staff.

Haws Corporation
Booth # 1514
Haws Corporation manufactures drinking fountains and emergency equipment for a diverse set of industries. Focus areas include educational centers, recreational parks, government buildings and industrial complexes, as well as, petrochemical production facilities. Founded in 1906, Haws is headquartered in Sparks, NV USA, and is represented around the globe.

HDR, Inc.
Booth # 1324

Heavenly Greens
Booth # 1524
Heavenly Greens, Northern California's exclusive FieldTurf distributor since 2001, proudly offers FieldTurfs products that can assist architects and designers in obtaining points toward LEED certification, the national "Green Building" system.

Booth #730
HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and businesses . The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services and imaging and printing. Imaging and Printing Systems provides laser and inkjet printers, multifunction devices, scanners, all-in-one devices, wide- and large-format printers, print servers, network-management software, networking solutions, and digital photography products.

Hyperseal, INC.
Booth # 619
Hyperseal Inc. Has developed a line of maintenance coating that provide unparalleled LONG TERM PROTECTION TO ASPHALT SURFACES OF ROOFS, DRIVEWAYS, AND PARKING LOTS. These Hyperflex Coatings are composed of low temperature fast cure acrylics with the waterproof, non-erosive and insulative qualities provided by its very green recycled rubber and glass pigmentation. Excellent adhesion to ALL SURFACES

IB Roof Systems
Booth #1208
IB Roof Systems is your sustainable roofing solution! High Performance Single-Ply Roofing Membranes 30-Year Proven Roof Systems Custom Roof Design Carbon Neutral Company Energy and CO2 Reduction Calculations 100% No Expense Warranties Available

Ice Cold Technology
Booth #1515
IceCold Technology is the only SAE certified and green certified solution for reducing the impact of air conditioning and refrigeration on the environment. After eight years in the field, we have only satisfied customers, averaging 23% reduction in electrical use with no complaints, no equipment damage, no request for refund.

Booth #1210
IMSM is a full-service ISO consultancy with over 8,000 clients worldwide. Assistance is provided for compliance and certification to ISO 14001, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems and the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, and most other ISO Standards. Services include assessment, gap analysis, training, development of manuals and documentation, and auditing. A straightforward fixed fee approach ensures ease of implementation and certification.

Booth #1520
InnerSpace provides and installs a wide variety of storage systems and specialty products for Industrial, Commercial and Government markets. From modular wall systems to lockers to high density filing systems; InnerSpace has the experience and product knowledge to insure you get the right product for your needs. Find out more at

Integrated Paving Concepts
Booth #1413
StreetBondSR" Solar reflective coating for asphalt surfaces can contribute LEED® credits and are an ideal solution for hardscape and green parking lot design. StreetBondSR system works with almost any color, even ones like slate and brick. Visit www.

International Water Treatment NA LLC
Booth #1306
Distributor of chemical free water treatment system called Elysator. Used for boilers, fresh water heating & chilling loops in commercial & industrial applications.


Jetro Los Angeles
Booth # N/A
JETRO is eager to help maximize the success of U.S. businesses through partnerships with clean-tech companies featuring the latest Japanese green innovations. JETRO also promotes the sharing of experience and expertise related to climate change policies of national and regional governments in Japan with U.S. partners.

Johnson Controls
Booth #1320
Johnson Controls is creating a more comfortable, safe and sustainable world. We deliver smart environments, bringing ingenuity to places where employees and constituents live, work, and travel. From energy-efficient equipment and control systems to green buildings and renewable energy, we help you manage your facilities in a sustainable manner.

Kelly-Moore Paint Company
Booth # 1530
A California-based company at the forefront of environmental innovation and regulation in the paint industry with eCoat, recycled paint and zero VOC products Enviro Coat & Green Coat.  Kelly-Moore has also received several green business awards from the State of California and San Mateo County for efforts to reduce solid waste and conserve water, energy and other natural resources.

Ken's Bike and Ski/Swann Electric Bicycles
Booth #740

Kimberly Clark Professional
Booth #1430
As the market leader in professional health & hygiene solutions KIMBERLY CLARK PROFESSIONAL is committed to sustainability principles in all we do. As an organization, we examine our product's whole lifecycle, from source to disposal, always looking for new ways to reduce the amount of natural resources we use. While it's good to think about recycling, it's time to think about reducing. We call our approach REDUCE TODAY, RESPECT TOMORROW*


LEDtronics Inc.
Booth # 1436
LEDtronics, manufactures LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) Lamps and bulbs with standard electrical bases and voltages, for a wide variety of applications from LED street lights and parking lot lights to decorative lighting, Signage, Architectural, panel mounts, Industrial lighting, theme parks and Theaters.

