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2016 Code Updates
Two new seminars from Green Technology address 2016 revisions to CALGreen and the Energy Code. Click here.

Schools Summit Celebrates 10 Years
The tenth annual Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit comes to the Pasadena Convention Center November 2-3. Click here.

Living Labs, Ego Districts, Atmospheric Water, Free Electric School Buses
At the heart of the Green California Schools and Community Colleges Summit is a program of education sessions led by experts and innovators who are setting the pace for green school efforts in the state and beyond. They provide valuable opportunities to re-imagine approaches to school programs. Click here.


Legal Protection for the Earth
A new movement of legal experts and citizens is calling for the codification of knowing environmental destruction, or “ecocide,” as a fifth crime against peace, joining genocide, crimes of aggression, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Click here.




















NEW: Slides from the 2016 Green California Summit. Click here.

Slides from the 2015 Green Californai Schools and Community Colleges Summit. Click here.

For information on past events, click here

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