Since 2006, Green Technology has been the leading source of news and information on green government and green schools in California. Through its events and publications, Green Technology provides a forum that connects green leaders from the public and private sectors with companies developing and distributing sustainable technologies.

Green Technology magazine reaches decision-makers at all levels of government - and their partners in the design, construction and real estate industries - who are engaged in everything from creating green schools and building renewable capacity to developing city-wide green programs.

Who Reads Green Technology Publications?
• Facility planners and designers
• Building maintenance managers
• CFOs/business managers
• Purchasing officers
• State, county and city government officials and policymakers
• Architects
• Construction managers
• School officials
• School building planning and design professionals
• Financial professionals
• Utilities, energy management professionals
• Transportation Specialists/Fleet managers
• Procurement specialists
• Anyone involved with implementing green and sustainable activities and workforce development



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