Lifesource Water Systems, Inc.                        
Booth # 1427
LifeSource manufactures point-of-entry water filtration systems for residential and commercial applications, through a carbon activated natural filter medium. No chemicals, no salt, no filters and no maintenance. LifeSource systems are WQA Gold Seal Certified for 1.6 million gallons, the highest in the industry.

Living Green Design Solutions                  
Booth # 1537
Bringing you innovative, exquisitely designed Green Architectural Building & Landscape Materials. We Look Forward to helping you create beautiful sustainable living spaces through the use of our products. We strive to bring you the best the industry has to offer.

Longlite Technologies US
Booth # 1134
"ENERGY-FREE SAFETY SOLUTIONS FOR A BRIGHTER GREENER TOMORROW" Based and founded with head offices in Switzerland and distributing globally, Longlite has become a leading trademark for photoluminescent safety lighting systems the past 25 years. Exacting measures of Swiss precision and highest quality we offer a wide range of products. Energy free UL listed EXIT SIGNS, anti-panic fluorescent lamps, photoluminescent paint,tapes,safety markings,carpet as well as indoor and outdoor safety signage.

Lutron Electronics
Booth # 937
Lutron Electronics’ EcoSystem is a revolutionary lighting control system comprised of digital electronic dimming ballasts, switches, dimmers and daylighting sensors that can generate energy savings of 50% to 70%.  All Lutron solutions save energy and protect the environment while enhancing your visual experience, personal comfort, productivity, and safety -- making light greener and better.

Booth # 1107
MBTechnology was founded in 1983 in Fresno and specializes in manufacturing SBS-modified asphalt roofing membranes for residential and commercial application. Our roofing systems have been tested with various agencies including UL, Factory Mutual and, ICC and contribute to various LEED categories,including job location, recycled content and meeting Cool Roof. We can assist facility managers and architects with roof evaluation, preparation of budget and specification writing at no charge.

MDC Wall Coverings
Booth # 1714
MDC Wallcoverings is a leading global source for contract wallcoverings, coatings and specialty wall products. Conserving natural resources and safeguarding the environment is fundamental to our corporate philosophy. MDC Wallcoverings has spearheaded the effort to reduce the consumption of energy, utilize renewable resources, and provide sustainable solutions for end-of-life use

Booth # 1614
MEGAMAN is a manufacture of high quality Energy Saving Lamps. Our products are sold in over 80 Countries world wide. A name that defines creativity, innovation and devotion to assiduously deliver noval and greener solutions in lighting.

Booth # 1611

Booth #1235
Microdesk is a design technology consultancy with 11 offices nationwide that provides the AECO and Manufacturing industries with premiere consulting, implementation, support, and training solutions using today’s leading technology products from Autodesk, Google, Oracle, Adobe, and ESRI. For more information, visit

Miles Electric Vehicles
Booth # Auto Mall E
Miles Electric Vehicles - Manufacturer of all electric, all steel, Low Speed Vehicles in 4 door sedan and light duty work truck platform. Great for enclosed or short range low speed environments ie. Universities / Educational Campus, Municipalities, Parks, Airports, Prisons, Corporate Campus, Sports Parks, Amusement Parks and Zoos. Zero Emissions / All Electric. Street legal on 35 mph streets, max speed 25 mph. 72 volt drive, 110 volt charging system on board. Heater, Defroster, A/C available.

Mission Motors
Booth #Auto Mall K
Our mission is to build an electric motorcycle uncompromised in every aspect of performance: speed, acceleration, range, handling, reliability, and impact on the environment.

The Mohawk Group
Booth # 1117
The Mohawk Group is represented by Lee's, Bigelow and Karastan Contract. Each brand had a wide variety of Carpet tile and Broadloom combinations. The Mohawk Group also had a vast offering of VCT, Luxory Vinyl, entry tile, sheet vinyl products. This type of offering makes The Mohawk Group a one stop shop for all your flooring needs. All brands are also part of CMAS,WSCA, GSA, CHPS, CALIFORNIA GOLD tile and broadloom offerings.

