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Green Education Display Opportunities

Questions? Send an e-mail to get a fast answer, include your phone number if you would like to be called back.

Pathways to the Future and the Green California Schools Summit offer three opportunities for organizations, including schools, to display materials describing their green education programs:

1) On vertical 4 ft by 8 ft panels in the Pathways to the Future conference areas, with each project presented on a half or full panel. There is no charge for this, though organizations who are presenting workshops at the Pathways to the Future Institute will have priority in allocation of available space.

2) On vertical 4 ft by 8 ft panels in the Curriculum Showcase in the Green California Schools Summit Exhibit Hall. There is no charge for this, and this space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

3) On tabletops in the Curriculum Showcase in the Green California Schools Summit Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors who wish to display their materials in this way are being asked to sponsor one teacher to the Pathways to the Future Institute ($295). Sponsors will be acknowledged for their sponsorship on the Institute program and binder.

Click here to find out more about the purposes and agenda of the Institutes.


Application to Display Curriculum Materials

Position (check all that apply):


School or District Instructional Coach or Curriculum Specialist

Green education curriculum and/or professional development provider


Please describe, briefly, the project/curriculum that you would like to present:

How do you wish to display your materials (check all that apply):

On a vertical panel in the Teacher's Institute Conference Center (no charge)

On a vertical panel in the Green Curriculum Showcase in the Exhibit Hall (no charge)

On a table top in the Green Curriculum Showcase

(If you chose the tabletop, you will be contacted at the email address/phone number you provide below regarding sponsorship of a Teacher Institute attendee.)

Which of the following would be included in your display? (Note: If you have something to display that would require a tabletop rather than bulletin-board surface, please indicate that in the "other" space.)

Check all that apply.

Materials describing green curriculum and/or professional development resources

Written overview of the project


Student work

Student handouts

Lesson plans/outlines

Assessment tools


Would you want to provide contact information with your display so that other educators can reach you with comments and questions?



In what form would you provide materials?

As digital files, by e-mail or as posted on my web site.

By mail.

I will bring them to the conference myself and arrange their display on December 9th.

Important Notes: By providing materials for display in the Green Curriculum Showcase, you are not waiving any rights of intellectual property that you or others may have in those materials. However, Green Technology cannot guarantee that conference attendees will respect those rights. You may, if you wish, retrieve your materials yourself at the close of the exposition; otherwise Green Technology will dispose of them (shred and recycle).

Please indicate that you understand the above clause by checking this box.





Re-enter email:

Name of school or organization:

Zip code (of school, organization or home)




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