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Call for Curriculum Presentations

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Green Technology's "Pathways to the Future" Professional Development Initiative is now accepting proposals for curriculum workshops and displays of green curriculum materials for its Southern California 2009 Institute (Pasadena, Dec. 10-11). We encourage workshops and resources that

  • Are appropriate for grades 5 - 12
  • Explicitly support achievement of California Standards (standards-based or standards-correlated)
  • Will help teachers connect the topics they teach to how students can use that knowledge and those skills as producers and consumers in a greener economy.
  • Include hands-on activities
  • Relate directly to one of these Green Economy topics:
    • Energy Efficiency: HVAC, Lighting, Computers & Appliances
    • Energy Generation: Solar, Wind, Other (geothermal, tidal, biomass)
    • Architecture and Construction: LEED and CHPS-compliant practices and materials in new and renovated buildings
    • Transportation: Cars, Mass Transit, and new ways to get from here to there.
    • Non-toxic Products: Eco-friendly cleaning products, carpeting, paint, and furniture
    • Waste Management: "Cradle to Cradle" product and packaging design, recycling, re-use
    • Water: Water supply, Water conservation, Water treatment
    • Food: Agriculture, Gardens, Distribution, Preparation

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Subjects that the curriculum directly relates to (check all that apply):

Social Sciences
Language Arts
Career/Technical Education

Green Economy topics that the curriculum directly relates to (check all that apply):

Energy Efficiency
Energy Production
Waste Management
Architecture and Construction

Please describe, briefly, the curriculum that you would like to present. Include links to samples or further information that is available on the Web:

Please explain, briefly, how your curriculum resource explicity supports achievement of relevant California standards:

Please describe how your workshop will be hands-on:

Please describe your experience in leading curriculum workshops.
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