Mount Professional Service
Booth # 1108
Our product is the DewPointe Atmospheric Water Generator which produces pure water from the moisture in the air. We have units that can manufacture 3-5 gallons a day in your home or office, as well as, units that can manufacture 1000 gallons per day.

Multistack LLC
Booth # 1011
Multistack manufactures both water-cooled and air-cooled modular chiller systems that offer solutions to problems faced by modern facilities managers and technicians. Small footprint, redundancy, future expandability, ASHRAE-15 compliance, low maintenance, and extreme quietness are a few of the advantages we offer. Multistack is the first carbon neutral manufacturer in the HVAC industry and leads its market segment in dedicated heat recovery chillers and environmentally friendly solutions.


National Fenestration Rating Council
Booth # 1519
The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) is the recognized global leader in delivering energy and related performance ratings and certification for fenestration products and systems. These include windows, doors, skylights, and attachment products.

NFRC is an independent 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization created to serve the public interest through education and research.

Nations Roof
Booth # 1616
As one of America's leading commercial roofing contractors specializing in Green Roof Technology & Solar, Nations Roof is one of the original innovators of systems designed to save energy and the environment, and today is ranked among the nation's foremost installers of green roof systems. With 20 locations nationwide Nations Roof is nearby to serve all your green roofing and solar needs.

Booth # 1527
At NCFI Polyurethanes, we've been making your life more comfortable for over 40 years. From the carpet you walk on to the roof over your head and the insulation in your building's walls, our products make your world more comfortable, safer and more convenient. NCFI is the industry leader in the formulation and manufacturing of rigid and flexible polyurethanes that you will find in products you use every day. Visit for more details or call 800-346-8229.

Booth # 631
NComputing's eco-friendly desktops turn PCs into multiple workstations for as low as $70 per seat. Expand access, save energy and simplify IT maintenance with this award winning solution. Thousands of schools have deployed our solutions to drastically reduce PC acquisition and maintenance costs while minimizing environmental impact.

Booth # 1402

Nikkei America
Booth # 1403
Nikkei America created Green Innovation Connect which is a project designed to allow U.S. businesses to partner with Japanese green-tech companies, and to enable access to the latest technology updates, partnering events, and conferences featuring Japanese "green" innovations.  GIC shows how to apply green technology to the construction of new or existing educational buildings

No More Geysers LLC.
Booth # 1040
NO MORE GEYSERS stops unwanted geysers due to sprinklers that have been broken off and allows your other sprinklers to operate normally. The NO MORE GEYSERS Riser is a sprinkler riser with an internal shut off valve positioned at the base of the riser.

Noritz America, Inc.
Booth # 1500
Noritz is the #1 manufacturer in green tankless technology that offers both residential and commercial models. All models are between 84% to 94% efficient which will qualify for Federal Tax Credit, Energy Star Appliance rebate as well as local utility rebates. Please visit our website for more information

Optimum Energy, LLC
Booth # 1207
Optimum Energy's OptimumHVAC software reduces energy consumption in commercial building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems by up to 60%, helping building owners save money and the environment. OptimumHVAC also provides secure, Web-based measurement and verification of HVAC performance to ensure savings continue the life of the plant.


Pestmaster Services, Inc.
Booth # 1337
We at Pestmaster Services are fully committed to providing our government customers with “green” sustainable pest and vegetation control services.  The transparency of our pest and vegetation management procedures ensures our techniques and services truly are green.   “Green” is an active commitment to the environment .  We call it “Environ-Mentality”.

Peterson Power Systems
Booth # 1331
At Peterson, our goal is to minimize our environmental impact. Working with the state of California, Peterson is proud to offer engines that are compliant with current emissions standards, thus minimizing the environmental impact of our equipment over its lifetime. We’ve put considerable effort into our employee-driven Green programs, since beginning our Green program in 2007 we’ve received numerous awards for our efforts.

Philips Electronics North America
Booth # 830
Philips Electronics is a leading global Health and Well-being company and the worlds largest, most technologically advanced provider of energy efficient office, commercial and outdoor lighting. We have pioneered many of the key breakthroughs in lighting over the past century and are now leading the way in energy efficiency with state-of-the-art ceramic metal halide and solid-state (LED) systems.

