Silver Creek

Company Name:
Silver Creek Industries, Inc.

Project Location:
Fontana, CA

Project Objectives:
To uplift the school site aesthetically and do so very quickly.

Summary of Results/Outcomes:
Utilizing SCI's pre-approved SKY building design, the district received nine brand new aesthetically pleasing and fully operational buildings in the span of 4 months.

Project details:
The project comprises 5,760 square feet and houses 9 classroom buildings for the students at David W Long Elementary School. The SKY modular buildings utilize a variety of daylight harvesting systems to provide a well lit and comfortable learning environment while reducing or eliminating electric light usage during the normal classroom operational hours. Smaller windows are provided above view level to allow additional natural light into the space while minimizing the associated heat gain and direct sunlight entry. Tubular skylights with dimming controls are provided where the clerestory does not occur in order to ensure natural light is available throughout the classroom. A customizable control system ensures that electrical lighting is not used when adequate natural lighting is available.

Contact Silver Creek Industries to learn about all of the great features incorporated into the SKY and to arrange a tour of the SKY model center at the com pany's offsite construction facility.

Contact :
Suzanne Willis
Marketing & Business Development Manager
(951) 943-5393

At the Summit:
Booth 201