Philips LTG Co.
Booth # 830
With one of the industry's broadest lines of sustainable lighting solutions, Philips is driven by a commitment to eco-friendly products and practices. Consistently ranked as one of the most sustainable companies by Dow Jones and others, Philips has a tradition of spearheading innovative, energy-efficient initiatives, while fully promoting sustainability.

Photon Energy Services
Booth # 1526
Photon Energy Services (Photon) enables schools to go solar without buying expensive and complex machinery requiring unfamiliar maintenance. Photon makes solar simple by covering upfront costs, managing the design and implementation of the solar PV system, and providing ongoing usual and customary maintenance. We provide clean energy with clear savings.

Platt Electric Supply
Booth # 1231
Platt is a network of branches that service 6 western states from over 99 locations. We are a value added service company that supplies a broad range of products and services to the electrical construction, commercial, industrial, utility, video surveillance, and datacomm markets. Services include- on-line ordering on-line account information 25,000 Cut Sheets Online product training credit accounts delivery 30,000 items in stock available everyday to all locations. Family owned

Polar Industries
Booth # 932
Polar Industries produces green, environmentally friendly, NON-VOC coatings, adhesives, epoxies and surfaces based on natural HiOmega linseed oil. Products include antigraffiti coatings, epoxidized linseed oil, alkyd resins for natural paints, inks, roof and floor coatings, anti-spalling agents, concrete preservatives, carpet adhesives and more. Come to booth 932 to speak to our representative or contact us at

Premier Power - Solar
Booth # 1015
Premier Power Renewable Energy, Inc. is a leading global provider of small to large-scale solar power systems, delivering consistent quality systems to government, commercial, agricultural and residential customers throughout North America and Spain. Premier Power designs and deploys the most innovative solar electric systems through market-leading innovations and exceptional customer service, enabling its customers to maximize clean energy output along with project savings.

Presidio Graduate School
Booth # 944
Presidio Graduate School offers graduate education in sustainable management, including MBA, MPA and Executive programs. Presidio is the largest graduate school designed around the principles of sustainability, preparing students to lead organizations in ways that are socially and environmentally responsible and financially successful.

Project Assistance Corporation
Booth # 1418
PAC provides engineering, project management and quality assurance for solar, geothermal, nuclear and landfill gas industries. Since 1976, PAC has a proven track record of successful project completion and continued relationships with some of the biggest players in the "Green Power" industry. PAC prides itself on our efficiency of operation and attention to project cost and schedule requirements.

Prudential Overall Supply
Booth # 615
Prudential Overall Supply is a uniform provider with solutions for businesses requiring uniforms and textile rental programs. Uniform programs include uniform rental, uniform lease and uniform purchase. As a uniform provider, Prudential Overall Supply works with work clothing manufacturers that provide the industrys most respected brands like Dickies, Red Kap, Wrangler, Chef Design, Bulwark, Lee and Medline.

Pure Power! Lifetime Filters
Booth #641
Pure Power! Lifetime Oil & Fuel Filters®. CLEANABLE, REUSABLE Direct Replacement for all applications. NO TOXIC DISPOSAL. NEVER BUY ANOTHER FILTER.Reduce inventory. Lab tested 90% Improvement over disposable filters. Easy to clean. Improve fuel mileage, lower emissions, reduce lubricant disposal up to 75%. 10,000,000 trouble free miles on Govt fleets. www. Phone: 1-800-750-0827

Booth #1533
Quest has developed a line of exceptional sustainable, environmentally friendly products that bring effective solutions for home and work. Quest will be featuring the VULCAN-CALMAT German line of impulse technology hard water treatment systems, the water saving INFRARED SENSOR FAUCET ADAPTER and the multi-purpose ORGANIC ORANGE TKO d'limonene alternative to toxic liquid chemicals.

Quest Construction Products (Hydro-Stop United Coatings
Booth # 1431
Hydro-Stop + United Coatings = Quest Construction Products, a company with decades of proven experience and the industry's widest range of innovative solutions for waterproofing your building envelope and providing sustainability for the life of the building. FM, CRRC, Miami-Dade, Florida Building Code, Energy Star approved; OTC, LEED, Title 24 compliant.


Raw Materials Company Inc.
Booth # 1230

Real Ability, Inc.
Booth # 1215
Real Ability offers a web-based software solution, combining training, e-marketing and flowcharting in a single solution. The company develops custom training content, provides project management services, and user support services. Content includes training curricula, tests, development of unique certifications, and custom surveys, as part of an end-to-end solution.

Rec Solar, Inc.
Booth # 1221
REC Solar, Inc. specializes in grid-tied solar electric design and installation, offering affordable solar solutions for residential, commercial, and Government customers. REC Solar has grown to become the largest solar installer in the US and is currently listed on the GSA Schedule. REC Solar has offices throughout 6 states (AZ, CA, CO, HI, OR and NJ).

Renewable Technologies, Inc
Booth # 707
For over 15 years Renewable Technologies, Inc. has designed, engineered, furnished and installed state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems. These SolarStar® Electrical Energy Systems have proven their efficiency and reliability. Contact us at or call 1-209-267-5225 to find out how renewable energy can provide you with immediate savings.

Republic Services
Booth # 934
Environmentally responsibility is our business. It's not a component, it's what we do. With 75 gas-to-energy projects, we provide energy to meet the green power electrical needs of over 320,000 homes. Over 600 of our current fleet of vehicles operate on natural gas and nearly 500 are using cleaner fuel alternatives.

Resource Area For Teaching-RAFT
Booth # 843
Raft is an Education Resource for k-12 teachers. We provide hands-on-learning materials and California State Standard activities, to be used in the classroom. Activities are made from recycled materials. Our focus is on math, science, art and technology.

Booth # 1532
Gas fired, tankless water heaters. High efficient and condensing.

Riso Inc.
Booth # 731
Riso Inc. is recognized as the most environmentally friendly/green print technology manufacturer in the world featuring high-speed full color printing equipment. Riso technology is now being used in over half of all K-12 schools in the US, energy-efficient businesses and government agencies of all sizes

Rooftop Solutions
Booth #1410
Our patented Grease Guard Rooftop Defense Systems® are so effective at containing grease and oils from rooftop exhaust systems that Underwriters Laboratories Inc. has Listed it for effectiveness and safety. This is the most oil absorbent, noncombustible, rainproof, structurally sound, closed, Listed, grease containment system on the market today. The Grease Guard and Drip Guard are comprised of a patented fiber filter system that absorbs and traps grease and oil, keeping them off the roof.

Rubber Trails and Surfaces
Booth # 1114
Rubber Trails and Surfaces designs, engineers and manufactures the highest quality safety surfacing and landscape products manufactured from recycled rubber. Our two manufacturing facilities are located in Ranger, Georgia and Mentone, California. Each location will provide products, installation and outstanding customer service.

Sacramento Regional Transit District
Booth # 1009
The Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) is the largest transit service provider in the Sacramento region. RT operates 91 bus routes and approximately 37.5 miles of light rail covering a 418 square-mile service area. Buses and light rail operate 365 days a year using electric light rail vehicles and buses powered by compressed natural gas (100 percent clean fuel fleet).

Sacramento State College of Continuing Education
Booth # 1017
An extension of Sacramento State, The College of Continuing Education (CCE) provides lifelong learning opportunities for personal and professional growth. CCE is committed to building a successful workforce and increasing the quality of life for individuals, employers and our community.

Saniflow Corp.
Booth # 1310
SANIFLOW launches 2 powerful high-speed hand dryers: - SPEEDFLOW able to dry your hands in less that 15 seconds. Complies with the ADA requirements for barrier-free guidelines for public spaces and can be used in Universal voltage range from 110V to 240V. - DUALFLOW: An Upright desgin that removes all the water from your hands quickly thanks to a high speed jet stream that literally blasts the water in between 10 to 15 seconds.

Sanyo North America Corporation
Booth # 1508

SDC Promotions, Inc.
Booth - #1433 - Registration Sponsor
SDC Promotions, as part of the Recognition Group manufactures and distributes Sustainable, Recycled and Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) for awards Awareness, Events and Promotions. We are committed to a sustainable future and the environmental well being of our State. Certified California Small Business #44487

SDI Insulation, Inc
Booth # 834
SDI Insulation, Inc. is a Full Service Insulation Contractor serving all of Northern California. We have over 30 years of experience in the Industry offering great customer service and quality work. Our Customer Satisfaction has earned SDI Insulation a Diamond Certified Rating. SDI provides Free Estimates and are also involved with numerous utility programs including the PG&E/EGIA rebate program.

Seventh Generation Recyling
Booth #1606
7th Generation Recycling is a "commercial textile recycling company" that was founded in 2007 by Charlene Nijmeh ( a member of a local bay area Native American Tribe). Our primary goal is the diversion from landfills of unwanted textiles through education and co-operation with municipalities and communities. By working together we can achieve so much more.

Shaw Contract Group
Booth #1604
Shaw Contract Group defines design by great appearance, performance and sustainability. Our products are installed in commercial environments worldwide. We support cradle-to-cradle design as a means to reduce landfill waste, preserve resources and increase product recyclablility. Shaw Contract Group is a division of Shaw Industries, a Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary.

Booth # 720
Sherwin Williams manufactures and distributes architectural paints and coatings world wide, with over 3,300 retail stores . Along with architectural coatings, Sherwin Williams offers a complete line of LEED compliant and sustainable coatings that include: stains, sealers, epoxies, floor coatings, reflective coatings, industrial coatings, caulks/sealants, Terrazzo and concrete polishing.

Shikoku International Corp.
Booth # 1409
Shikoku is the creator of unique interior coating Eco De Vita (TM)KRM and KRT, that resemble traditional plaster, but work to purify air naturally. These coatings utilize diatomaceous earth to adsorb odors and VOCs, and also moderate indoor air humidity. In addition, the coatings will detoxify adsorbed formaldehyde. These coatings are suited for education, health care, hotel and residential facilities where indoor air quality is a high priority.

Sidel Systems USA Inc.
Booth # 1308
Sidel Systems is commited to assisting government and industries to reduce their CO2 emissions, and reduce their utility bills by helping them to increase their natural gas energy efficiency. Today anywhere from 20% to 65% of all the natural gas consumed is being wasted, blown up chimney's across the state into the atmosphere as HOT exhaust. Sidel Systems has been helping industries for over 25 years to increase their profit margins reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and conserve water.

Siemens Industry Inc.
Booth # 725
Building Technologies. A division of Siemens Industry, Inc. (SII), Building Technologies (BT) Division is a leading provider of energy and environmental solutions, building controls, electrical distribution equipment, fire safety and security systems solutions. BT's solutions enable Americas buildings to be more comfortable, secure and environmentally friendly as well as less costly to operate.

Skanska USA Building
Booth #1406
From its California base in Oakland, and headquarterd in Parsippany, New Jersey, Skanska USA Building Inc. is a leading provider of construction, pre-construction consulting and design-build services to a broad range of U.S. industries including technology, healthcare, education, government, aviation, transportation, sports and entertainment. Committed to sustainable practices, Skanska USA Building Inc. is the only ISO 14001-certified construction manager in the nation.

Smart USA
Auto Mall J
The smart fortwo offers the right balance of power, outstanding fuel efficiency, innovative safety features, environmental friendliness and excellent value. The smart fortwo is available in five trim levels starting at $11,990. For more information visit the smart USA website

Booth # 816
As the nation's sixth largest publicly owned utility, SMUD has been providing low-cost, reliable electricity for more than 60 years to Sacramento County(and a small portion of Placer County). SMUD is a recognized industry leader and award winner for its innovative energy efficiency programs, renewable power technologies, and for its sustainable solutions for a healthier environment. For more information, visit

Snap-Tex Northwest, Inc.
Booth # 1132
Designpanel products offer scope for ceiling design with large, continuous surfaces, the optimum method for large ceilings. Combined with acoustic control, perforations are used, taking the shape of patterns embossed into the surface. Designpanel have tapered edges, giving an even and smooth intermediate joint filling between panels and reducing cracking.

Sol, Inc. (Solar Outdoor Lighting)
Booth #1710
SOL, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of solar powered lighting solutions since 1990 with 38,000+ systems installed in 60 countries. Sol develops innovative solutions for roadways, area & security, parking lots, parks, signs, shelters, trails, remote sites & more. Ultra bright LEDs and intelligent Eterno® controller ensure lights stay lit during inclement weather and last 100,000 hrs.

SOL Induction Lighting, LLC
Booth # 1111
SOL is an exclusive distributor of environmentally friendly and energy-saving lighting products. Induction lighting has unique features in contrast to existing lighting options. Among these are on-off/high, superb quality light exceeding 5000 Kelvin, and a warranty for 100,000 hours of operation. All of the SOL fixtures are ENERGY STAR & EPAct 2005 certified, UL approved, and eligible for Edison, PG&E and SDG&E Rebates.

The Solar Company
Booth # 1034
The Solar Company is a fully-licensed and bonded solar installation company operating in Northern California and specializing in both residential & commercial installations. We are a SunPower Premier Dealer. We take pride in our work are committed to each customer, to quality installations, and to making "going solar" an effortless experience.

Solar Energy Applications - SEA Groups Ltd.
Booth # 1610
SEA Groups Ltd. is a leading manufacturer providing renewable and clean solar energy technologies and products, with an emphasis in solar thermal applications, affordable solar water heater, solar space heating, solar pool heating and solar air conditioning for domestic and commercial purpose. SEA represents Solar Energy Application.

Solar Power Partners
Booth # 1326
Solar Power Partners, Inc. (SPP) is a renewable energy company that develops, owns and operates distributed solar energy facilities to help businesses, institutions, municipalities, and agricultural customers embrace solar energy. SPP sells solar-generated electricity through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), long-term energy financing solutions that help customers go green without the hassles or costs of solar facility ownership and maintenance.

Springboard Biodiesel LLC
Booth # 714
Springboard Biodiesel manufactures and sells the award winning BioPro(TM) line of biodiesel processors. Our patented, small-scale and fully-automated machines are able to turn vegetable and/or animal oils into ASTM-grade biodiesel. The majority of Springboards customers use recycled vegetable oil (grease) and thereby enjoy the compelling environmental benefits of using biodiesel  78% less CO2/gallon and 50% less PM - at a price that is substantially less than the cost of diesel.

Booth # 1512
It's a non-toxic, biodegradable and hypo allergenic product that provides a deep down clean and tackles tough stains on a wide variety of surfaces while providing the appeal of being an environmentally friendly Green product. The product is awarded the National Sanitization Foundation seal of approval, as well as the Green Institutes coveted approval.

Suntrek Industries
Booth # 1137
Suntrek is widely recognized for consistently installing high-quality solar energy systems.  The majority of our business comes from the referral of satisfied customers.  Our vision is to make the use of solar energy affordable and accessible for all.  By doing so, we will create a brighter future for our planet.


T3 Motion, Inc.
Auto Mall D
T3 Motion, Inc. (T3 Motion) specializes in zero-gas emissions electric vehicles serving the professional markets of Law Enforcement, Private Security, Private Industry, Government, and Military. Its' products are born from the creative merging of cutting-edge electric vehicle systems technology, highly-reliable features necessary for professional fleet markets, and the unique iconic design characteristics that make them ideal for the professional fleet market.

T3 Toner LLC
Booth # 1220
T3Toner, LLC is California’s leading recycler of Printer Cartridges, Storage Media & Surplus Imaging Supplies. Offering the highest quality remanufactured cartridges, genuine OEM imaging & IT supplies. Our state of the art, Eco-Friendly preferred products are 100% guaranteed! We are Certified SB/MB #30811, an A+ rated BBB Accredited business & proud partner with the American Red Cross Sacramento Sierra Chapter. While “Greening” California we help you meet your recycling goals AND save you money!

Takenaka Partners LLC
Booth # 1506
Takenaka Partners LLC ( is a specialty investment banking and consulting firm providing a comprehensive range of business services and solutions, including advisory services for mergers & acquisitions, strategic partnerships, joint ventures; business valuations; restructurings & reorganizations; and general business consulting services, including company, industry, and market research.

Thermal Roof Systems
Booth # 831
Thermal Roof Systems (TRS) has successfully sprayed over 8 million sf of roofing with closed cell spray polyurethane foam in the past 4 years in California, Texas and Nevada. TRS has recently partnered with Henry Company to expand the platform and increase awareness regarding the benefits of spray polyurethane foam.

Tioga Energy
Booth # 721
Tioga Energy, Inc. enables commercial, government and nonprofit organizations to reduce their energy costs while lowering carbon emissions. Through the SurePath Solar power purchase agreement (PPA), Tioga Energy designs, installs, owns and operates renewable energy systems that provide organizations a hedge against energy price volatility and accelerate their access to clean energy without any capital outlay

TotTurf by Robertson Industries, Inc
Booth # 1802
Robertson Industries is a turnkey poured-in place specialist dedicated to making cost-effective, durable and safe surfaces. Using only the best resins and premium-recycled materials, Robertson Industries is the leader in quality-recycled poured-in-place products. Our products are locally manufactured and installed by trained staff, providing customers with inclusive and reliable products.

Toyota Fleet/ Saatchi & Saatchi LA
Booth # 1705
Toyota products and services will represent the finest in quality and value, to improve life for our customers, while respecting the earth's limited resources. Toyota practices the belief that “there is not best, only better.”

Toyota Motor Sales
Booth #1711
Toyota products and services will represent the finest in quality and value, to improve life for our customers, while respecting the earth's limited resources. Toyota practices the belief that there is not best, only better.



Tri-County Drilling Inc./Thermacouple Earth Energy System
Booth #1332
GEOTHERMAL GROUND SOURCE EARTH ENERGY SYSTEM Installation of the revolutionary Kelix ground source closed loop thermocouple for heating, air conditioning and hot water is a specialty of Tri-County Drilling Inc. This system is compatible with all ground source heat pumps and returns up to 5 tons of thermal exchange per thermocouple. When coupled with a heat pump, energy savings of 40%-60% can be easily achieved.

Tri-Plex Technical Services, Ltd.
Booth #1615
Tri-Plex is committed to making the world "Cleaner and Greener" by offering EPA Design for the Environment formulas as well as other non-toxic and skin friendly products. We have the World's 1st EPA DfE Approved Carpet Protector. Our proven products help your stone, carpets, fabrics and other surfaces to "Stay Cleaner Longer."

UFP Riverbank, LLC; A Universal Forest Product
Booth # 1336
Light Gauge Steel and Wood Truss provider and structural components.

Universal Forest Products, Inc
Booth # 1314

US General Services Administration
Booth # 943

USF Contract
Booth # 1424
USFContract is the commercial division of USFloors, the only import/manufacturer of cork and bamboo flooring with manufacturing facilities the the U.S. USFContract features the most extensive assortment of sustainable cork, bamboo, and FSC certified hardwood floors engineered specifically for commercial contract applications. USFloors is a member of the USGBC.

UTC Power
Booth # 900
With more than 50 years of experience, UTC Power in South Windsor, Connecticut, is a supplier of clean and efficient combined heat and power fuel cell systems and zero-emission fuel cells for transportation applications.


Auto Mall C
Vectrix ( was reformed in 2010 to develop and commercialize zero-emission vehicle platform technologies focused on two and three wheel applications. The single focus of Vectrix has been to provide clean, efficient, reliable and affordable urban transportation. Vectrix has its US headquarters in New Bedford, Mass. which include engineering, test facilities, sales offices and a multiproduct vehicle assembly line.

Warehouse Paint
Booth # 1319
Warehouse Paint can supply every type of project with a green solution. We offer products that meet the most stringent environmental standards from Pittsburgh Paints, manufacturer of Pure Performance Zero VOC, the first national brand paint to receive Green Seal Class A certification for meeting environmental standards and Visions Recycled Paint products.

Waxie Sanitary Supply
Booth # 1115
Everything You Need To Clean When You Want To Go Green! WAXIE's Green Partner Support™ (GPS®) Program can guide you to more sustainable cleaning solutions focused on your triple bottom line. With Inventory Centers strategically located throughout California and the Western United States, and LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff, WAXIE can provide green cleaning solutions that can contribute to cleaner and healthier workplace environments for your facilities.

Western Blue
Booth #736
Western Blue is the most experienced integrator headquartered in Sacramento. They have helped countless organizations implement technology solutions that speed and simplify their operations. Western Blue’s technology expertise allows the company to integrate the best software, hardware and services into a hybrid solution that increases productivity while reducing expenses.

Western Water Features
Booth # 1536
Western Water Features is a full service contractor serving the Western states on Water Conservation and efficiency in the municipal and K-12 school markets. Through a certified irrigation and water audit can we provide our clients with substantial savings through water conservation and efficiency.


Booth # 1031
Our unique money and time saving cost-per-page programs provide customers with unlimited service, parts and supplies for all their printing equipment and it's all "GREEN". We also provide the latest and greatest GREEN Printer Technology. As a Gold Peak Reseller Partner for Xerox we're your one stop shop for Solid Ink Technology. Solid Ink Technology produces 90% less waste than traditional laser printers and they cost less to operate.





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